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We all enjoy a good DIY project, but putting up a shelf or some flat-pack or Raamaturiiul furniture is not the same as building a custom-fitted closet. So if you’re thinking about taking on the job yourself and comparing DIY vs. professionally fitted wardrobes, here are some advantages and drawbacks to consider.


  • To save money on labor, you should build your closet.

Custom closet businesses will not install your closet for free. Don’t trust those gimmick-driven, closet franchise firms who “promise” that installation is accessible in their advertisements. Believe me when I say that the cost of labor is included in your final pricing. DIY labor charges are money you can retain in your pocket (assuming you execute the installation correctly).

  • Cost-effective

Due to the lack of labor costs, you will automatically save a significant amount of money compared to a professional installer.

  • Satisfaction

When you build anything yourself, you always get a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. Choosing to create and install your fitted wardrobes is a significant undertaking that will provide you with a great deal of satisfaction when done.


  • Stress!

Some of us are better at DIY than others, but one downside of doing it ourselves is coping with the stress if things don’t go as planned. To properly design and install the wardrobe, you will need the patience to cope with the more minor aspects as well as any unanticipated difficulties.

  • Time

As with any do-it-yourself activity, we must give up some of our free time. If you don’t have much experience, this will take up more of your time because you’ll have to research how to accomplish things. It’s also possible that you’ll make a few blunders along the road that will require extra effort to correct.

  • Tool Prices

Most professional fitters are joiners by trade, and they have amassed a dependable toolbox that they know they will need to install a high quality.