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Halo the Best Game Ever

Halo is a series of video games originally created by Bungie studios. The Halo games fall into the first person shooter genre. It is a Sci-Fi first person shooter series set in the future.

In the year 2552 the human race is locked into a losing war against the Covenant. The humans are all allied under the UNSC flag. UNSC stand for the United Nations Space Command. If a person will buy lol smurf account, then they will get the best experience of the playing of the games. The playing methods against the opponent will be excellent. The personal information will not be disclosed to the third parties for the misuse.

The covenant is a collective of alien races that are bound together by religion. Their belief is an ancient race called the forerunners drives then to explore the galaxy. When they stumbled upon the humans, the covenant declared them an affront to their gods, and started a campaign to annihilate then all.

The Covenant alliance is composed of the elites, prophets, Jackals, Brutes, grunts, hunters, and flying insect creatures. The elites are tall bipedal aliens, who are usually in charge of the covenant military.

The grunts are shorts grey skin aliens that are used as foot soldiers. The grunts hold the lowest social class in the covenant, and are often mistreated by the other races.

The jackals are spiny bird like creatures that are used as either shock troopers, due to their wrist shields, or snipers due to their excellent vision.

Brutes are huge muscle bound aliens who tend to serve a pack mentality over the covenant, and have a severe distaste for the elites.

Hunters are huge creatures, with automatic assault cannons for one arm and a shield on the other. They are often sent out in pairs, and used more as equipment than personnel.

The Prophets are the political and religious leaders of the covenant. They also have a deep seeded rivalry with the Elites. Finally the swarm type insects are flying aliens that fly in large swarms.

The games all focus around the Master Chief. He is a Spartan II super solider who holds the rank of Master Chief Petty officer in the UNSC Navy. The Spartan II’s program was originally started to deal with insurrectionists. Throughout all the way all Spartan II’s died except for the Master Chief.

All the games span about 3 months in time. The last two games made by Bungie steps out of Master Chief’s shoes. One game follows the story of a team of elite marines called ODSTs through the ruined streets during the battle of New Mombasa. In the time line its set during Halo 2.

The other game set you in the boots of a Spartan III, referred to only as six. The Spartan III program was initiated because Spartan II’s were costly to produce, and maintain.

How To Keep Your Bitcoins Safe From Cyberattacks

Bitcoin trading is really popular these days which is why you will find that it is really important that you keep your online wallet safe from different online attacks. There are secure trading platforms that offer you a high level of security when it comes to keeping your bitcoins safe. Reading Profit Trade Bitcoin Trading Review will help you understand the safety features of this amazing trading app. 

However, it is really important that you pay attention to your online wallet and take proper security measures to keep your bitcoins safe from hackers. 

  • The first and the most important step in order to keep your digital currency safe is to keep your private key safe all the time. For that, there are several ways such as keeping your private key in external hard drives or using paper wallets so that you can protect your private key safe from hackers.

Offline storage is another really effective way to keep your bitcoins safe but is really important that you keep these external hard drives and flash drives safely. As there is no way for you to recover your bitcoin if you lose them. 

  • Using secure online wallets is another important thing that you should be keeping in mind. For that, you can do your research online and look for credible and efficient online wallets that you can use for bitcoin trading. It is also important that you create multiple accounts so that you can keep most of your bitcoins safe even one of your wallets get hacked. 
  • It is also important that you learn all about the different trading and exchange platform that are there. This will help you in choosing a reliable service provider that will make your online trading experience smooth and safe. 
  • Lastly, you should avoid dark web as there are tons of hackers and cyber criminals that will try to steal your information as you browse through the dark web. This is why you should make sure that you are safe from online attacks as you browse on the internet. 

These are the 4 most important things that you should keep in your mind in order to protect your bitcoin online.

Who Does HR Work For Any Way?

