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There are plenty of tools present in the world for performing the task of analysis; still, everyone loves Google Analytics. No matter what type of business a person is operating, their goal is to always choose google Analytics. The reason behind this is that analytics is a premium tool that is formed to fulfill the needs of every business around the world.

Another reason is that Analytics is considered the best, and that is the different types of Goals.

Which are goal types in google analytics?

There is a question in almost every new analytics user that which are goal types in google analytics? So, let us discuss the types of goals in detail.

  • Destination goals 

There is a destination page of the website which every owner wants people on their website to reach. It can be the payments page or sign up pages. You can set the goal according to your requirement: your business’s destination page and how many people have reached that.

  • Duration goals

The amount of time that a customer remains on your website is also significant for your page’s ranking. If the average time per customer is high, then it means that your content is engaging. That is why you can set the minimum goals of above average in the website visits’ duration.

  • Event goals 

Many events keep happening on the website; now the Analytics provides an option to the website to store the event according to their website and record the tracking.  

  • Page visits

The number of visits to the page is also a very important goal that a website needs if they want to increase their website ranking. A person can set up several people’s goals that must visit their customer and try to achieve them.