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When playing Pokemon GO, you’ll probably require to fill your bag with items for more enjoyable adventures. There are many items in the match, from potions to reanimators, stickers to decoys, all just waiting to find the right one. It is time to use them. With so many complex Pokemon GO items, there are numerous ways to use premium coins in the store.

Getting coins in pokemon go

Coins are the premium money in Pokemon Go, which is difficult to find without spending some cash. You can buy coin boxes inside the store. But if you need free coins, you will require to go to gyms. Having your Pokemon in a gym can get you a maximum of 50 coins per day when the Pokemon comes home. You collect coins based on the time your Pokemon has been in the gym.

If you want your Pokemon to stay longer, you can give them berries when they get weakened to regain their health and hold them inside. There is no quick way to do it, and with a daily limit of 50 coins. It is quite a hurdle to stack up, but if you’re regularly trying to take over gyms and attack Pokemon there, you will have a better chance of winning the maximum number of coins each day in your Pokemon go accounts.

Get Pokemon Go items

First off, you have PokeStops (and pauses above gyms). These are real-world places that you can visit, rewarding yourself. You will receive bonus rewards if this is your initial spin of the day and if you whirl them every day for seven consecutive days. You can get special items from these stops, although it’s rarer.

If you stop at a gymnasium of your team’s colour, you will get a bonus by adding additional items to your catalogue.