In order for an HR department to be successful in this day and time they must be involved. The representatives should be a common face amongst all the departments. Especially when a company has a third shift, and that shift feels that they have become lost in the shuffle. I have often heard them refer to themselves as mushrooms, because mushrooms are lost in the dark. If an HR department wants to succeed then the HR representative must be available to everyone, including third sift consistently. This opens the door for a smooth transition and implementation of changes that take place in our work force today.

There are those companies that believe the answer is outsourcing .The only thing that I think hurts a company when they outsource HR is that they lose that personal contact with the employees. Some problems need intimate understanding and mutual respect. An open door policy is great, but you need to feel invited and know where to go! The information about the hr software modules will hit success for the business organizations. The interest of the employees and managers will be complied through the services of the software.

I feel all the following legislations have their own importance and make an impact on all industries. Having an understanding of these is a key to being successful in the business world today. Character goes along way and how a company conducts business in these areas can make or break a company.

The Civil Rights Acts: Understanding what civil rights mean and that it does not limit our resources, but rather opens doors to many other resources never considered.

The Equal Pay Act: Every person has something to contribute and should be given the same opportunity no matter who they are. Thus the same pay should be offered for the same work preformed.

Discrimination: This infests so many industries in so many ways! You must have an understanding that people, from all walks of life, have learned many things through their life experiences. They should be given the chance to show the difference they can make in the work force, without any added pressure, solely because of who they are.

The Americans with Disabilities: Who decides what is normal! For example, deaf people can’t hear, that does not mean that they are stupid. We should accommodate without judgment and then learn from those that we are making those accommodations.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: Children are the future leaders of our countries. Everything that needs to be done to ensure that they can be provided for should be done. Weather you believe in having kids or not.

Affirmative Action: Must be understood and implemented correctly to make a difference!

OSHA: Work places should be safe at all times, and then more focus can be placed on productivity rather than a person’s safety!

HR professionals have been given the responsibility to ensure that these laws are followed for everyone. It is the employee’s responsibility to understand those laws for themselves so that they may do their part. Then together, with management, they can strive for success.

Cleaning Your Exotic Persian Cat

So you are thinking about binging a Persian into your home, or maybe you have already made that decision and you are looking for tips on how to care for him. If you have never had a Persian before you will learn that a few preventative measures really help in the long run.

Let’s begin with diet. This is certainly the most important first step. Many Persians have a delicate digestive system. For kittens this can mean that even though it carries many nutrients kitten chow can be too rich for them. A better choice would be to offer your little fur buddy a meal of adult cat chow, sprinkled with kitten chow for nutrition and flavor. I recommend a high quality food with fur ball prevention. A little moistened food for flavor is fine, but keep it to a minimum. A bout of diarrhea is not only miserable for Kitten, it’s disastrous for his beautiful flowing coat.

The litter box is another area that needs special attention for these pampered felines. Clumping litter is really handy for us, but for a little cat with lots of fur on it’s feet it’s a no no. I put my little guy in his litter box and he was great. Did his job, tidied it up, then jumped out onto the floor in little concrete boots. It took awhile to soak it all off. So until he’ is a little older stick with the plain old run of the mill kitty litter. If you change it frequently it will stay odor free.

Hopefully you have gone to a good cat breeder who has worked with your kitten since birth to learn his grooming routine. He will need daily grooming. Usually my cat needs his face washed twice a day and one gentle combing or brushing to keep him looking nice.

Persians have a tendency to have teary eyes and in the case of flat faced cats, runny noses. When tears hit the fur they turn a rust color and can stain. By washing his face frequently, I stay ahead of the stains and keep him sparkling clean.

The main reason for this daily grooming ritual is to catch and remove any matt’s or tangles that maybe hiding in his coat. Check carefully under his arms, between his legs and around his neck. Gently work mats out with your fingers. Trim them with scissors only if absolutely necessary.

OK some Persians have messy bottoms. It’s not their fault. It’s just that all that fur gets in the way of things. Take care of these little mishaps with a damp paper towel or a baby wipe. You can also trim your fur buddies hair back a little on his hind-end. if it gets too bothersome.

