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Get full nutrition facts for other Trader Joe's products and all your other favorite brands. Calories % Daily Value* 1%. I’ve used it for over 10 years . Let me start off by saying I usually make my own spaghetti and marinara sauces. Organic Low Sodium Marinara Sauce. Please bring it back!!!! Personalized health review for Trader Joe's Marinara Sauce - Organic No Salt Added: 60 calories, nutrition grade (A minus), problematic ingredients, and more. Now I’ve lost my #1 reason to go in. This was BY FAR the best store bought tomato sauce ever! Discontinued the best premade marinara anywhere I’ve found. Polyunsaturated Fat. FitClick has over 60,000 foods and recipes with detailed nutrition information to view. Serving Size. Yes, please bring it back. Trader Joe's Organic Low Sodium Marinara Sauce. The company grew from one store in Pasadena, CA to 467 across the U.S., currently in 41 states. But like many products at TJs and elsewhere, there’s some company that’s sourcing it… and many alternatives…, Consider Stanislaus Trattoria or Pomarola. Really! – November 29, 2019. Fat-Free Organic Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce, Fat-Free Organic Sweet Pepper Sauce. It’s the best. It has great flavor and nice texture (a little chunky). 0 g. Carbs. There is nothing comparable to replace it in your stores, I have tried the others on the shelf in your stores and they are not good. I went to TJ's the other day and bought a few different varieties because it was quite cheap. Please do bring it back! 6%. Please, please, please. Obviously, this product has a devoted following and it seems crazy to not make it. With its quirky atmosphere and low prices, it’s no wonder why Trader Joe’s earned the Consumer Reports top overall satisfaction score for grocery stores in 2019. It’s like another sick joke of 2020 – except it seems this nightmare started a year ago. This was the greatest canned marinara sauce around! Did not miss the salt, the herbs were present, balanced By reading all the reviews it would seem everyone gives it a 5 star and yet you guys stop carrying it. Until landing on this post, I just thought I was having bad luck with the Toscano Marinara frequently being out of stock. Every time they move something to the bottom shelf it gets discontinued. Charge more if you must, just bring it back. - Chocolate Raspberry sticks. But, if there really is strength in numbers, add me to the list of the others wailing over the loss of the Trader Giotto’s Tuscano Marinara Sauce from the shelves. I went to the local TJs planning to buy a can to use as a base for a bolognese sauce. Made the trip and hoped to stock up. Nutrition Facts. I felt as though it was a personal hit to my pantry! I could not believe when I went to the store the last time to buy this sauce and was not there anymore. Total Fat 0.5g. Have a dozen options in jars but had to eliminate a staple? – December 13, 2019. This is an amazing, savory sauce that is made of simple ingredients. When I use this product, without tomato puree, I do not have the stomach issues that other sauces cause me. 80 Cal. How much sodium are in 1 serving? I’m a regular shopper at Trader Joes, and do enjoy their products. The nearest TJ to our house is 60 miles away. I would like you to bring this back to the products you sell. TJ’s!!! I’ll join the chorus of others urging Trader Joes to PLEASE bring back this sauce! A manager at my local Trader Joe’s in CA told me that they discontinued this (and the other canned marinara with the green label, which was my personal fave) because the manufacturer actually stopped making it! Downside: Meal does not look as appetizing as the photo on the box. They’re the best I’ve found, and the main reason I continue to make the trek to Trader Joe’s even though I no longer live near one. Sodium 1,930g. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK! My kids grew up on this sauce Now we can’t find replacement. Calories: 270; Price: $2.69; Weight: 8.5 oz. Learn the good & … Little did I know how “killer” it was. The perfect balance of acidity, salt, tomato-iness… for the sake of Americans, please bring this perfect sauce back. I’d payore for it. Please bring it back!! Nutricional. I swear to god, TJ if you don’t come with the sauce I will shop at whole foods. I never leave the store without four cans of it, if not six. Sodium 25mg. 1. I returned it for a refund…the above manager agreed it doesn’t begin to compare to Tuscano Marinara Sauce. Great quality at great prices. This was was a major mistake. 