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If you are planning to remove a tattoo, then it is very unfortunate. Most of us want a tattoo to stay forever. But, sometimes things don’t turn out as we want, do they? So, if you think that it is time to say goodbye to your tattoo, then you can check out these 4 ways to remove it.

  • Laser Removal

laser removal is one of the very common methods of removing a tattoo from your body. As the name suggests, the artist will use a strong laser to remove the ink from the skin and the powerful light will break the ink into small fragments. This is a long process and usually calls for 4-5 sessions before you can see the results.

  • Cover up

cover up is a process in which the tattoo artist will introduce a new design which will cover the old tattoo. If this can be done in the right way, the old tattoo will be completely invisible and you will have a brand new one without removing the old tattoo using a laser treatment therapy.

  • Injections

 Injections which are filled with glycolic acid or other liquid solutions can also be used to remove a tattoo from your skin. These injections may leave a permanent burn like scar on the epidermis of your skin. The success rate of this process is low.

  • Skin Excision

this is a surgical procedure and is involved only in the most serious cases. Most people avoid this procedure because it can leave a mark on your skin where the previous tattoo was inked. Removal of small tattoos through this method is easy. But bigger tattoos can be a problem.

To get relief from the pain of removing a tattoo, you can ask the artist to use a Tattoo numbing cream. Depending on your skin and the condition of the tattoo, he/she will use it.