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The OptionFX binary options trading platform is the ideal solution for the contemporary trader. It’s the most responsive, user-friendly software, which delivers a direct access to all the world’s most exclusive markets. Now you can trade global commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices, using only one account.


OptionFX offers the widest selection of tradable assets:

  • Crude oil, natural gas, sugar, wheat, gold, silver, and other commodities
  • Stocks options from Google, Coca Cola, Facebook, Exxon oil, and many more
  • Stock index options – NASDAQ, FTSE 100, DAJ 30 and others
  • Forex options and currency pairs, with USD, EUR, Bitcoin, GBP and all other currencies

The Platform

Each asset is displayed using a dedicated chart, showing the current price of any asset in real time. You can choose to show up to 16 assets in one screen by selecting the grid mode. Other display modes include two types of rows, and an extended chart showing each asset in the fullest detail. There is also an embedded historic feature (available with all display modes except with the grid) which will present you with previously reached price levels. You can turn it on and off, and set to present from 30 minutes to 12 hours of history for any asset.

The Features and Tools

The OptionFX trading platform is based on the binary options. This world-famous trading system has been well proven over the years, and now OptionFX offers you the latest improved version. Lots of the best forex brokers and stock traders are using this platform. You can choose between the following trade types:

  • Classic Binary Options

log in, select an asset, and choose the direction you think the price will take. If you think that the value of the selected asset will go up, use a CALL option. If you think it will fall, choose a PUT option. Each time you are right, OptionFX will credit your account instantly with up to 85% profit!

  • Short-Term Options

using the same simple rules of binary options trading, OptionFX presents you with not only the easiest, but also the quickest way to make money online. Short-term options expire every 30, 60, or 120 seconds, without bringing any less profit – the payout reaches up to 85%.

  • Long-Term Options

use the fundamental asset analysis to pinpoint the next market swing. This platform will provide you with the expiry times that are long enough to guarantee you the maximum profit!

  • Binary Pairs 

select two assets to trade together, and speculate on which one of the two will perform better.

  • One Touch Options

available also after working hours and during the weekend and holydays, this trading platform will produce high yield if the asset “touches” the preselected goal level before the expiry.

Other trading tools offered with each trade type are:

  • Sell Now – close any open position early, without having to wait for the expiration time
  • Double Up on any investment and earn an even bigger profit
  • Roll Over to extend the expiration time of any binary option

OptionFX also offers an embedded social trading tool, called the “traders’ choice.” Using this feature will get you a precise insight into what other traders have chosen for the same asset.

Special Advantages

The benefits of using the OptionFX platform are numerous:

  • Unrestricted access to the OptionFX education center, the most comprehensive online trading knowledge database
  • The largest selection of video lessons, online courses, strategy guides and interactive quizzes
  • Private coaching sessions with a personal portfolio manager
  • A free demo account with the highest limit

OptionFX also offers daily market reports, binary options signals, and trading tips to help you find all the most exclusive investment opportunities with ease. A team of seasoned traders and professional financial analyst is always at hand – ready to share their vast experience with you. The customer care service can be reached via email, chat and phone, in multiple languages, 24/7.

To ensure that you will get the most direct access to all the best trades regardless of where you are, OptionFX has designed a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This way you can trade on the go, without losing the benefit of using all the award-winning OptionFX features. You can even access your entire trading history with the tap of a finger. Download this great app for free from

Both the “OptionFX trader” mobile app and the online platform use the full 256-bit SSL encryption. The same security protocol is used by the worlds’ biggest online banking systems.

Opening an Account

OptionFX accepts traders from all over the world. You can login or signup from any country, and country-specific deposit terms are available. OptionFX has the biggest deposit bonuses in the industry, which are offered on a regular basis. There are also frequent account promotions, competitions with valuable rewards and free giveaways. The withdrawal procedure is equally simple, fast, and safe.

Open a trading account with OptionFX now, and start trading binary options online. Whether you want a steady monthly income or just a quick solution for your current financial requirements, the OptionFX trading platform is the best choice.