1 of 15. Cholesterol 0mg. I really liked the predominance of herbs. Or maybe start calling your store Aldi’s. We saute a bunch of onions and garlic, then add the canned sauce and capers and olives and a little balsamic vinegar and presto! Protein 2g. This is the only sauce I bought until it was discontinued, even making trips to Trader Joe’s just for this product. I grew up on this sauce and has been a staple in my household for years. 6 g. Protein. 0%. 15.42% of your daily recommended consumption will be fulfilled by this food/serving size. Tuscano marinara sauce has always been the only sauce my family used. It checked all my boxes, and tasted fabulous anyway! The cons: It’s seasonal. I like Rao's and Victoria's and buy it when it's on sale. Daily Goals. It is my favorite and I am so disappointed it is no longer available. Been my pantry staple for so many years, I am so disappointed in TJ’s right now. Why discontinue such a wonderful product? I even had it shipped to me when I lived in Austin cause I couldn’t get it. Discontinued???????? I tried the replacement one in the green can and it’s bland compared to this one. Calorie Goal 1,940 cal. 16 % 1g Fat. 0%. Bring it back, please!! Is there anyone in corporate to contact to request its return. It is my favorite basic pasta sauce. Look how happy you could make everyone! Source: Nutrient data for … Certainly there are still wonderful tomatoes, spices and cans available, so why did you choose to stop this great product. Tree of Life. I’ve read all the reviews and so many people want it back. Trader Joe's Low Fat Tuscano Marinana Sauce I went to grab another can of my newly-beloved green-can marinara sauce when I spotted this next to it. We used it not only on pasta but also as base for salsa. It stood apart from the others because it doesn’t have that generic taste that all canned or jarred sauces have. Made in an Italian area from the Freshest of Jersey tomatoes, this is THE BEST when it comes to marina. The Best Healthy Frozen Meals from Trader Joe's | Clean Plates Why are you alienating your best loyal customers by discontinuing these two sauces? Such a good value and a tremendous sauce that’s been my standard sauce for YEARS. It's … 0%. Another employee said it was because the supplier raised the price.This was not only high quality sauce but a great deal. TJ’s please bring this marinara back? Now what? Serving Size: 1/2 cup (125g) Amount Per Serving. TJ’s carried two canned marinara sauces. Please bring this sauce back. Tuscano Marinara Sauce. (If you can bring it back, it would be much appreciated!!!) Please bring this wonderful marinara back! I have two cans left and just found out it is discontinued! cup. BRING IT BACK! ” It’s great on tacos and also anyplace you’d use ketchup or a dipping sauce, like chicken fingers, fries, or those little party meatballs. Have they bloody lost their collective minds? If wholesale cost is the issue, raise the retail. – September 1, 2020. Seriously, my life will not be the same. Please Trader Joes, I love you and will love you so much more the day I return to find old faithful back on the shelves! I have tried almost every other TJs prepared tomato sauce to replace this and am incredibly disappointed each time. I prefer it over any other sauce out of a jar or sometimes to my scratch sauce. Trader Joe’s Low Fat Tuscano Marinara Sauce Reviews, Trader Joe's Macaron Aux Framboises Raspberry Macaron Cake Reviews, Trader Joe's Italian Gianduja Chocolate Reviews, Trader Joe's Dijon Mustard With White Wine Reviews, Trader Joe's Sorrento Baby Arugula Salad Blend Reviews, Trader Joe's Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon Ends & Pieces Reviews, Trader Joe's Chocolate Peppermint Almond Beverage Reviews, Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Honey Mints Reviews, Trader Joe's European (Belgian) Cookie Collection Reviews, Trader Joe's Fully Baked Chicken Pot Pie Reviews. Tree of Life. Dissappointed in Delaware Trader Joe's Organic Marinara Sauce Nutrition Facts & Calories For best results, be sure to enable the option to PRINT BACKGROUND IMAGES in the following browsers: - Firefox ( File > Page Setup > Format & Options ) - Internet Explorer 6/7 ( Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Printing ) - In Internet Explorer 7 you will need to adjust the default "Shrink To Fit" setting. I can mix it with anything and it makes it better, deeper, richer. $14.06 ($14.06 / 1 Count) Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Very disappointed and I hope they bring it back. Tamaño de la Porción. Log Food. 50. Sincerely, Start your food