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Your toddler will be the most adorable baby on the block, and you’ll want to keep him or her safe all day long. You can protect your little one in a number of ways, but the best kind is by using Baby Carrier. This soft, flexible sling that’s compact enough for strollers and car seats protects infants from bumps, falls, and other hazards while also giving caregivers an easy way to carry their child around. Here are five different kinds of baby carriers that will make it easier than ever to get out with your little one. 

Car Seat Carrier 

The safest way to go is to use a Baby Car Seat Carrier, which attaches directly to a car seat. The harness straps go over the infant and then connect to the back of the seat. There are a few types available, including the “cradle-to-car” model and ones that attach to the back of the car seat as well as those that strap into place with no holes in the body. Some models even have adjustable armrests so parents can hold their child comfortably while walking. 

Another advantage to this type of carrier is that they’re lightweight, meaning they won’t weigh down parents who have a lot of things to carry around. However, if you don’t plan on driving often, you may not get the full benefit of having something attached to your car seat. In addition, some baby carriers will fit only certain car seats; others require adapters that attach to the infant seat belt. 

Stroller Carrier 

If you want something more portable, there are also a number of stroller carriers. These come in two varieties: Those that clip onto the handlebars of a stroller and those that attach to the back of the stroller. The latter are especially useful when you want to walk with your child rather than push them in a stroller. Stroller carriers range in price depending on the amount of padding included and how sturdy you’d like the product to be. 

One thing to keep in mind about these products is that babies don’t always fit perfectly in them. So if your baby gets too big for the carrier, it may become uncomfortable for you during walks. It’s best to buy something with plenty of room before your baby starts to grow. 

Backpack Carrier 

Backpacks are great for keeping your baby close to your side while you’re on the move. They’re perfect because they provide extra protection for your little one, and they’re very lightweight. Another nice feature is that they provide great ventilation, making it possible for your baby to stay comfortable. And since backpacks are designed to fit an adult, they should have plenty of room for the baby. 

However, this style of carrier isn’t recommended if you have large breasts. If you do, you might find that the backpack doesn’t fit tightly enough to keep the baby secure. Also, a backpack does nothing to protect your child from falling. 


A co-sleeper is another option that provides added security for your baby while keeping him or her close to you. Co-sleepers consist of a mattress that fits inside a plastic shell that’s shaped like a crib. These aren’t particularly portable, but they’re great for traveling and for sleepovers at grandma’s house. 

While co-sleepers are great for sleeping, they work well for feeding your baby as well. The mesh fabric of the bed allows air to circulate, making it possible for your baby to breathe without being covered up. 

Pram Carrier 

These kinds of carriers are similar to backpacks in that they’re meant to be worn on your back. Unlike backpacks, however, prams are generally designed to hold smaller infants. Prams are made of lightweight fabric and are typically equipped with wheels to help with mobility. 

Some pram carriers offer more comfort than others, though. If your baby has trouble breathing because he or she is lying flat on his or her back, you might consider purchasing a padded pram. 

Infant Carrier 

For older children, the infant carrier is a good option. These carriers look just like regular carriers but are designed for infants up to six months old. They usually fold up small and are very easy to put on and take off. Infants seem to love the feeling of being held securely in a soft pouch. 

Of course, these carriers aren’t going to be the first choice for most toddlers, because they’re not nearly as portable as a backpack or stroller. But they’re worth considering if you need a little extra space to store the baby gear you already have. 

You can find carriers for infants online or at your local toy store. If you shop online, make sure to read customer reviews and compare prices to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Most manufacturers have free shipping, so you could save money by shopping online. 

Once you’ve found a carrier that works for both parent and child, keep it in your car until needed! That way, you’ll always have it handy. 

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