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4 Accessories That You Must Have in Your Car

When someone decides to buy a car, the first thing that comes up is “I need that to go from point A to point B without taking much time”. However, there are some circumstances where drivers usually encounter and the little things can be so annoying.

Well worry no more, listed below are accessories that might be the solution to your little problems. Or perhaps you’d like to have background information about it here: https://mygaragetool.com/best-backup-camera-with-night-vision/

  • Bluetooth Key Finder

One of the most common mistakes that drivers encounter is the problem of where-did-I-put-my-key problem. If you’re one of the people who suffers this kind of problem, then worry no more, bluetooth key finder is what you need. What’s amazing of this key finder is you can connect it to your phone. So in case you misplaced your key and you’re having trouble finding it, just look into your phone and you can locate it easily. Just don’t lose your phone.

  • Dash Camera

This accessory is one of the most important accessories that a driver should have. Dash Camera or called by others as DashCam. These cameras record the view in front of your car in case something terrible might happen. The time of records differ from how much memory your camera can handle. The recordings of the cameras can be used as proof or evidence whenever you get in trouble and you are in the right case. 

  • Blind spot – mirrors

These little mirrors can come in handy anytime when the traffic is bad. Every car has its blind spot, by having these mirrors, you can easily check up on those parts to avoid any unpredictable accidents.

  • Phone Holder

With the numerous use of smartphones these days, a phone should always be on a handreach distance. This accessory is plain and simple. It can hold phones while driving thus making the life of a driver simpler and carefree.

Ebay – Money Making Made Easy

eBay is my Internet Salvation.

I avoided eBay like the plague when I started trying to make money online. I do not know why, but it seemed like a good place to waste my efforts.

After stepping back for a while, I started thinking of all the things I had tried and what there was left that I had not touched yet and all these Freddie Cammell reviews helped me realize that there was money all around me.

I remembered hearing from a friend that they went through their house and found all kinds of stuff they did not need anymore, so they listed it on eBay. He made about $500 on the things he found and has been selling ever since. I was about due for a garage sale, so I gathered everything I wanted to sell and sat down to figure out eBay.

I knew absolutely nothing about selling on eBay. I had purchased two golf clubs a few years back but had never thought about listing items to sell. Being addicted to e-books by this point, naturally, I went searching. I found some really helpful free e-books, bought some off of eBay itself, and really found what I was looking for when I purchased Auction XFactor.

eBay has strict policies when it comes to running your own auctions. I did not know the first thing about auctions; much less what would make my auctions a success. As I dug into Autction XFactor, I found a lot of helpful tidbits that helped me know how to present my products, list at appropriate times, choose proper categories, etc.

The best advice I received was that in order to be an effective seller you need to understand the buyers’ point of view. In essence, you need to buy a physical product and see all the steps that are taken by the seller to get your purchase to your door. I learned a great lesson by doing this because I bought a watch and waited over a week with nothing to show. I emailed the seller numerous times and hounded them about my shipment. I never heard back but finally, my watch arrived.

I learned that in order to be taken seriously as a seller you have to communicate well and handle things promptly. Customers are worried about getting their product and you need to do everything possible to reassure them that it is being taken care of.

As I continued my search for things to list on eBay I started to ask my parents and brothers if they had anything to list. I never knew that my parents could fill a truck so quickly. I took time sorting out what I thought would sell and what I would throw away.

As my items began to sell I was overwhelmed with packaging and printing labels and sending emails. Keep in mind I am doing all this while working a full-time job. My lunches were spent running to the post office to drop off products and my evenings were consumed packing up the product.

To save you the hassle I went through learning the ropes, here are some tips to streamline your sales.

Package your items as soon as you list them. That way when it comes time to ship you only have to label and pay postage.

Set up an excel spreadsheet to keep tabs on how much it costs to list each item, what the auction ended at, what the buyer paid for shipping, and what shipping costs you. This will help you keep track of everything you need to ship and what your shipping costs really are.

