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Isn’t it funny what we wonder about? I mean if you are thinking about how to be a girlfriend, it would suggest that something isn’t working in your relationship. Or perhaps you thought it was working but you have just been dumped.

Hollywood makes having a perfect relationship seem so easy but in reality, as a girlfriend, you have to deal with a lot of stuff. Additionally, some boys and men go out with Top Outcall Babes Delft which is a red flag for most girls that are looking for a relationship. In fact, all the famous love stories do i.e. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pretty Woman all finish when the couple gets together. They don’t hang around for the difficult part i.e. when she discovers he snores in bed and puts his dirty socks under the bed rather than in the laundry. He finds out that she may be gorgeous but has a wicked temper and is quite demanding at times.

So what do you have to do to be a great girlfriend? You must accept your man for who he is. Far too many women get involved with “Mr ok but will soon change him to be Mr right”. That is insulting for both of you. He doesn’t deserve to be your pet project but deserves someone who will accept him for who he currently is. But you are also letting yourself down by settling for second best. It would be better not to be a girlfriend than to be the nagging partner no man wants.

You can be part of a couple and have an independent life. Some women find a man and then spend all their time with him. While it is normal to enjoy spending time with the man in your life, you need to have some time away too if only to have something to talk about when you do meet up. Men appreciate space and time with their mates. When he is having some time out, don’t keep texting him as he will think you are stalking him.

Have conversations with your man rather than one-sided lectures. It is difficult for most men to get excited about the latest plot on a soap opera or what the current fashion is. Try to talk about topics that interest the both of you and every so often shut up and let him talk as well. God gave you one mouth and two ears for a reason, use them in proportion.

Just because your man wants you as his girlfriend doesn’t mean that he is going to fall in love with your family and friends too. So long as he is polite to them, don’t push him into being anything else. Relationships develop over time but there is a chance he may never like your best mate. That is life and you can’t change it.

Always be honest with your man and for goodness sake drop the mind games. Whoever told a woman that men are intrigued by mind games obviously drank too much alcohol.