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Social media is a collective of online communication that is designed to create community and build interaction. Today, there are countless of internet based tools and platforms that can increase the process of communication and sharing of information. There are currently different kinds of social media tools that can be used not only by regular internet users but also by most businesses.

Social Networks

 Although we know that social networks are used by most common people, it also serves as a great tool for business when it comes to marketing. You can use different social networks to find people and find information about them. The great thing about social network is that they are free to use. However social networking sites are commonly a website where most people join to share information and to connect to everyone they know. Marketing is at its best if you target it in a place where your target audiences are. Should you buy Instagram followers for your site, you can even make it more possible for you to promote your brand effectively and in a less costly strategy. 


 Blogs are personal websites that contains information about a certain topic which is owned by an author who is responsible for the content inside of it. More likely an online journal where you can write and create any contents that you want. Unlike other form of social media, a blog is more on personal thoughts and it allows its user to interact with each other on a more personal view.

Today, blogs are used for different purposes. This can be for personal, marketing, promotional, informative and other different reason. But most people used blog for personal and marketing purpose.


 Wiki is a website that focuses on sharing information and the most popular wiki is the Wikipedia. This website allows its user to create their own informative content about a certain topic and also allows them to modify it. This can serve as an online information database that can be available to all users. These types of social media have a link on different information about different topic, making it very useful to most users.


 Podcasts is a type of social media where it allows its user to download and upload episodic series of audio, video, PDF or ePub files.


 A forum is based on a real life event where people gather to discuss a certain topic or to come up to a solution about that topic. Forum has also its own version in the digital world which is also a type of social media. These are websites where people can post and share different topics and people can comment on that topic. Forums are popular because of the personal answers that it can provide you by other users that you would not find on any other website.

Focused Content Community

 These are online communities who share particular type of content. This can be in a form of photo, link and videos. The most popular website for this is the YouTube. People can only upload and watch video from YouTube, making it an online community which is focused on videos.


 From its word “micro” which means small, this is a type of website where blogging and social network combines. Basically this is blogging with only limited number of characters, which is why they call it Microblogging. The most popular Microblogging site is Twitter.