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Tips to help you heat your home Using seasoned firewood. STEP 3: Open the Damper The damper is a movable plate inside the flue. Using a metal shovel, scoop ashes into a metal container with a tight-fitting lid. To get one that fits, measure the length and width of your fireplace with a tape measure. During the colder months, nothing beats warming the house with a crackling fire. If you plan to make zone heating a major part of your home life, invest in a fireplace that's efficient for heating. Only burn tinder (such as pine needles or tiny sticks), kindling (small sticks or pinecones), and fuel (large logs, up to about 14” long). Otherwise, the cold draft may cause smoke to blow into the room. By Day Marketing. Looking for an alternate way to get an easy to use fireplace in your home? The draft should reverse after a few minutes, making your fireplace ready for action. When you use a wood-burning fireplace, you need to only burn seasoned wood. Warm air in the home is sucked into this flow and out of your home. Made of cast-iron, these large metal reflectors sit against the back wall of your fireplace and help improve the efficiency of its heat production. Summer Fireplace Maintenance Tips: Preparing Your Fireplace for the Cold Ahead. On one hand, this makes them incredibly efficient for heating your home. Much of the heat generated from a wood burning fireplace is lost through the chimney. However, you can modify your hearth in such a way that it can provide heat, rather than just be something pretty to look at. However, due to the amount of heat that is pulled out through the chimney in a wood burning fireplace, it can surprisingly decrease the heat in your home. Or, perhaps your wood-burning stove is unusable. But in an emergency, you can keep warm by a fire if you have enough wood to burn. Enjoy. The first is the simplest: Place water on top of your fireplace – preferably in a safe kettle-like container. Call Doctor Flue to schedule a chimney cleaning in Michigan or Ohio. Featured in news stories on CBS, in Time, Scientific American, New York Times. There are many ways to create airflow in your home. It will move either front to back, left to right, or in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Tips for Heating Your Home with a Fireplace #1. Example of heat transfer kit from Enerzone Fireplaces: A) Wall thermostat B) 300 CFM blower C) Hot air … Next, take mid-sized pieces of wood, and stack four or five rows on top of the base layer in alternating directions. Only use wood that has been seasoned for at least six months, otherwise it will be too wet to burn properly. If you want to stay nice and toasty without the big costs, why not consider heating your home with a fireplace? Heating capacity While electric fireplace heaters shouldn’t be your primary source of heat, they can provide an impressive amount of supplementary heat in your home. Before bringing out the lighter, it’s vital to understand safety precautions for using a fireplace. Gas inserts can be installed in almost any home, so don't feel like you can't upgrade or change your existing fireplace! As beautiful and romantic as fireplaces are, when using it to heat your home, they just do not work. If you are feeling ill or would prefer to reschedule, please contact our office and we will work with you to push back your appointment. STEP 1: Stay Safe Contact us today! These drawbacks often mean your choice comes down to whether or not your home can support the installation of a vented fireplace. You can feel the heat when you are sitting very close, and that is about it. Close the doors and vents in your less used rooms. We did the research to help find you the best gas fireplaces around. Even if you could generate that much heat with a fireplace, it would be far less efficient than central air due to the distance it would have to travel in your open home. It also increases your risk of dangerous chimney fires or puff-backs, which can coat your room in filthy soot. Light the top of the stack with a single match. Only a qualified heater-mason contractor should build a masonry heater. That makes it a survivalist’s number one choice for a back up way to heat your home. However, a fireplace can easily be used for what’s known as “zone heating.”. 6 Simple Ways To Generate More Heat From Your Fireplace 1. Katelin Hill, Bob Vila, 15 Handy Things You Can Do With Ashes from Your Fireplace, The Dos and Don'ts of Air-Drying Everything You Own, 7 Things You Need to Know Before Painting Your Walls White, 10 Things I Learned from Moving During a Pandemic. Fireplace Safety Check. The damper is a movable plate inside the flue. Added features may be a pizza/bread oven, a heated bench and mantles. It’s less efficient than redistributing with ceiling fans, but for smaller, open concept houses, it’s a great way to star warm. And that's where a direct vent system comes in.'' It has the benefits of increased efficiency, while still looking and functioning like traditional options. Most homeowners turn to their central air to keep things comfortable, but that can come with extreme costs – especially for larger homes. While some of them may produce a hot heat, they can introduce dangerous chemicals into your home. This will impact the heat and efficiency of your fireplace. COVID-19 Notice: Doctor Flue Remains Open for Business, Cracked Chimney, Critters & Other Winter Chimney Risks, a professional can install a new gas fireplace in your home, never to burn non-wood products in your fireplace. Due to this, unvented fireplaces typically come with monitoring components built-in to help protect your home. Not only do you get to enjoy a nice, roaring fire, you’ll also realize substantial savings on your next heating bill! First, always double-check that your fire extinguisher, smoke detector, and carbon monoxide detector are each in working order (check those batteries!). If your fireplace or stove are on one end of your house, don’t expect the other end to be just as warm. Heating your home using your fireplace starts with air flow. And many houses already have a fireplace. Note: Never burn trash, plastic, painted materials, or anything with chemical treatment like scraps of pressure-treated wood—these materials can release harmful chemicals into your home. A gas fireplace might be expensive, but it might not meet your needs, you want a fireplace that keeps your living room cosy and warm. Propane fireplaces heat your home efficiently. STEP 4: Prime the Flue Now, gauge the temperature.

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