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I had a friend mention the word Instagram Etiquette the other day, and it sparked something in me to write this blog post- I spend so much time on the app and I come across many things that should be avoided whilst building a business or personal brand profile on Instagram. So below, I have highlighted and explained what I believe to be the most common and the easiest to avoid:

Treat the Instagram world as if it were a social gathering- thank followers for their compliments and write back to their questions. If you have gone to the trouble of posting your image and story out to the world, don’t ignore the responses or questions you get. The more interactions and engagement you can create, the larger and more active your following will be. I understand that not everyone has the time to sit and reply to a large following, but do your best and time manage so that a little effort shows.

My tip: The more time you spend on Instagram the better you will get at predicting the questions that will come after a post- include a more detailed description in your caption, giving viewers the info they need to save you the time in the long run. Experts will Buy YouTube Subscribers From Real People to get the right results. The decision is taken with the skills and intelligence of the people to increase the growth. The captions and descriptions are required to be interesting for the engagement of the people. 

Hashtags are great for driving traffic to your posts and finding your audience- but if you really want to establish a supportive tribe, you will need to use the right hashtags that are relevant to your business. A large following is one thing, but to be able to grow a genuine following of interested and active people on Instagram is another.

If you are unsure of what hashtags to use, do some research- look up some similar business or blogger profiles on Instagram and see what they are using, this will be a big help in determining the right ones for you and help you in growing a supporting audience.

A huge list of hashtags can also come across as desperate to your following- do you really do not want to appear needy?

My tip: Avoid the business hashtags, like #smallbusiness #onlinebusiness #startup etc unless they are absolutely relevant- I have found that spammers use this hashtag frequently.

Do not spend time asking for followers

Found a popular account and a beautiful image that has 100’s of comments? Do NOT be tempted to add your comment, saying something along the lines of: “fashion and lifestyle inspiration, head over and follow me, I follow back!”. I see this all the time and it will only put users off and annoy them.

Do you stand in a crowd and beg for friends in real life? No? Didn’t think so.

Do not try to pass other users images off as your own

This has happened to me personally and I was in shock- I couldn’t believe someone grabbed my photo, then used it for their own profile with a caption as if it was their own, without giving credit or tagging me in it. It really got to me, and for a professional business account I believe it lost them some credibility in my eyes. Has this happened to you before?

Not everyone’s lives are a picture perfect magazine editorial everyday, living in a renovation, mine definitely isn’t! So, day to day, it is hard to capture beautiful images of your own and sharing part of your experiences. My recommendation- if you are going to use other’s images, pass on the credit. Or, if they have themselves just used a Pinterest or blog image, just say “Image via @…….” that way, you do not come across as if you are just pinching other’s images for yourself. These interactions between other users profiles can often start a conversation and you make these connections and in turn, can gain new followers.

My tip: If you wouldn’t like it done to you, do not do it to someone else- give credit where it is due, someones hard work and creative has gone into the image, so do your best to share the love and show respect.

You have heard it before- quality over quantity, and it really applies here. You need to ask yourself when you go about setting up your Instagram account what message, look and feel do you want to portray to your following? Then, do not post anything that does not align with your mission and branding. A random night out on the town doesn’t always need to be shared several times with your audience- especially if you are setting yourself up as a professional in business.

My tip: Create a brand concept board of images suitable for posting on Instagram. Be sure that they have a consistent standard of quality and are not blurry or pixelated. If you become unsure of whether an image is right to post or not then refer back to your concept board and go from there.