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Hemp protein vs whey protein is a battle surrounded by mystery, misinformation, and fictitious rumors.

Some ‘experts’ representing the dairy industry, claim that whey protein is the best quality protein, and some vegetarians claim that plant protein and especially hemp protein is the most effective and healthy protein. Besides that, the best CBD oil for sleep is also there that does not have any side effects that can help you regulate the metabolism of your body. 

Are you confused? I was too 5 years ago. Who should you believe? Let me tell you something.

We’re told that whey protein works, it’s the most widely known protein powder supplement, and you do see relatively quick results from drinking it. So why on earth should you even consider hemp protein as an alternative to whey protein?

I’d like to argue that one of the best, if not THE best, thing you can do to improve your overall health, starting right now, is to actually throw out your old whey protein right after finishing this article. The next thing you should do is to make the transition to organic hemp protein powder. I did it. I dumped 5kg delicious tasting pure whey protein powder, as soon as I realized that I was just stuffing my body with garbage and poison.

Popularity Of Whey Protein – Marketing, Tempting Design, Colors, And Flavours

Whey protein is an abundant protein, it is a complete protein and it does have a pretty good reputation. All your friends are probably using it, the canisters look nice and appealing, marketing of the products is done very professionally because the tubs and jars look VERY tempting. It comes in all kinds of different colors and flavors, for all kinds of purposes targeting different kinds of needy buyers, and you can buy it at most health stores. So naturally, you’d expect it to be good for your health right?

The Shocking Truth.

However, is that scientists recently have discovered that whey protein is NOT readily digestible for the human body. Whey protein is merely a by-product of cheese production. We’re simply not meant to eat this garbage!

Huge Industry And Interests

I’m not saying this to generate a conspiracy theory, and I’m not saying this is how it is either (I’m leaving that up to you, what you believe in), but personally, I do think it’s very possible, and likely, that those who produce cheese would really hate to throw out this enormous amount of by-product.. because who would want to throw away large sums of money? Whey protein is a HUGE industry, with powerful interests behind it and supporting it. That’s why I think there’s a very good chance that this might easily be one of the reasons why whey protein is so popular, even though It’s proven to have countless side effects.

Before You Read On, Take A Minute To Watch This Short Video.

Whey Protein Side Effects

Your bloats will get even nastier, and you WILL bloat more often, you’ll most likely get problems with bad breath and if you’re into weight lifting, and consumes large amounts of whey protein powder, you can look forward to suffering from intestinal toxemia. That again reduces amino acids and any nutrients absorption into your body cells. Since it is not absorbed into your muscles and tissue, it is just left behind in your stomach, just sitting and waiting – it will greatly increase your waistline!