diary today! Why in the world would you stop carrying it???? Bring it back! ” It’s great on tacos and also anyplace you’d use ketchup or a dipping sauce, like chicken fingers, fries, or those little party meatballs. Please bring it back. Buscar Alimento. There are 100 calories in a 1/2 cup serving of Trader Joe's Roasted Garlic Marinara Sauce. jar - 1/2 cup = 25 mg. sodium I've already used the Trader Joe's Organic Low Sodium Creamy Tomato Soup for a couple of quick suppers. Why? We’ll pay more. Why not put a knife in my heart?!!! Surprised and disappointed to learn that Trader Joe’s Tuscano Marinara has been discontinued. Well, I guess that’s one less store I need to visit every week. Kenneth Aaron Brown Please bring this sauce back! Why? Calorie Goal 1,920 cal. I relied on it for many years. 2 / 67g left. Next to go will be the canned marinara in the green labeled can because they have moved it to the bottom shelf, if like that one better stock up. They both were delicious. The first thing I went for every time I went to TJ’s. That's what we call value. Please bring it back. Had I known it was threatened, I would have stocked up, but it’s been a TJ’s staple for many years. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. 25 … Please! I can’t believe all the canned tomato sauces are gone. But sometimes time is a real crunch for me and on those days a jarred sauce comes in really handy. Spaghetti sauces will NEVER BE THE SAME! How does this food fit into your daily goals? This was one of them. I have used it for years and now it’s gone! 370 / 2,300g left. Now they discontinue it?!!! Why have you discontinued. Oh man…now both the Tuscano AND the Green can marinaras are discontinued!!! The TJ manager acknowledged that this sauce is like that of his Italian grandmother! Nutrition information for Trader Joe's Marinara Sauce. Protein 2g. I too am missing Tuscano marinara sauce. Log Food. 0% Saturated Fat 0g Trans Fat 0g. I shopped with you specifically for this product and just happened to fill my cart with other goodies… but now … change your name to Aldis. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!! Why did they do this. Fat. For $1.79!! Trader Joes. We had one can left and did a taste comparison with TJ Marinara sauce in a similar can. Yes, I would pay more for it just to get it back on the shelves. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for trader giottos-tuscano-marinara-sauce-low-fat and over 2,000,000 other foods at Generic - Trader Joe's Tuscano Marinara Sauce, Low-Fat. But sometimes time is a real crunch for me and on those days a jarred sauce comes in really handy. It was by far the best marinara base on the market anywhere, so versatile! That's what we call value. oil (vegetable), shrimp, fresh, cleaned and deveined (slice in half vertically ), corn tortillas (regular size), red pepper (chopped ), green onions (thinly sliced ), jalapeno , p And this is from an italian woman who has made my on sauce until I found this sauce about 5yrs ago. Is by far the best product on the market. Why?!! I make my own sauce alot. More low salt no salt added products please. Big disappointment. No sauce. Daily Goals. - Trader Giotto's Low Fat (I kid you not.) Did this wide-held belief make it a slow mover? Traditional Marinara Sauce Calories. PLEASE bring this one back. Calories % Daily Value* 1%. Trader Joe’s Organic Marinara Sauce No Salt Added Reviews, Trader Joe's Macaron Aux Framboises Raspberry Macaron Cake Reviews, Trader Joe's Italian Gianduja Chocolate Reviews, Trader Joe's Dijon Mustard With White Wine Reviews, Trader Joe's Sorrento Baby Arugula Salad Blend Reviews, Trader Joe's Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon Ends & Pieces Reviews, Trader Joe's Chocolate Peppermint Almond Beverage Reviews, Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Honey Mints Reviews, Trader Joe's European (Belgian) Cookie Collection Reviews, Trader Joe's Fully Baked Chicken Pot Pie Reviews. This fan site is not affiliated in any way with Trader Joe's Company, Inc. Does anyone know which of their other sauces compare? Trader Joe's Reviews, Ratings, and Product Database. Trader Joe's Organic Low Sodium Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup 32 oz. It contained some nontraditional ingredients, along with gums, soy, and wheat. I tried the green can of traditional marinara sauce and it is NOT the same. Please for the love of all that is good and holy, please bring back the Trader Giotto’s low fat Tuscano Marinara!!!!! Oil-Free Spaghetti Sauce with Mushrooms * As it happens, WW members know what’s good: