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Female desire in the Mughal dynasty: Daughters broke chastity norms, but had limited agency Little is written about the Mughal daughters' sexuality in texts representative of that period, but foreigners' travelogues and contemporary literature tell us about their affairs and the fate of their lovers Mughal gardens. Some of the typical features include pools, fountains and canals inside the gardens. Significant use of rectilinear layouts are made within the walled enclosures. CBSE Class 12 History Books. mughal empire - social structure rajvi patel prachi panwala ruta desai ami desai grishma patel siddhi shah vaibhavi shah Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Mughal hammams were mainly private and located in imperial palaces. Describe how the ‘Humayun Nama’ of Gulbadan Begum gives us the glimpses of the Mughal Imperial household. This style was influenced by Persian gardens and Timurid gardens. These cities’ buildings were designed to be physical manifestations of the Mughals’ power over landscape and subjects alike, deliberately espousing through their structures the Mughals’ imperial ideology. Question 10. ... Glimpses inside Mughal Imperial Household 13. The ‘Brahm Nirupam’ of Kabir – A journey to Ultimate Reality Other Instructions- The project should be done in the lab file or in handmade paper that … The process behind the framing of the Indian Constitution 14. There were various departments within the Mughal Harem that fulfilled the basic needs of its inmates, The food was provided from the Royal Kitchen known as Maktabh and the Akbar Khanah provided drinking water and wine. However, the Mission failed. This chapter will look at the workings of this rich and fascinating dimension of the Mughal Empire. Architecture of Mughal hammams and influences on their architectural and functional identity. The Harem had gardens, fountains and water channels attached to it. Hammams evolved and acquired a significant architectural and urban value inside many cities in India. In most scenarios, the student prefers NCET textbooks for learning as those are the most reliable once considering the form exam point of view. 9.1 The mausoleum of T imur at Samarqand, 1404 2019-2020 Persian, Indian, and various provincial styles were fused to produce works of unusual quality and refinement such as the Taj Mahal, in Agra. It had to surrender the fortress and the city to the Safavids. (All India 2013) Answer: A Persian army captured Qandhar in 1622. The Mughal garrison which was ill-prepared was defeated. Prepare a Project Report on any one of the following topics :- 1. Insight and Reflection of Bernier’s notion of the Mughal Empire 5. Mughal architecture, building style that flourished in northern and central India from the mid-16th to the late 17th century under the patronage of the Mughal emperors. Inside the Harem they led a luxurious and a comfortable life. 12. The Mughal emperors held court in five cities: Kabul in Afghanistan, Lahore in Pakistan, and Delhi, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri in India. A GLIMPSE OF THE MUGHAL HAREM Presented by Kartick Chandra Barman Assistant Professor of History Krishna Chandra College MEANING OF THE TERM HAREM Harem is an Arabic word meaning prohibited, the sacred enclosure or “something forbidden or kept safe”. An exploratory study to know the women who created history. Fig. The establishment of Mughal hammams was revolutionary in India. They therefore give us a glimpse into how imperial ideologies were created and disseminated. Glimpses inside Mughals Imperials Household 13. The selection of the books is based on the content of the topics that you need to refer to. History of Human Evolution conveyors of meanings that the Mughal rulers sought to impose on their domain. Mughal gardens are a group of gardens built by the Mughals in the Islamic style of architecture.

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