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What are the best sites to submit internet marketing related guest posts to, or is that too broad a question?You might want to narrow it down to one specific area of internet marketing such as SEO, social media marketing or affiliate marketing.To start with, I’m writing this post to promote the opportunity for talented writers to write on my sites, which are mostly related to social media marketing.I have this one which is a basic Blogger blog that I use to link to everything I’m doing, and there is my main site Professional Social Promotion , which has been around for years.I have a new site that is called Buy Facebook Fans, also about social media or internet marketing generally, and another one called Social Media Blog Basically if you want a place to publish your guest posts and articles, I can help you with that, and at the same time also give you some good advice on how to structure your link profile so that it has the most beneficial effect on your rankings.

I’m not specifically an SEO expert, but I have done SEO work for people in the past, and I know what I’m talking about.If you want to submit a guest post , you can follow that link, or you can just send me an email at to talk about your site and what you propose to write about.That link will take you to a page which thoroughly lays out all of the guest posting requirements and guidelines, and it also has a contact form which makes it easy to send me a message.So, I’m not going to go on much longer about it, but if you are writing a post for this site or one of my other sites, I do expect that you will make it over 400 words long at least, as that is one of those things that is necessary these days to show quality to Google.Original, long, well written without spelling or grammatical mistakes, and most importantly, the post and the site/s it links out to have to be relevant. I’ve had to say that each post needs to have at least two authority source links to sites that you aren’t affiliated with, but that you are offering as a trusted reliable resource to back up what you’re saying.By that I mean sites like Wikipedia , as that’s the usual one that people would give as a source if they can’t find a relevant journal or government site . You get the idea, it has to be quality, and meet all the standard requirements.Now apart from me, you can find a list of sites to submit guest posts to by doing a standard search on Google such as your keyword, and then guest post, or guest post submission guidelines, or just type in your keyword, and try to contact the owners of each and every site in the search.You could try a site like My Blog Guest , but I’d be looking more for sites which are mostly written by the one person, the web master themselves, as those sites are usually much higher quality.

There are innumerable websites where you can learn about internet marketing in detail and Get Cheap YouTube Views for the sake of building a good base of subscribers but what is important is to gain knowledge about how this can be turned into a lucrative offer.