Check Kitties claws once a week. Keep them clipped very short. (Believe me you will thank me for this tip at bath time!) They have clippers made specially for cats to help you with this task. These prevent you from clipping too short and causing your cat distress.

Persians do need baths much more frequently than short haired cats.. For most, once a month is probably sufficient. Even if he seems clean, bathe him to keep him in the habit.

First gather up all of your supplies:

  • Hand held blow dryer
  • Wash cloth
  • 3 or more warm towels
  • Cat or Kitten Shampoo
  • Decreasing dish soap
  • Several cotton swabs

I bathe my Persian in the kitchen sink. It’s easier on my back and has a sprayer that comes in very handy. Fill the sink with warm water before you put him in. Take a small amount of dish soap and rub it into any areas of the coat that look oily, behind his ears, around his tail, under his face, but never on his face or around his eyes.

Next pour warm water over your cat until his coat is thoroughly wet. Then use the shampoo to lather him up. Keep his face dry for now. Flat faced cats like mine, have a tendency to feel like they are drowning when the water runs over their faces, so you want to wash his face last and do it as quickly as possible.

Let the lather stay on his coat for now and clean the ears with a cotton swab. Never clean farther into the ear than you can see. Take care to wipe away any water that splashes into the ears.

Now just rinse. And rinse. And rinse. It takes a while to get the soap out of all that fur and you don’t want to leave any residue behind that might irritate tender skin. I skip conditioner. It has a tendency to make my Persians fur flatten down. He looks much prettier and cleaner without it.

Now you can wash his face. Take care not to wash too close to his eyes. Gently rub around his eyes and his nose with a wet cloth using water only. I normally just rinse my cats face with a damp cloth. It takes a bit longer but he doesn’t flounder around like he’s drowning that way.

Once he’s finished bathing gently squeeze the excess water from his fur. Try to work quickly because he is going to get cold. Wrap him in a warm towel. When it’s soaked wrap him in a fresh one. It is very important that he get thoroughly dry. Any dampness could turn into a hot spot and cause inflammation , pain,or even infection.

Blow dry him completely. This is very important. Be sure to keep the heat from the dryer on your hand so you can judge the temperature. Never blow dry your kitten with high heat!

There you have it. Easy steps to knowing and enjoying your Persian cat. Sound like a lot of work? Just ask any Persian owner and they will tell you it’s worth every minute you spend. Actually the only drawback to having a Persian is, then you want three!

See, the steps are pretty easy and simple.It doesn’t require you to attend colmars snake handling training class. You just have to be careful and surely, everything will be done accordingly.

How to Paint Glass

Painting glass is extremely fun and is really easy to learn as long as you have the right resources, Painting Kits and guidelines that can find on the internet really easily. If you love arts and crafts and are looking for something new to try then this is definitely for you. The process of painting glass can be broken down into three easy steps, but as you paint more and more glass you will learn that the techniques for applying paint to glass are almost endless.

Step 1:

With all crafts, the first step is preparing for the craft you are about to perform and clean what you will be working on. In order to paint glass, you need to first remove all stickers and labels and then wash your glass in warm soapy water in order to remove the leftover sticky residue left on the glass from the stickers you just removed. Once you have let the glass dry thoroughly, wipe the area that is to be painted on the glass with a cotton ball that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Step 2:

If you are a great artist then you can skip down to step number three, but if you aren’t the best artist in the world or you are new to arts and crafts in general then this is a step that you may want to pay attention to until you get the hang of painting glass. If you aren’t a great artist then the best way for you to paint glass is to transfer different patterns onto the glass so you can have something to follow, making the painting process a little easier for you. There are a couple of different ways you can accomplish this and it’s up to you to decide what is best or easiest for you.

Tracing: This is probably the easiest. All you need to do is make a pattern that is on a sheet of paper that you like and place the pattern on the inside or back of the object and secure it with tape. Glass is transparent so this is a great way to position a pattern so you can begin tracing your object or painting.