A peek at WW food tracking data collected in 2019 reveals quite a few Trader Joe’s favorites—including a whole lot of cheese. Learn how many calories in Trader Joe's Organic Marinara Sauce. They have tons of Weight Watchers friendly foods and healthy options. It is the best sauce on the market!! Great source of fiber with 8 grams and 20 grams of protein. I made a wonderful vodka sause with it on bowtie. However, for a qui k meal during the week I use it as a base for so may dishes! This product is exceptional…and I would like to know why they would allow this product to be dropped. I am crestfallen – I haven’t trusted any other sauce since … forever. Why would you discontinue it when you have so many others that taste generic? Trader Joe’s is easily one of our favorite grocery stores for buying unique, yummy, and affordable low carb foods. Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner. Oh, and come to Bloomington, Indiana!! Ratings. Please, please, please bring it back? Fat 65g. I asked if corporate could tell us why and they said that corporate wont even tell the stores. I purchase your Thank You. Jan 3, 2019 - This easy Spinach Lasagna made with layers of spinach-ricotta filling, cheese, and a flavorful homemade tomato Please bring it back!!!! I keep looking for it. Total Carbohydrate 11g. Please bring it back! Having a very high degree of sodium with 3083.33 mg per 500 calories, it contains the same amt as chicken soup, caesar dressing and italian dressing. I make my own as I have for many many years but this was always my go to when I wasn’t in the mood to make it myself. Please bring back Tuscano Marinara Sauce. 0.000g. I deploy overseas every few years and since the early 2000s I also made sure to pack a few cans of this when I needed a taste of home. There’s not much that unites this country these days… but looking at these reviews shows that this tomato sauce really could. Low Sodium Tomato & Basil. Your email address will not be published. We can’t even eat our favorite comfort food anymore. This sauce is by far the best canned marinara on the market. Please bring it back! 5.00g. Please bring back your wonderful Tuscano Marinara. Calories. 30 % Daily Values* Total Fat. Serving Size : 0.5 cup. Trader Joe's organic low-salt marinara sauce was a bit peppery for my taste but will do in a pinch. We love this stuff and use it on pizza and spaghetti. Fitness Goals : ... Tuscano Marinara Sauce. So very disappointed that this not in stores. No problem, just use the Trader Joe's Organic Marinara Sauce nutrition facts serving size tool to the right. I’m crestfallen with it’s discontinuation!!! Calorie Goal 1,920 cal. Warning: Do not view these Trader Joe’s keto foods on an empty stomach. This sauce is beyond perfect! My wife and I would used to drive and hour and 20 minutes to get this sauce from Trader Joe’s. Pretty please?? I’ve been buying it for a good 40 years (yeah, I’m that old…). If so, we know who to thank…. Serving Size : 0.5 cup. Nooooo! Im from Calif and bought it there so was disappointed when I couldn’t find the sauce here in Reno. I can’t believe they have been discontinued. It is great as a base for pasta sauce. – December 28, 2019. I went to TJ's the other day and bought a few different varieties because it was quite cheap. I love this marinara sauce because it is cheap, low in calories/fat, and it tastes really good. It is my goto sauce. It is my favorite marinara sauce and irreplaceable. There are 90 calories in 1/2 cup (125 g) of Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Marinara. Please bring it back. and delicious. a fine Puttanesco. Sodium 25mg. I never used anything else as nothing could actually compare to the rich flavor of the Tuscano… It is a sad day. Lately, I have noticed that the product is no long carried on your shelves. Start reading the ingredient lists of store-bought pasta sauces and you’ll realize how rare it is to find one that doesn’t contain oil. I take it personally. I, for one, certainly won’t mind ! Look at all these posts… at least get us a recipe from the mfg. Marinara Sauce. I was devastated when I found that Trader Joe’s had discontinued this marinara. The other sauce TJ offers is terrible! Please consider all the pleas and crank up the factory again. 4%. You have had it for several years. My family has loved this marinara sauce for literally YEARS. Trader Joe’s says “This is a traditional sauce made from tomatoes and three varieties of chiles – ancho, pasilla and chipotle – with garlic, cumin and oregano for extra flavor. Can’t believe this is discontinued. WTH is wrong with the decision makers at TJs? I don’t think they get how annoying this is. Why remove a product that brings people in to TJs for just that item and oh btw I’ll pick up a few other things while I’m here and now my basket is full. Now, my last can is gone. WHY???? This was literally so PERFECT!! 