Go to the post office and ask about shipping materials for priority mail. They offer free packaging granted you use their service.

State in your auction when the item will ship after the close of the auction. I recommend shipping two days a week, so you are not running yourself to death every day.

Always offer multiple payment options so that you do not lose any bids because people cannot pay you.

Answer any questions quickly and try to avoid these by describing your item down to the last stitch.

Be honest in your listings about what you are selling. Negative feedback will hurt your sales, especially as a new seller.

List your items in the evening so that will be when they end. This is when most people are at home.

Take good pictures of your items so that buyers can get a good look at what you are selling.

I could probably write an entire book on the small tricks I have learned about eBay, but that is for a later date. eBay offers anyone with something to sell that chance to connect with a buyer looking for just what you have.

Remember when I said I was sorting out what I thought would and wouldn’t sell. The mistake I made was thinking that there is something you cannot sell on eBay. No matter what you think of the item, there is a very good chance that there is someone out there looking for it. There are millions of people that search on eBay every month, so the market you are reaching is massive.

Do not be discouraged if an item doesn’t sale or you do not get as much as you want for something at this point. Remember, you are selling things you were going to get rid of anyway and probably are getting a lot more than you would get by having a yard sale.

I am still learning all the benefits of selling on eBay and I probably will not ever learn everything there is to know. I do know for the person wanting to start out in Internet marketing, eBay is a chance to get extra funding and learn about how others do business. Always be looking at other people’s listings, especially power sellers. By seeing how these people display their products and write about what they are selling, you will learn a great deal about how you can be a better seller.

Internet marketing is all about making the sale. eBay is a good starting place to see how things are bought and sold on the Internet.


Hydroxycut Wasn’t’ What We Thought It Would Be

My husband has been wanting to get in shape for a while now. I told him that going about it the all-natural way is the way to go. We had been seeing numerous commercials advertising Hydroxy Cut and he had been becoming a lot more interested every time he sees one. I was against the idea of him using Hydroxy Cut but I knew deep down, nothing I said was going to get through to him.

My husband finally got the nerve up to order Hydroxycut which cost him around $30. The price alone didn’t make me all that happy but it was what he wanted to do.

Now if you don’t know anything about Hydroxycut then lets talk about the purpose Hydroxycut is supposed to serve. Hydroxycut is a thermogenic, weight loss drug that is less effective than Lexapro weight loss drug. It contains ephedrine, guarana extract, which is another word for caffeine. It also contains willow bark extract, which is another word for aspirin and green tea extract. It contains a host of other ingredients but the ones I listed are most important.

The thing that bothered me about the Hydroxycut is the fact that it contains Ephedrine. Ephedrine isn’t the healthiest thing for anyone’s body and the fact that Hydroxycut contains it doesn’t spell out good health at all. Ephedrine can cause unwanted side effects like high blood pressure. My husband has never had high blood pressure but after using Hydroxycut, his doctor told him that his blood pressure was extremely abnormal and high. We didn’t understand because we eat healthily as well as work out. Come to find out his high blood pressure was due to Hydroxycut and the Ephedrine it consisted of.

Hydroxycut helped my husband lose weight but it didn’t allow him to lose weight in a healthy manner. The Ephedrine kept him from having an appetite, which kept him from eating most of the day. I would tell my husband that missing meals wasn’t good for him and he needed to at least eat breakfast and dinner. He eventually lacked the energy he used to have due to not eating. He would rely on the energy that Hydroxycut would give him but it didn’t last long at all.

Hydroxycut also kept him from sleeping. He would be so restless and irritable to the point he would walk around like a zombie. Once his doctor informed him that using Hydroxycut could cause serious health issues for him, he decided to stop using Hydroxycut.

I’m all about good health and losing weight if need be. But I’m not into doing it artificially. I told my husband that I thought using Hydroxycut was the lazy formula for losing weight. He was causing more problems by using Hydroxycut and it truly wasn’t worth it. Hydroxycut shouldn’t’ take the place of exercise and healthy eating. I would avoid Hydroxycut at all costs and lose weight in an all-natural way.

