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Being a woman can be hard at times. There are childbirth, menstruation, and a host of other things you have to endure. At the center of all this is the vagina. There’s a saying that it’s always important to keep your body healthy and your vagina is no exception. There are a variety of medications and herbs that help treat vaginal conditions and among them are the yoni pearls. Let’s see what kind of benefits the herbs in these pearls have:


A pivotal component of the detox pearl. This herb is renowned for reducing pain and tightening vaginal muscles. It is said to be a very rare herb. When inserted, it attacks and flushes out the toxins.  These toxins have the possibility of developing into a disease called fibrosis which is an irreversible condition.


A herb that regulates the menstruation cycle while also cleaning the area of toxins. It helps with vaginal dryness and PMS. It also helps in reducing pain both during menstruation and childbirth.

Rhizoma Smilacis Grablae:

A herb that is used primarily to treat gonorrhea.  Gonorrhea i is a bacterial infection that is transmitted through sex and if may lead to infertility. The herb also eases pain and kills any toxins present.


This herb has been in use for thousands of years due to its ability to ease period cramps and help women during menopause. It also comes with certain side effects such as increased libido and long sleep.


This is a Chinese herb. Chinese herbs have also been in use for many decades and are renowned for their ability to stop itching. Osthol is also very good for increasing libido, fertility, and clearing up skin.

The yoni pearls are an exciting natural treatment measure that allows women to take care of your vaginal problems and thus lead a more comfortable life.