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Marijuana , mary jane, pot, grass, wacky weed , it has as many different names as it has different strains with different effects . The marijuana of today has a much higher THC concentration than it ever had in nature, which means the marijuana that has been smoked or taken for thousands of years, with normal levels of THC, is only to be found these days growing wild. Hydroponic production of super skunk , and other such varieties of marijuana with names like AK47 , Prophet, and the like, with higher levels of THC, have changed the effects the plant has on the user.

A guide for DC bud is available for the people to have desired results. The finding of the correct products is possible to avoid the side-effects on the health. The gathering of information about the weed market to get a pleasant experience is beneficial. The users should follow the instructions in the guide to have desired results. 

Not much study has been done but I saw one study where pure THC was injected into a woman, as well as a mixture of THC and cannabinoid. In the first study with pure THC, she was uncontrollably depressed, miserable, and with the mixture of THC and cannabinoid she was happy and smiling. The thing is, there are many different types of cannabinoid in marijuana, to add to the equation. The problem is that the people that are genetically engineering and changing the plant, marijuana, have absolutely no scientific credentials, they don’t know what they are doing. Many of my friends from high school who were regular smokers ended up going quite mad or moving on to other drugs which have their own problems.

Doctors are hesitant to say that opiates, and drugs of that sort are less harmful than marijuana, but nevertheless, medical marijuana is illegal, and only prescribed on rare occasions in a very few locations in the world. This is because of the possibility of psychosis, which at its worst can lead to permanent schizophrenia which is a complete breakdown of reality for the user. It can cause paranoia, hallucinations, and many other problems such as cancer. It is hard to compare the ill effects to anything else, because it causes problems over such a large area, you could compare it to smoking cigarettes, or drinking alcohol, but they usually don’t send you insane.