5 Favorite Handbags of Fall

Kooba Ricky Hobo – A simple, well-made bag is an essential for everyone this fall. The Kooba Ricky Hobo is a classic looking bag made of luscious black, brown or grey leather. With a simplistic design and relaxed details this bag is the perfect mix of casual chic. It’s priced at $595 and, in my opinion, worth every penny. This is the type of bag that never goes out of style.

Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Croc of Q – Linda’ Clutch – Python, leopard, crocodile prints abound! Animal prints were all over the fall runways and I personally adore them. For the ladies who enjoy being trendy while still maintaining a more classic style the Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Croc of Q – Linda’ clutch is perfect. This beautiful little clutch is made of synthetic crocodile skin, includes a removable shoulder strap and harbors a gorgeous patterned lining. This bag comes in array of bright fall colors and will allow you to be trendy and fashionable without offending your wallet (it’s priced at $248) or PETA.

Be  amp; D Ruffled Vertical Top Zip Tote – Studs and ruffles seem to be the favorite trends this Fall and this fabulous bag mixes them both. Be  amp; D is a favorite designer of mine and this bag is a perfect example of why. The Be  amp; D Ruffled Vertical Top Zip Tote is simply flawless in every way. From the rich leather ruffles to the edgy studs this bag screams fashionista. If you are the type of girl whose life is a runway this is truly the fall bag for you. This fashion forward work of art is priced at $1,190.

Valentino Bow Tote – Who doesn’t love a giant bow? Continuing with the resonating Fall 2009 theme of naughty (studs, animal prints, etc.) or nice (bows, ruffles, etc.) this tote is great for those nice girl days. Rich patent leather and a big fluffy bow that would make Blair Waldorf proud makes this tote a top favorite for Fall 2009. At $895 it’s a bit pricey, but ask yourself this: will a bag as simplistic and classically feminine like this ever go out of style? Answer: no.

Botkier Logan Fringe Satchel – This intriguing bag encompasses yet another Fall 2009 trend – fringe. I’m always happy to see one or two retro trends every season and fringe is no exception. Botkier is well known for their beautifully supple leather and rocker aesthetic and this bag definitely delivers on both. Priced at $595 the Botkier Logan Fringe Satchel will surely receive compliments wherever you choose to carry it.


Melie Bianco Fringe Hobo – Famous for their trendy yet affordable handbags Melie Bianco delivers some fashionable choices yet again this season. I’m truly in love with this retro 70’s style taupe colored fringe hobo. It looks good with absolutely everything and is only $84! I advise scooping this bag up fast in order to add a fabulously retro touch to your Fall wardrobe. In order to increase the beauty of wardrobes, the purchase can be done from ameyawdebrah.com. With the material, the printing and sizes will meet the specifications of the customers. There will be increase in the sales with the manufacturers for luxuries handbags 

Valuable Social Networking Applications Utilized as a Tool in Education

Social networking applications are useful tools for college students. They are powerful resources for college students, which enables them to communicate and interact with one another. Social networking tools can be utilized to encourage students to participate in different components of education. There are several ways social networking applications can benefit all college students. While there are a myriad of sites available to students that enable social networking, there are particular sites that cater to students of different degree levels.

Social networking applications do not discriminate nor segregate with regards to race, age and interests. However, certain websites cater to particular segments of the population; hence students will utilize those that they deem beneficial. In regards to social networking applications as a tool used in education, the sites are generally categorized. The categories are established primarily for students to conveniently find what they are looking for. While purchasing the followers, there should be check over the delivery options. Buy Instagam Followers with instant delivery with free delivery charges. The information communicated to the person should be correct and beneficial for increasing the number of followers at h profile. 

