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Doing the laundry is pretty easy. The only thing that you need is a washing machine, washing detergent and if you wish some fabric softener. In this article, we will explain how to do your laundry and why finally fresh washing machine cleaner is the best choice when it comes to laundry.

Go through the following steps to clean your dirty laundry:

  1. Sort your laundry

There are a couple of things that you need to check before doing the laundry:

Can I wash this item? Not every piece of clothing can be washed. Some clothes can only be cleaned with certain chemicals and have to be treated at a dry cleaner. Check the label inside of your clothes to check if you are allowed to wash it. You can find an explanation of the washing labels here.

Can I wash this item in a washing machine? Some clothes can be washed, but just not in a washing machine. Clothes made of wool for instance do not belong in a washing machine since it will ruin the shape. Therefore it has to be washed by hand. Check the label on how to wash the clothes.

Is it a new piece of clothing? New colored clothes need to be washed by hand first. When washing your clothes for the first time, the color of the clothes usually mixes with the water a bit and can ruin all the other clothes that you wash it with. Make sure to wash new clothes by hand for the first time.

Now it is time to sort your clothes by color. We will make three piles of clothes. One pile contains all your black and/or grey clothes, one pile for whites, and one pile for colors.

In total, you might have five piles of clothes. Clothes for the dry cleaner, clothes that have to be washed by hand, and three piles of clothes that can be washed in a washing machine divided by type of color. If you have a lot of laundries, you might even choose to also sort your clothes based on the type of fabric or even on different degrees of dirty.

  1. Prepare your laundry for washing

Check the pockets of your clothes to make sure they are empty. Make sure you wash your clothes inside out. Make sure the pipes of your jeans are not rolled up. It is also recommended to close zippers and buttons to prevent damage.

  1. Place your laundry in the washing machine

Your washing machine probably has different programs to do the laundry. If your laundry is very dirty, it is recommended to also use the prewash program. Most washing machines have standard washing programs and excellent manuals on which program is most suitable. If you do not have the manual anymore, just Google your washing machine type, and the manual will probably pop right up.

Place your laundry in the washing machine. Make sure that you leave some room for the laundry to tumble around in. The less room you leave, the harder it will be to get your laundry clean.

  1. Washing detergent

The next step is to add the washing detergent. You can choose to use either washing powder or liquid washing detergent. Nowadays most people use liquid washing detergent, since washing powder may leave some stains on your clothes. The amount needed is usually indicated on the pack. Too much may cause the wrong effect and leave stains on your clothes, so make sure to keep to the instructions.

Pour the soap into your washing machine or its detergent dispenser. You can add liquid fabric softener, if desired, according to the instructions on the bottle.

  1. Washing

Turn on the washing machine and wait for the program to finish.

  1. Dry your clothes

When the program finishes you can take your laundry out. Do not keep your laundry in the washing machine too long, since this may cause your laundry to smell unpleasant. After a long time, even fungus might develop.

Check the label in your clothes on whether or not you can put your clothes in a dryer. If not, hang your clothes out to dry.

  1. Ironing

The last step is to iron your clothes. Check out our article about ironing here.