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Verma Farms

One of the best CBD oil in the market that is high valued by customers is Verma farms. One of the best things about this CBD is that they use a different approach for their CBD products. It is simply delightful and yet different from other brands. They offer different kinds of dried fruits and gummies. The CBD oil they offer also comes in different flavors. But the most popular is their pineapple flavor. They also have a fruit pack which is best for a real party. They offer broad spectrum CBD and they also have a redun policy of a 30 day return guarantee.

Green Roads

Another popular brand is Green Roads. You can ensure its quality and safety because it was awarded as the best CBD product in 2018 during the 2018 Cannabis Business Awards. Green Roads is known for iyts purest product in the market. Their products are also very accessible because you can get it from different stores both online and offline. They have unflavored CBD oil for those who are not fond of flavored ones. You can purchase their CBD oil at their classic bottle with a dropper.

Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD is another popular brand that you may want to consider as well. They offer broad spectrum CBD and they have different flavors as well. The most popular ones are strawberry, natural, mint, and even cookies and cream. Penguin CBD is known for being the most well-rounded CBD in the market. One of the best things about Penguin CBD is that they sourced their products from their farm in Oregon and all the products are organically grown without using any solvents, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. So if you want a purely organic CBD product, Penguin CBD is the best brand for you.


If you are looking for CBD products that come from a full-spectrum extraction process, PureKana is the best option for you. They are also known for their high-quality products on the market. This brand always makes sure that their products are well preserved and organic as well. They offer CBD products in different dosage strengths with 83.3 mg per serving as their strongest. Overall, PureKana has good ratings from its customers and they also have a quality customer service. The ingredients they use are also naturally grown and without the use of any chemicals as well.

4 Corners Cannabis

4 Corners Cannabis was able to establish its brand because of its own little niche. The brand was founded by the Jasiewicz brothers. It is a Colorado-based brand and they focus on an underlooked aspect of CBD tinctures which is carrier oils. Simply explained, carrier oils are the solvents that support and carry the cannabinoids and help in the absorption in our system. The brand also offers different oil tinctures such as coconut based MCT oil, avocado oil and vegetable glycerin. They have both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products and they also offer a 30 day return guarantee.


One of the biggest brands of CBD in the market is Medterra. One of the reasons for this is because this company offers products that are made by a team of experts who are passionate in the field of CBD. They also have an advisory board staffed with some of the best physicians in the world. With this, customers can ensure that the products of Medterra are high quality, safe and most importantly, truly effective. They offer different CBD products but the most popular one is their broad spectrum blends which also comes in different flavor.

Mission Farms CBD

Next on our list is Mission Farms. Despite the fact that this company is a newbie in the industry, they were able to establish their brand in a fast scheme. Their products are sourced from naturally grown hemp in Colorado. The company offers 4 types of CBD oils for their customers. These are Rest, Pure, Relax and Relieve. All of these products are effective in improving your mood, sleep and it also relieves chronic pain. This company has also good ratings and rankings from customer feedback because of their quality products, affordable rates and good customer service.

Premium Jane

Last on our list is Premium Jane which is also a new comer in the CBD Market. This company is known for being one of the firms that has cleanest tasting. All of their products are also tested by a third part lab so you can ensure its safety and quality. They offer flavored CBD oil like mint and citrus flavors. It has a good rating from customers when it comes to the ingredient quality, taste, value, transparency, user reputation, customer service, website experience and even the overall rating is impressive. You can also check Hemp bombs for more information about CBD products.