Carbon Paper: Place carbon paper (be sure it’s carbon side down) on the glass and place a copied pattern you’ve chosen on top of the carbon paper. Hole or tape in place and trace the patterns line with a ballpoint pen or other sharp object that will be sure to transfer the image onto the glass.

Step 3:

Now you are ready to paint. There are different paints to choose from, but most paints are air drying or thermo hardening paints. Air-drying paints do exactly what they say, they require no heat and air dry. The finish with air drying paints is not as durable as thermo hardening paints, so this paint should be used on pieces that will not be handled or used as much. Thermo hardening paints are baked in a regular oven, but after they’ve completely air-dried. Thermo hardening paints are great for objects that are used more often and can be handled and washed.

There are also two other types of paints to consider before painting glass as well. You have the choice of painting with water-based paints or solvent-based paints. Water-based paints are easy and great for beginners or professionals; they are easy to use, easy to clean up and easy to mix. Solvent-based paints are just as durable as water-based paints, but these require more preparation time and clean up.

Step 4:

This is an optional step but is recommended. You may want to seal your designs by applying a glaze or a gloss to give a polished appearance.

Making Money In Runescape

If there is one thing we should all aim for in the world of runescape, it should be to become rich. Contrary to what most people think making money nowadays is very easy. You can easily make 600k-2m+ an hour if you know what to do. In this guide I will tell you what skills are profitable and what skills you should stay away from if you wish to reach your money goal soon. There are also certain rules you should follow and small tricks you should exploit if you do not have much money.

Money making skills:

Combat, combat, combat! Attack, strength, defense, range, magic, prayer, constitution, and summoning. Combat is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. Green dragons when done with a pure set (super attack and super strength potion) has very good effects. You can easily make 600-700k+ an hour. If you have a decent summoning level, you can use a BoB (beast of burden) to extend trips.


Summoning as a standalone skill has great money making potential. A fruit bat summon + scrolls can make 600k+ an hour. It’s relatively easy, just requires constant clicking. Papaya’s (at the time of this guide) sell for 1700+ each. Fruit bats most common drop are papayas. They often drop two at a time. Fruit bat requires 69 summoning.


If you’re going to be standing around, wood cutting, fishing, firemaking, fletching, you might as well bust out a magpie. Magpies automatically forage for gems from sapphire to diamonds (including rings) It is not uncommon to make 120k+ during the summons lifetime. That’s 120k+ for doing nothing.


Magic tends to be one of those skills you sink money into without much return; however, if you have a medium construction level you can build a study and a lectern and make teleportation tabs. Yes it is slow and yes it may take you over a month to get to say 99. If you start at around 80 magic you could potential make between 50-100m, depending on the tabs you make.


Slayer is a great skill. You train combat and you get charms. Charms which you will surely need to boost your summoning level. In a day of summoning (at low 70s) I can make a few million. It’s not uncommon to make 1-3m+ a day if you get a good task.


Everyone knows about red chins. They are great for range experience and they’re also expensive. At 63 hunter you can begin catching theses. You won’t make a lot in the beginning but later on when you reach 80 you will be able to catch five at a time and fail less often.

At level 77 hunter, with 69 summoning, hunting grenwalls is what you should do. 1m-1.3m+ an hour. Their spikes are used to make extreme ranging potions.


Fishing with a magpie is good money. Monkfish are the way to go since they’re fast to catch.


Farming is very profitable if you do it religiously. With snap dragons you can easily make 150k-250k every 70 minutes.


Long, boring, annoying, and tedious; however, it’s a great money maker. Getting 99 can make you around 400m. It’s not unusual for one to make 500k or more an hour crafting natures.

Skills to stay away from.


Prayer is an iffy subject, high prayer is good and helps you when killing monsters for money but it’s also very expensive. You should try to cut down on your cost if you wish to train it. Use either big bones or baby dragon bones.


Beyond 67 there isn’t much need to train this. 67 is just for the lectern so you can make house teleportation tabs. Good mage exp and money there.


Time waster, not used often. You will either gain mothering or lose small amounts.


