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Quick-Setting Cement is a Quikrete 10 lb. It's that quick and easy! “The lower the water-to-cement mixing ratio, the stronger the concrete and the better the shrinkage resistance.” Editors’ Note: Visit for an excellent comparison of bagged concrete choices and to check out its video library of tips and techniques for working with concrete. With Fast-Setting Concrete there is no mixing or tools required – You simply pour the dry mix right from the bag into the hole, then add water. loose or sandy soil. 10 lb. Due to the sandy soil there may be a large loss of water which may affect hydrating the mix. The hotter it starts out, (up to about 100-degrees), the better off you will be. Depending on soil conditions, you will need about 1 gallon of water for each 50lb. Add some extra cement. If using liquid cement color, add to the mixing water. or thicker, and for applications where a fast-setting general purpose concrete is desirable. It would be best to mix the concrete prior to pouring. Just add water. It is readily available at most home and garden centers and often sold in 60-pound bags. Learn how to set posts in concrete with QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete in the Red Bag. Use very cold water to help prolong the set time when using this type of mix. Step 4 Work the mix with a hoe, gradually adding water, until the mix reaches a uniform, workable consistency. Whether you are building a new fence, setting a mailbox or anchoring a basketball goal or play set, QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete is the ideal product for the job. When mixing Fast Setting Concrete before pouring that it does set in approximately 20 minutes. The less water, and more cement you have the more heat the mix will generate, which helps it stay hotter. Measure the recommended water amount (each 80-pound bag of concrete mix will require about 3 quarts of water). bag of Fast-Setting. High Performance Cement FastSet™ Water-Stop Cement (BOM #113205) is a rapid setting, high strength repair material designed to plug leaks instantly in concrete and masonry. Mix with hot water. This product has the unique characteristic of being able to be sculpted and molded as it sets. Determining the exact amount of water, however, is not such a simple process. Pour water onto the dry mix and allow it to soak in. Packaged concrete is a premixed combination of cement, sand and gravel. When more amount of water is added to the fresh concrete, it will affect the workability of the mix. The water-cement ratio is important to maintain the concrete quality. The online instructions for QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete says: 5. No mixing required. Keep in mind. ... QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete provides about 400 psi in 2 hours and is often used for setting air conditioner bases and other small projects around the house. FastSet™ Water-Stop Cement will block running water when application is made to masonry or concrete surfaces. Dig larger, dish-shaped holes for posts set in. Quick-Setting Cement Concrete Mix Quikrete 10 lb. Concrete Mix placed in the hole. QUIKRETE fast-setting concrete mix is used for setting posts, sleeves and anchors, for pouring slabs 2 In. Quick-Setting Cement is a very fast setting concrete repair product. A special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel designed to set hard in approximately 20 to 40 minutes Step 3 Pour approximately 2/3 of the water into the depression. The heat of hydration, or heat the concrete self generates is dependant on the ratio of water to cement. To prepare packaged concrete mix, all you have to do is add water.

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