14 % 2g Protein. The pros: Trader Joe’s Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce is thick, rich, creamy and will have you thinking that it is just a well made cream sauce. Trader Joe’s salt-free marinara sauce: worth a try – The No Salt, … Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Very very disappointed. Tuscano Marinara sauce has been a staple in my pantry for 20 years! There are 60 calories in 1/2 cup (125 g) of Trader Joe's Organic Marinara Sauce No Salt Added. I went back two weeks ago and it was pure devastation, bring it back! Are their any updates? It tastes fresh and I don't add anything to it. I told the store to please raise the price and bring it back! This sauce was my all time favorite. 50. Excellent. I asked a staff person who wasn’t sure what I was referring to, but said some items weren’t in stock due to COVID-19 supply issues. I’m sure they won’t be nearly as good but which is the best one to buy now? Now what am I supposed to do? Calories. Serving Size : 0.5 cup 125 g. 60 Cal. Other User Submitted Calorie Info Matching: Trader Joes Marinara Sauce Low Sodium Sauce, Pasta Sauce, Ragu Chunky Garden Style, Tomato, Basil And Italian Cheese (1 serving) Calories: 110 , Fat: 3g , Carbs: 17g , Protein: 3g About Our Trader Joe’s Low FODMAP Shopping List. A manager at my local Trader Joe’s in CA told me that they discontinued this (and the other canned marinara with the green label, which was my personal fave) because the manufacturer actually stopped making it! This was THE BEST tomato sauce found in a can or a jar. I had finally found the best sauce in a can/jar and have been recommending it to everyone. Trader Joe’s, you’re blowing it! 0.000g. Not according to the comments above. Wow! Tuscano Marinara is the BEST sauce ever. It was the basis for all of my Italian recipes. 70 % 10g Carbs. If we can cook it, you can cook it And we'll travel the world to bring it back home to you. There are very few things that I can only get at TJ. Can’t imagine why they would discontinue it. This was the only reason I braved shopping during the pandemic to go get their sauce and then it wasn’t there. Really, TJ’s!!! Consider it a well deserved reward for surviving this horrible year of pandemic. It is so so good. If you don’t plan on bringing it back can you at least give us the recipe??? Trader Joe’s Organic Marinara Sauce No Salt Added Reviews. 31 % 2g Fat. Low Sodium Tomato & Basil. It has been a staple in my pantry for years! Its obviously loud and clear, your customers want this product on the shelves. I usually buy entire cases at the time because I love it so much. You can find out here where the closest one is to you. No answer from TJ’s on this thread, can we get some info please. Bring it back please. Sandra Edmondson Please bring it back. I bought both and combined them for my sauce, with additions, of course. Of all the disappointments I’ve had with TJ’s discontinuing products I’ve fallen in love with, this one was the hardest to handle…NOT THE TUSCANO MARINARA SAUCE!!! I am so happy to see others’ disappointments in TJ discontinuing this wonderful sauce. 8. Most supermarkets sell shelf-stable soy milk for $3 or more. BRING THEM BACK. 1 a 1 de 1 + Agrega una Foto . Track calories, carbs, fat, and 16 other key nutrients. 1%. Trader Giottos Organic Marinara Sauce, No Salt Added Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar Wasabi Mayonnaise White Balsamic Vinegar. TJ has carried it like Old Faithfull. OMG I MISS THIS SAUCE! How can you ignore so many unhappy customers? This was one of the main reasons I shop at Trader Joe’s, that and the EVO, and like others was a wonderful base for lots of dishes. The marinara in the green can is just like the canned hunts or Del Monte, great value brand which are far cheaper that what you sell it for and in no way compares to the discontinued product. Roasted Garlic Marinara Sauce Calories. When I finally used my last can, to my horror, I have found out the tragic news, that this perfect sauce is gone forever. Come on TJ’s, have a heart. 16 foods you can buy at Trader Joe's if you're following a low-carb diet like keto, Whole30, or paleo. It’s why I go to Trader Joe’s. They discontinued this!! Now what? I don’t cook – hate it.

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