Unless you are mining all your own ores, don’t worry about it. If you do wish to train smithing though while you are trying to obtain your financial goals, try blast furnace.

Summoning (beyond 69):

If you don’t have much money you probably don’t want to spend tons of money to get past 69. If you’re only in this for money that is. If you feel it’s important you should invest in summoning.


When I wanted to make money I often would sell items I used. For instance, I would buy a whip for around 2m if suddenly the market changed and there was an upswing, I would sell it and buy it back once it went back down. I did the same thing with bando’s god sword. I would only train woodcutting if the price of the hatchets were low. When they went up, I would sell it and stop training.


One of the best ways to make residual income. Put a few mil in go every day for about 1 minute and at the end of the week or month or year, or whenever you check it, you should have a great amount of money. I put all workers into herbs first and then into wood. It seems to be the best money maker. A Pokemon go accounts for sale will provide whole kingdom of the game of the layers. The information about the kingdom will provide ease to the players in catching the pokemon.

Try to do several money making skills or techniques at a time. Varity is always good and keeps away boredom.

When Packrats Collide: A Four-step Program to Decluttering

How do you eliminate clutter when two packrats move in together? I can’t count the mountains of stuff I’ve thrown away, donated or just given away over the last twenty years. My boyfriend shares my bad habit of thinking “that might be useful someday.” We live frugally, getting the most use out of everything. After five years under the same roof, something has got to go.

I made a vow at the beginning of the year to reduce the amount of stuff we have. We’ve sold some items – what two-person household really needs three refrigerators plus two upright freezers? To be fair, we do have a home-based food business.

It felt good to sell my broken down car and his old truck that’s been sitting in pieces for three years for scrap. We loaded all of our CDs into our laptop and took those along with 10 boxes of books, albums, DVDs and VHS tapes to Half-Price Books.

How do I get rid of the rest of this junk?

Donate to a local charity

My first choice is our local Interchurch Social Services. In addition to running a thrift store, they provide clothing, food and household items to families in need. While they don’t have a lot of room for books, the agency is willing to take things you might not normally consider donation-worthy.

Do you know that collection of hotel-sized shampoo and soap in the linen closet? When a family in need has to choose between food and being clean, those small bottles mean they can have both. As someone who has experienced a house fire, I know what it means to have to start over. The extra dishes, cookware, and utensils that are clogging my cupboards will help someone rebuild their kitchen.


A few years ago, my boyfriend found a great deal on a kegerator. While we never actually bought a keg of beer, it came in handy for cooling large pots of homemade stock. When the compressor died, it wasn’t worth the cost to replace it.

There’s a man in our area that takes old appliances for scrap. All we had to do was set the contraption out by the road and he picked it up for free.

All those wine bottles we collected thinking we would someday make our own wine? We’ve not yet bought the winemaking equipment and the bottles have found their way to the recycling bin.

Yard Sale or Flea Market

As I’m sorting through all this junk that I think has a second life, I’m putting a price tag on it. As soon as the weather breaks, I’ll put out my sign. We’ve sold some things at the flea market for the last two summers. Full-time dealers told us they go to yard sales on Saturday to find cheap deals and then haul it to the flea market on Sunday to sell for a profit.

They won’t hurt my feelings if they buy everything I have.

Give it away or throw it away

After the yard sale, there’s only one step left. I know that I can’t bring anything back into the house. If it seems like there might still be living in something for someone, I’ll list a curb alert on Craigslist. If not, into the trash it goes. Since there are items that are too big for you to get rid of such as your furniture or any other household items, in that case, you have philly furniture removal which is an affordable furniture removal service that you can hire. 

I only wish the trash man came on Sunday evening to avoid any second thoughts.

Long-Term Challenges For The Us Pension System

The pension system, particularly for public employees, is certain to create future social challenges for the US economy. The nation is dividing into two when it comes to pensions, and this may lead to future discord and a financial challenge for taxpayers who must fund half these pensions. In the public sector, you have some 22 million government employees (which includes those who have already retired) who will or are already enjoying good payouts from generous pension plans, many of which are guaranteed by state law.