The Writing Studio application

Social networking applications can be utilized to assist students in their writing skills. One application that students may utilize is the Writing Studio at a university that opens a Facebook page to provide students with resources to assist them in improving their writing skills. While the Writing Studio is available to all students of all degree levels, those students whom are pursuing bachelors and masters degrees will find this most useful. The Writing Studio also incorporates and builds communities among the frequent student users of the writing studio. Students can connect with other college students that need to improve in their writing and help on another. Social networking applications can assist college students in making improvements as a student. Due to the fact that writing assignments are a large portion of many college courses, the Writing Studio is a valuable resource.

College Facebook Page

A university Facebook pages provide a great way for university faculty and students to communicate with each other. A Facebook page could be utilized to convey messages between students and the instructor. Participants (students and faculty) can add announcements to the page. Facebook adds a human element to interacting with students online. It’s also a great outlet for online students to utilize as it enables them to communicate and share ideas and information among one another.


Blogs, in general, provide a means for students to communicate, express themselves and think critically with other students giving them the ability to obtain different perspectives on various topics. Students engage in relevant conversation through the use of blogs. Participants can share thoughts and ideas that can benefit and enlighten other classmates. In an online college environment, students have a limited amount of interaction. Blogs and social networking applications such as Facebook and Blogger enable online students to communicate with one another more frequently. Although online students are not physically on campus, they can discuss issues on a blog or other social networking sites that have blog enabled features. Blogs assist students in expanding a student’s knowledge on a more informal level.

As mentioned above, one particular well known site that students can participate in is Blogger.com. This site enables students to post, comments and converse on topics that are relevant to their education/course work. Student’s participation in a site such as Blogger.com not only provides students with a way to share, communicate ideas and information but it also can motivate students to take a more active role in their course.

Social networking applications add a sense of community that is an important element of student retention and ultimately student success. Through the social networking applications, the students are able to feel that they are part of a community and a larger organization (Business Wire, 2005). This paper alludes to a sample of valuable resources that are available for students to utilize. Students at different degree levels may find that certain social networking applications cater to their particular needs. Student’s time in class is limited; however social networking applications make it possible for active student engagement outside of the class. It also enables students to become more active learners and participants in their courses. Many online students may feel more detached from the instructor and college. Fortunately, due to the resources provided by social networking websites such as Facebook and Blogger students can benefit in ways that were not available a few years ago.

XHTML Course Lesson 7: Email Link

You now have a good idea of what XHTML is, and if you are still following the lessons, then I’m sure you will follow them to the end. In today’s lesson I will teach you how to put an email link into your webpage. Good luck!

If you publish your very first own website, then it’s probably really useful to know what other people think of it. If you want others opinions, then you could just put your email on one of your pages and that’s it. However, in XHTML you also have the option to put in a link, that will open an email-program and automatically put your email-address in the ‘To:’ box. You can read this post here to learn what you can expect from digging deeper into this. Such a link works almost the same as an External link, but instead of ‘http://’ you use ‘mailto:’. Such a link would look like this:

(a href=”mailto:username@provider.domain”)Clickable link(/a)I will explain every element in the address with this example address:

nobody@yahoo.comIn this email address ‘nobody’ is the username and ‘yahoo’ is the provider. The domain is the ‘.com’ which stands for ‘commercial’.

It’s also possible to put in a link that will send an email to more than one than one person. If you create the website together with a friend then it’s easier to put in a link that will send a mail to both of you, right? All you have to do, to accomplish this, is separate the two email-addresses with a ‘;’ symbol. It would look like this:

(a href=”mailto:nobody@yahoo.com;everybody@yahoo.com”)Clickable link(/a)To keep your email-inbox more structural, you could give every email send with that link, a standard subject. A great subject for the opinions of people about your website would be ‘comment’. When you put in that subject, the link would look like this:

(a href=”mailto:nobody@yahoo.com;everybody@yahoo.com ?subject=Comment”) Clickable link (/a)You expand the value after the ‘href’ with a ?subject=subjectsname, remember to put this after the email-addresses and not in front of it.


