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Your home’s security isn’t only restricted to a few alarms strewn around. There is a lot of equipment available these days to help secure your house, some of it obvious, some of it not so obvious. Let’s have a look at what the best home security system is made up of.

Types of security system:

  • Security camera

Security cameras range from clunky Lorex surveillance cameras to sleek Google Nest numbers that allow us to see what’s going on inside and outside our homes. We could actually confirm whether a crisis was occurring and, if necessary, use the video footage as evidence later on.

  • Doorbell camera

Doorbell cameras, a relatively new technology, enable us to see and communicate with whoever is at our front door from anywhere in the world. Of course, the person who came to our door won’t understand if we were home, making it easy to catch would-be intruders. Most video doorbells are weatherproof and have infrared LED sensors that provide day and night vision. If you’ve had a concern with package theft, a video doorbell could be just what you need to catch the criminal in the act as soon as you receive a warning.

  • Smart locks

Few things are more depressing than being locked out of your own house, particularly when you can see your couch and TV through the window. With smart locks, we could get inside even if we forgot our keys at the office, using an app or a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant. Plus, because we connected our smart locks to our security system, our sensors automatically disarm once the door was opened, eliminating the need for a passcode.


These are just a few types of best home security system available in the market. You can choose the type according to your preferences.