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A proven leader in roof repair, Kenner & Son Inc. can repair leaks and resolve all roofing issues for Atlanta and metro Atlanta residents. Our team is available for a free inspection of your Atlanta residence, and we can repair any leaks or weak spots before the next big storm. Our full-service roofing and contracting company is just a phone call away. Don’t wait to protect your home from unsightly leaks and harmful water damage.

The roofing experts at Kenner & Son, Inc. are specialists in understanding different types of roof damage and roof-related issues, like shingled roofs in which damage is triggered off by weak or missing shingles. If your Atlanta home has a split-level roof, you could be at risk for leaks in the joints where roofing materials shift planes or meet.

When you call Kenner, an expert technician will schedule a free inspection, where they will plan any repairs needed and fit costs within your budget. Shingle roof repairs may include the following: repairing curled back shingles, replacing weak, broken, or missing shingles, and cementing the breaks in roof joints and metal flashing.

Keep Your Home Safe & Secure

Other roof damages that need repairs include flat roofs, wood shake roofs, and slate roofs. For each type of roofing, the process of repair differs and is customized for your budget. During the free inspection, our expert will outline where the weak areas are and exactly which repairs and touch-ups are needed to maintain the integrity of the roof. In these scenarios, Auburn roofing is a much better choice with a ton of experience under their belt.  

Roof damage is much more risky and dangerous than it sounds and it always helps to get a free inspection done to keep the damage in check and avoid accidents. Kenner roof is licensed for roof repairs, and all staff is trained experts who will repair the roof perfectly and in a timely manner.

Our Atlanta Roofing Team

Our team includes a staff of fifteen or more certified roofing experts, depending on the season. Co-owners Spencer and Mike Kenner have been in the Georgia roofing industry for over 40 years and have great expertise and knowledge in roof repairs. Each of our staff members has safety certifications like OSHA, CPR, fall protection, PPE, and also certifications in rigging, signal, boom truck, forklift, special roofing, and commercial roofing.

Our commercial roofing services have been hired by prestigious Atlanta institutions, like First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, Channel 11 – WXIATV, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Georgia Power Headquarters, and Turner Properties (the CNN Center). If you own or manage a commercial property in Atlanta, Kenner & Son, Inc. provides services such as a free commercial roofing estimate, partial or total roof replacement, roof repairs, new roof construction, roof maintenance program, multi-site roof inspection, commercial roof coating, multifamily roofing, and green roofing.