Open up your ‘index.html’ page your created before. At the bottom of this page, put an email link with your email and a subject. Make sure that when people would read your page now, they would know where to click, to contact you. There is no need to put in multiple email-addresses, but if you feel like you didn’t really understand it, then I encourage you to try it once. Good luck with the assignment and I hope to see you in the next lesson!

What To Know Before Hiring a Housekeeper

When hiring a housekeeper there are essentially two different routes you can take. You can either hire a housekeeper yourself or you can go through a service. Both routes have their advantages as well as their disadvantages, but when it comes down to it, you would be a fool not to go with the service. Unless, of course, you are rich and simply want to pay an illegal immigrant slave wages to clean all your dirty household objects. And I don’t mean dirty in the sense of the grime that your underpaid servant will be paid $2.00 an hour to clean away.

Here is what going through a housekeeping service can do for you and also why you may not want to consider it and look to hire independently. Pick up the Yellow Papers or go on the internet and look for something along the lines of House Cleaning or Cleaning Services. Get in touch with one of these services dedicated to providing housekeepers and inform them exactly to your needs. What kind of different needs are available? Well, do you want a live-in maid, or one that commutes to your home daily? Make sure the service knows exactly what kind of duties the job entails. Will it involve vacuuming, mopping, bathroom work? Do you need the housekeeper to clean carpets, drapes, curtains? What about windows? That old joke about the maid not doing windows is not a joke. It may cost you extra. Be sure to let the service know exactly what the schedule will be. Every day? Twice a week? Will the housekeeper be required to come in early to clean up after parties? You’ll want a housekeeper whose schedule meets yours so don’t muck around on this aspect. Before appointing a професионален домоуправител цени, the background should be checked through the person. The house owner can contact with other person in whom house the managers are working. Proper information should be available for the safety purpose with the owner.

The downside to going with a housekeeping service is that you are not only paying for the housekeeper, but also the administrative costs of the service and, by extension, part of the salaries of all who work there. You can cut down on the cost of hiring a housekeeper by doing it yourself. Chances are you will save money, but there are other aspects of the process that may loom as larger disadvantages. Firstly, hiring independently means that it is up to you to conduct things like background checks and check references. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, if you are paying the housekeeper directly that means they qualify as your employee and that means filing and paying payroll taxes. Once you venture into the arena of hiring an employee, the landscape changes completely. Hiring an independent housekeeper may turn out to be a far bigger headache than the money you save by not going through a service is worth. Not to mention the fact that if you are unsatisfied with the job that is done, who are you going to complain to?

If saving some money is important enough to bypass the headaches involving in hiring an employee, it is worth considering just saying no to housekeeping services. For most people, however, the cost benefits simply do not outweigh the benefits of going with a cleaning service.

Dating 101: A Woman’s Perspective on How a Guy Should Prepare for His Date

OK, let’s assume she agreed to go on a запознанства with someone you like. Hopefully, you remembered to shower, wear deodorant, and brush your teeth. You should be wearing clean socks and underwear (if you are into that sort of thing).

If you haven’t come up with anything more exciting to do, it’s possible dinner and the movie went well. Your date hasn’t suffered anaphylaxis while dining at the restaurant, and she hasn’t sprained her ankle on the super-sized soda abandoned in the theater aisle. You may be able to get her back to your place to watch another movie, play video games or play with your cat, dog, tarantula, goldfish, or whatever…

Now, come on guys… This morning you knew you had a date. You probably figured you wouldn’t get lucky, but there’s always a chance. Take a moment… Take a few moments; even just say “I am going to take a half-hour to straighten up as much as I can”. It’s understandable, if you have roommates, you can’t be expected to clean up after ‘everyone’. If your date has met them, she has figured out they are natural-born slobs. Your date is not your ‘mother’, but you want her to be comfortable.