Meanwhile, in the private sector, employees increasingly are suffering at the hands of companies who are relinquishing their pension obligations (for example, in the airline industry) in record numbers to ensure the companies can remain viable, if not come out of bankruptcy. The grim reality is that, with the stock market down and a rocky economy for the near term, retirement funds for those in the private sector likely means people will have to work longer and have less when they retire, unlike those who work for the government.

Adding salt to the wound, government employees are more likely to have better salaries in the first place, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Local and state government employees average $25 an hour, one-third more than private sector employees who, on average, make $19 an hour. Government workers are also more likely to accrue more retirement benefits: Four out of five local and state employees are likely to have pensions, while only one in five of those in the private sector do.

In addition to these disparities, most of these state and local pensions are under-funded, according to Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research. At a time when tax revenues are shrinking due to problems with the economy, public sector pensions are non-negotiable territory in many state and local budgets. Yet, with such massive problems at the state level, most states have chosen to ignore the problem while they deal with more immediate budget issues, putting off the pension funding problem for some future date.

Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research notes that the average public pension plan is under-funded by 35 percent, which is likely to increase to 41 percent by 2013 if stocks remain at their current levels. Every hit taken to state investments that fund public sector retirements must be made up by the taxpayers. Add that to the projected Social Security shortfall certain to be faced by the federal government in the future, and taxpayers are in for some nasty surprises in coming years.

There is, of course, at least a partial solution to this forthcoming dilemma. If government workers were to accept the same 401(k)-style pensions as private sector employees, at least the stock market shortfall in funding government pensions could be addressed. In fact, California tried to make this very change in 2006. The result was a state government bombarded with advertising (paid for by unions of state government workers) and a failed attempt at reform.

The current employees are not as downtrodden as they once were and would resort to extreme measures if their rightful demands are not met and they expect to receive their pension on a regular basis the moment they retire from their jobs and the pension system needs to take it seriously to avoid repercussions. Therefore, it is best that they take regular rfp proposal training on how to deal with proposal issues.

4 Mistakes Men Make when Trying to Attract Women

Are you tired of having women lose interest in you? Are you tired of always being rejected, or worse, put into the “let’s just be friends” category? Do women intimidate you? If you want to learn to attract women, this article can help.

Here is a list of 4 common mistakes that men make when they are trying to attract women. These mistakes are made by thousands, or even millions, of men every single day.

  1. Assuming women love jerks.

The good news for all you “nice guys” reading this: Women do not love jerks. The bad news is they don’t exactly love “nice guys” either. Let’s look at what is meant by a guy who is a jerk:

  • A man who lies to women
  • A man who is unfaithful to his wife, fiancée or girlfriend
  • A man who is either verbally or physically abusive to women, or both
  • A man who uses women’s feelings to get what he wants from them

It’s not so much the jerk the women love. It’s the fact that he is a “bad boy.” Unfortunately, you can be too much of a “nice guy.” You will never be able to attract women until you learn to be a little bit of a “bad boy.” You don’t have to be a jerk to adopt traits of a “bad boy.”

  1. Trying to attract women by buying their company or affection.

You’ve probably seen plenty of advice telling you that you should buy women candy, flowers, take her to expensive dinners and expensive dates. You need to stop doing this. If you want to attract women, you have to learn that you can’t buy their affection.

This type of behavior should only be done after you have triggered attraction within them. They should have earned these types of gifts and treatment from you. Just by them providing you their presence is not enough of a reason to warrant this type of treatment on your part.

  1. Putting women on a pedestal

It is easy to be enchanted by beautiful women. It is easy to become intimidated by them. In reality, they are not goddesses. They were simply blessed to have been born with good genetics that make them attractive.

Think about it, they eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, get dressed and even age just like any other normal human being. If you want to attract women you have to treat them like you would any other person; not some goddess worthy of worship.

