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Mori is a Singapore-based real estate company established by Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited. It is a family-owned real estate development business. It was founded in the year 1967. Some of their subsidiaries are Roxy Home Pvt. Ltd., RH Central Pvt. Ltd., etc. present globally. They offer a variety of accommodations services. One of their best accommodation services is their upcoming Mori condo.

Do I get only housing properties?

No, the agency provides infrastructure and accommodations like housing: permanent or rental, hospitality, and commercial properties. So all in one service is provided

The specialty about Mori Condo.

It is built in a prime location having access to malls, parks, city plazas, bus stops, and more predominantly the Signpost center, which is popular for its dining diversity and modern food culture.

Features of project.

  • Listed below are the features of the project:
  • Number of units contained: 137 units
  • The total land area occupied: 3450 sq. m/37131 sq. ft
  • Gross floor area: 103, 967 sq. ft

Only these many details are announced till now (contact details not included), selling price is yet to be announced. 

Previous projects of Roxy-Pacific Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

In the past few years, the company has erected various notable and luxurious.  Their past projects include:

Following are the residential projects mainly condominiums.

  • Eon Shenton

Total units: 

Total land area:

  • The Navian

Total units: 48 units

Total land area: 24,909 sq. m

  • Harbor View Gardens

Total units: 57 units 

Total land area: 2856 sq. m

Following are the hospitality projects, all these properties are well equipped with air conditioning, pools, free Wi-Fi, gym, parking area, and restaurant.

  • Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
  • Noku Osaka
  • Noku Maldives

Commercial properties include

  • Roxy Square Shopping Centre
  • NZI Centre, New Zealand
  • VIVEL Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Central Business District (CBD)

These are very few examples to mention, a lot of other projects and properties are also there to observe.