Let’s do some basic stuff here. You should clean the toilet. She is going to have to sit with her bare bottom on that seat. She needs toilet paper. Don’t buy the cheap kind that sticks everywhere. You might have to lick that off her later. Bring out the clean towel, which you’ve been saving for ‘that special occasion’. Heck, why not have a few clean towels? There is a possibility, if towels are available, the two of you could shower together. Imagine soap and suds flowing down hard nipples, attached to perky breasts. Yeah, you can take a few extra moments to wash those towels. Unless you are into the ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ cavewoman look, you should also invest in conditioner.

Clean the cat box, and sweep the floor. If all goes well, she will be walking around your place barefoot. Foot play is much more sensual without crud and kitty litter stuck between your toes.

Now, for your bedroom… Let’s keep the skid marked stained boxers and briefs buried in the hamper. Clear a pathway on your floor. She won’t be able to navigate between the fast-food wrappers and porn magazines, in the dark, as well as you can. You need to put this junk away. And for God’s sake … Put clean sheets on the bed! You don’t want her hovered in the corner, avoiding some mysterious stain. You want her sprawled out, spread eagle, on that thing.

OK, so you got her inside your house. You look around admiring her fine handiwork. I honestly don’t know how you are going to make your next move. I am not very forward. I typically wait for the guy to take the first step. Most girls have a three to five date rule, so you may not want to unzip those pants just yet.

Make sure she is warm. You might be able to casually work it in so you can keep her warm with your body. Just keep it natural, and don’t be a jerk. Sit close, but don’t squish her up against the wall so her neck is strained to an uncomfortable angle.

Make yourself comfortable. Take off your shoes. Hopefully, she will do the same. If the two of you walked a lot earlier, you could offer to rub her feet. She wore those uncomfortable shoes for your benefit.

Give her something to drink. Offer alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, so she doesn’t think you are getting her wasted to take advantage of her. But hey, if she chooses the alcohol, there is a chance she might choose to stay the night. You will be happy you took those few extra moments to change the sheets. I am not condoning having sex with her when she is completely intoxicated. However, if she agrees to ‘sleep’ in the same bed as you, it’s usually acceptable to spoon.

Place some snacks on the coffee table. She probably doesn’t want to make herself at home in your kitchen, just yet. Maybe you both just ate triple cheeseburgers with milkshakes, and she doesn’t want to ask, “Hey what do you have to snack on?” She is trying to impress you too, and she doesn’t want you to think she is a complete chowhound. Having a beverage and something to snack on, keeps you feeling hydrated, and prevents your mouth from tasting like puke. The snack can be anything; chips, pretzels, dry cereal, toasted tortilla strips… Just put ‘something’ out there.

Now, until you decide it’s the ‘right’ time to make your move, you need to find something to do. Is she a gamer? You should stick to Co-op based games, such as ‘Left for Dead’ or ‘Borderlands’. You could even pull out one of those dusty board games. Can’t afford a mortgage on those Monopoly houses? You might have to make other arrangements. What type of arrangements? Use your imagination. Search for something to watch on Netflix, TV, or play a popular movie. It is probably too early in your relationship to put on, ‘Pizza Delivery to Nubile Sluts Part 6’. If I am on your sofa, I don’t want to watch sports. If being a sports fan is a requirement and means more to you than being intimate, you could turn on the game. This will weed out girls who are not your ‘perfect’ match. This is entirely up to you, but I don’t recommend it. This is your opportunity to get to know this woman. Save the sports for when you are spending time with the guys.

If there is real estate on your kitchen counters, you could impress her by baking something. Most girls dig chocolate. Cake and brownie mix typically cost .99 cents at the grocery store. They usually require an egg and vegetable oil. It’s all fairly basic. There are simple directions on the side of the box, and it’s something the two of you can do together.

Most importantly have fun. You may not get any action on this date, but hopefully, she will remember having a good time. She won’t think you were a total stinky slob. She won’t leave with the uncomfortable feeling of cottonmouth because you didn’t offer her something to drink. She won’t recall being terrified of having to have to pee in your filthy bathroom. You may not have a lot of money or even own a car, but these small endeavors could make all the difference for scoring with that girl. It doesn’t hurt to compliment her by putting forth that extra effort.