  1. Assuming that learning how to attract women is something that can’t be or shouldn’t be learned

It is true that there are some men who are fortunate enough to be a natural at attracting women. If you ask them their secret, they probably really wouldn’t be able to tell you. It’s just something they’ve always had.

Think about other things in your life. If you didn’t have to learn them or thought you shouldn’t have to learn them, where would you be right now? You’d probably still be the same as a newborn baby. You wouldn’t have learned to talk, it certainly didn’t come naturally. You probably wouldn’t have learned to read, again, you weren’t born with the ability to read. You get the point.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to become a better man and a more interesting man. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn how to attract women.

You must also understand that what women say they want and what they actually want are often as different as night and day when it comes to this subject. When women give you advice such as “be yourself” or “do something nice” she’s trying to be helpful, but it won’t help you attract women. Women aren’t logical like men, they’re emotional, and attraction is an emotion. When you learn to trigger it, you will never have problems with women again.

There are many products on the market today that can teach you how to attract women. These products have been created by men who have learned and sharpened their skills for attracting women. They have helped thousands of guys just like you. Just find a product from an instructor that interests you the most and would be a good fit for you.

So follow the points given above and you will find that you will never be friend zoned by any woman that you come across as they will be attracted to your personality even more but that does not mean that you will fling with all women because then you will become a classified jerk and girls don’t like them as mentioned above. For better results, do go through the  okcupid dating app with detailed intricacies of the points to be followed alongwith practical techniques of rehearsing everything about before putting it to test.

Tips for Getting the Best Everyday Handbag

There are two extremes when it comes to women and handbags. Some women want a handbag that matches every out fit. Then there are the women who carry the same handbag until it becomes torn and frayed and must be replaced. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle. I have hand bags for dates and generally change my every day bag by seasons.

When you are going to replace your handbag go online and look up the latest handbag style and colors. You may not care but having some basic guidelines means you may be able to pick something that is practical and fashionable. If a certain style that is in fashion does not fit your hand bag needs then pick one in the season’s most fashionable colors.

It is not that difficult a task as you can find handbags of different brands and models galore, especially in the current times when fashion sense is at its peak to cater to the 21st century needs and women have evolved from being timid, docile housewives into hard working women in reputed companies who rule both house and office with an iron hand, They are very particular about handbags and so get ready for a luxurytastic review on handbags.

Look in your old purse and remove the things that you would not normally be keeping in your purse. You know the broken lip stick tube, wadded up tissue, and the half chewed pack of gum. You will want to see how much space you need for your make up bag, wallet, and sunglasses.

You do not want to automatically junk the new hand bag but understand you will probably accumulate the same amount of stuff in your new handbag as you did your old. I have tried to reform myself by buying a smaller bag than I needed. I just ended up being frustrated and having to shove things in my blazer pocket. Special occasion hand bags size wise are another matter. I only take my identification and debit card on dates so my date bag can be very girlish and petite.

My summers are spent poolside so my summer every day bag tends to be a tote. I don’t bother with an additional handbag. Yes, it looks old ladyfish but it keeps me from having to pack a pool bag every day. If you are not concerned about making a fashion statement at work totes can be good everyday bags, you can put your lunch and your book to read on the train all in one place.

When you are at the store try fitting your basics into the bags you are looking at. I do not mean shove your left over sandwich from lunch into the new bag, but just make sure your basics fit. If you order online check the return policy of the store you purchased your hand bag from. You should be able to return it should it not met your needs.

Lastly, if you really have a handbag fetish; I would definitely suggest second hand boutiques or thrift stores for hand bags. Many have a ’boutique” section where you could get a designer bag you would not normally be able to afford. Even the selection at your local Goodwill has many of those formal bags that most people have only used a few times.

When selecting a good every day bag going with brown or black is a safe bet. If you want the bag to stand out pick one’s that have unique texture. Shopping second hand for hand bags will leave you enough for a matching wallet. Below is a link to the ultimate used hand bags. Vintage bags will not save you money, but they are fun to look at.