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If you just got yourself an African Cichlid, one of the important things that you need to provide such amazing creature is a shelter. You need to build an aquarium for your fish where it can survive. Basically, when creating an aquarium, it is advisable that you choose one with at least 75 gallons for a mixed community. Keep in mind that your Cichlid will have more chances of survival if you place it with other species. Basically, the size of the aquarium will depend on the size of species that you will put on it,

Lighting is also an important aspect that you need to consider. Keep in mind that live plants are not part of cichlid display. This kind of fish prefers more subdued light. This will make the aquarium have adequate lighting. You may also opt to add color enhancing bulbs to enhance the accent of your fish natural colors.

You also need to pay attention to the substrate of the aquarium. Usually, gravel and standard aquarium can be used but it is advised by experts to also include coral sand, coral and even crushed oyster shell so there will be adequate alkalinity in the tank which will support in keeping your fish healthy.

When it comes to the water of the aquarium, it is advisable to use plastic coated ceramic or stainless-steel models to maintain the proper temperature of the water.

You should also add some décor such as limestone and dolomite rock to help maintain proper water chemistry in the aquarium. But make sure to rinse all the décor before placing them in the tank.

Creating a shelter for your Cichlid is very easy. But for you to build it successfully, it is important that you consider lots of factors.