Halo the Best Game Ever

Halo is a series of video games originally created by Bungie studios. The Halo games fall into the first person shooter genre. It is a Sci-Fi first person shooter series set in the future.

In the year 2552 the human race is locked into a losing war against the Covenant. The humans are all allied under the UNSC flag. UNSC stand for the United Nations Space Command. If a person will buy lol smurf account, then they will get the best experience of the playing of the games. The playing methods against the opponent will be excellent. The personal information will not be disclosed to the third parties for the misuse.

The covenant is a collective of alien races that are bound together by religion. Their belief is an ancient race called the forerunners drives then to explore the galaxy. When they stumbled upon the humans, the covenant declared them an affront to their gods, and started a campaign to annihilate then all.

The Covenant alliance is composed of the elites, prophets, Jackals, Brutes, grunts, hunters, and flying insect creatures. The elites are tall bipedal aliens, who are usually in charge of the covenant military.

The grunts are shorts grey skin aliens that are used as foot soldiers. The grunts hold the lowest social class in the covenant, and are often mistreated by the other races.

The jackals are spiny bird like creatures that are used as either shock troopers, due to their wrist shields, or snipers due to their excellent vision.

Brutes are huge muscle bound aliens who tend to serve a pack mentality over the covenant, and have a severe distaste for the elites.

Hunters are huge creatures, with automatic assault cannons for one arm and a shield on the other. They are often sent out in pairs, and used more as equipment than personnel.

The Prophets are the political and religious leaders of the covenant. They also have a deep seeded rivalry with the Elites. Finally the swarm type insects are flying aliens that fly in large swarms.

The games all focus around the Master Chief. He is a Spartan II super solider who holds the rank of Master Chief Petty officer in the UNSC Navy. The Spartan II’s program was originally started to deal with insurrectionists. Throughout all the way all Spartan II’s died except for the Master Chief.

All the games span about 3 months in time. The last two games made by Bungie steps out of Master Chief’s shoes. One game follows the story of a team of elite marines called ODSTs through the ruined streets during the battle of New Mombasa. In the time line its set during Halo 2.

The other game set you in the boots of a Spartan III, referred to only as six. The Spartan III program was initiated because Spartan II’s were costly to produce, and maintain.

How To Keep Your Bitcoins Safe From Cyberattacks

Bitcoin trading is really popular these days which is why you will find that it is really important that you keep your online wallet safe from different online attacks. There are secure trading platforms that offer you a high level of security when it comes to keeping your bitcoins safe. Reading Profit Trade Bitcoin Trading Review will help you understand the safety features of this amazing trading app. 

However, it is really important that you pay attention to your online wallet and take proper security measures to keep your bitcoins safe from hackers. 

  • The first and the most important step in order to keep your digital currency safe is to keep your private key safe all the time. For that, there are several ways such as keeping your private key in external hard drives or using paper wallets so that you can protect your private key safe from hackers.

Offline storage is another really effective way to keep your bitcoins safe but is really important that you keep these external hard drives and flash drives safely. As there is no way for you to recover your bitcoin if you lose them. 

  • Using secure online wallets is another important thing that you should be keeping in mind. For that, you can do your research online and look for credible and efficient online wallets that you can use for bitcoin trading. It is also important that you create multiple accounts so that you can keep most of your bitcoins safe even one of your wallets get hacked. 
  • It is also important that you learn all about the different trading and exchange platform that are there. This will help you in choosing a reliable service provider that will make your online trading experience smooth and safe. 
  • Lastly, you should avoid dark web as there are tons of hackers and cyber criminals that will try to steal your information as you browse through the dark web. This is why you should make sure that you are safe from online attacks as you browse on the internet. 

These are the 4 most important things that you should keep in your mind in order to protect your bitcoin online.

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