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Christian Aguilera’s Inspire Perfume is her second line of perfume to come out. This perfume made its debut in September 2008. Christina Aguilera is a very talented young lady and her new perfume will Inspire ladies of all ages to be the elegant ladies that we all are.

Recently I received a free 0.5 fluid ounce bottle of Christina Aguilera’s new perfume called “Inspire” to try. The perfume is in a small square glass bottle with a pump-spray dispenser and a gold-colored pull-off cap. The perfume itself is a soft, light pink color.

I was hesitant to try this because from just the look of the perfume I thought that the scent would be too floral sweet smelling for my taste. I sprayed a little onto my wrist and the scent was pleasantly welcoming. I did not spray any more on another part of my body yet so I waited a few minutes and the longer the perfume is on the better and softer seductive the scent becomes.

I was so impressed with the scent of this perfume on my wrist that I sprayed some onto my neck. The scent lasted all throughout the day and the longer you wear it the better it smells on your body. The lusty and sensual scent of Jasmine catches your senses and you feel like you are wrapped up in soft silk and then hugs your body with a touch of citrus fruits followed by the awakening scent of fresh gardenias, luscious orange blossoms and romantic hints of sandalwood and musks. All of these aromas blended together make you feel as if you are an exotic cocktail of the tropics and you are waiting to be sipped by the man of your dreams while you are lying on a sandy moon drenched beach.

The seductive scent of the Jasmine will make any woman feel as beautiful and sexy just like Marilyn Monroe looked as she stood on top of the subway grate when she was wearing that sexy halter white dress and the air blew her dress up.

Christina Aguilera’s Inspire Perfume makes you feel Naughty, but Nice.

The scent is light and full of fruitiness that makes your mouth water and little shivers of ecstasy run up your spine. There is also a subtle hint of blackberry currant. This scent blended in with Jasmine and Freesia gives this perfume a beautiful soft side to it. and will make every woman feel as if she was on the front cover of Vogue Magazine. This perfume is sexy and sassy without coming on too strong. It is fun, feminine, and flirty all in one tiny bottle. Fun. Flowers Femininity: What a girl wants. What a girl needs.

Christina Aguilera Inspire Perfume receives 5 gold sensuous stars for a classy product just like the star herself.