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If you’re looking for a different-styled home featuring an out-of-the-box design to fulfill your eco-friendly lifestyle, then a container home is the perfect option for you.

Karl Jacob – a professional contractor, having experience in building several container homes points out –

“As the name suggests, they are build using new or unused shipping containers without needing to deplete natural resources or causing any kind of environmental pollution.

The fact that you are using these ready-to-use metal boxes means you are recycling them into something purposeful and beautiful.”

He further continues below, and all your readers will love the details shared by this guy.

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In addition to that, you can also add extra sustainable features like wind power, solar panels, insulation, rain tanks, and so on to make the container home as eco-friendly as possible!

The overall cost of building a container home is almost 30% less to traditional home construction. There is no excessive excavation needed on the landscape, and by laying out the containers strategically, you can easily take advantage of the natural lighting and passive temp controls.

Keeping your commitment to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle in an eco-friendly container home, you can look to add low E-windows and properly recycled HW doors. You can even DIY or hire a contractor to insulate the flat roof using natural wood and look to avoid any VOC finishes to the construction.

For boosting its aesthetics, you can paint the container walls with glossy white paint and keep a few accent walls painted with blonde wood. You can even create design

uniformity by painting the ceiling and floor with the same shade to give it a modernistic touch. Moreover, you can add a wooden deck that opens up your container living space and aptly blends the interior with the exterior space.

Besides these, container homes are itself eco-friendly as they reduce waste, CO2 footprints and don’t contribute to harming the earth either. It doesn’t take a whole lot of space, and its structural walls make it way tougher than a brick and mortar home.

Bottom line

By choosing to use shipping containers to construct your home, you do not depend on a lot of things. In doing so, you are eradicating wastes which can potentially harm your surroundings and keeping up with your commitment to leading an eco-friendly lifestyle!