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Virtual teaching takes as much if not more preparation than teaching in a traditional classroom. When your students are learning remotely, keeping parents and families informed about your expectations is crucial to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. That feedback could also involve reminding them of a tool or a strategy that will help them meet that desired expectation. A huge part of successful classroom management is teaching expectations. Click here or on the image above to grab these digital scenarios for FREE. 2. Need digital activities for grades 4-5? And don’t forget to “reach out to students as often as you can,” said Keevan, who still teaches classes live despite a (slightly inconvenient!) When I notice students are getting off track and needing more reminders. Whenever possible, students should plan meals, snacks, and bathroom breaks around their synchronous class times. Communication among the participants can be achieved in various ways like text chat, live video, live … While we recognize that we cannot replicate the experience students would have in school, we believe learning can continue if we all work together. If students will be on camera, students should be dressed appropriately. Once your students understand what you want them to do and how it looks, they need to know why it’s important. Digital Resource for Students: The Teacher-Author has indicated that this resource is made for device-based learning. Your list of student and teacher expectations has inspired me to create my own list to post in my Google Classrooms. In some areas, they won’t need instruction, they will just need accountability and/or consequences. Here are 10 best practices to be an effective online teacher. The New Norm: Setting Expectations and Procedures in a Virtual Classroom, Back to School 2020 Guide: For Teachers Creating Tomorrow, Distance Learning: Keeping 6-12 Learners Motivated and Engaged While Remote, 8 Big and Small Behavior Management Strategies for Your School, Virtual Classroom Rewards for K-2: How to Engage Students in Distance Learning, Checklist for Checking In: Ways to Connect with Caregivers [Free Infographic]. Here’s what we’ve come up with … the dos and don’ts of virtual learning … Effective teachers set clear learning expectations. How To Be An Effective Online Teacher. I’m Jennifer Findley: a teacher, mother, and avid reader. I’m a 4th grade teacher, and when we switched to remote learning in March, my school administration had a very laid back attitude about remote learning with hardly an expectation. Holding students accountable is essential for students to have a successful year. Digital expectations need to be reviewed and students need to be reminded and redirected just like you would in a traditional classroom. If recording isn’t an option, take a screenshot of the behavior, which can also serve as documentation. The one thing you mentioned that really caught my attention, under the teacher expectations, was “I’ll return graded assignments within two weeks from the due date.” This really hit home for me because I struggle to balance my workload with my personal life. It’s important to establish clear rules and expectations regarding student discipline, participation, the study process, deadlines, etc. By building consistency into your virtual classroom norms and routines, you can help your students feel more at ease, even as they adjust to a new, digital learning environment. 2. Teachers for 4K-3rd grade students will launch their online classrooms April 1 using Seesaw. I’m going to spend the first half hour teaching these expectations. Here are some strategies or tools that can use to support your students to help them meet your digital expectations: By giving students the opportunity to practice expectations in a “safe space”, you’re able to see what their needs are and see if they’re ready to practice this in the real world of digital learning or if they still need more practice (or strategies/tools). Grades 4K-3 . DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Decatur Public Schools officials said they have reached an agreement with the Decatur Education Association regarding expectations for students and teachers as they begin to start the 2020-21 school year. Record everything. Unstructured, unsupervised interaction can be a recipe for disaster, depending on the age and maturity of your students. The next step is to continually allow students to practice the expectations with feedback during real-world learning opportunities. TpT is an open marketplace where educators buy, sell, and share original teaching materials. Learn more about me. When writing messages to your teachers or classmates, avoid texting language and abbreviations. Maintain ongoing communication with your colleagues who also serve your students (paraprofessionals, co-teachers, related service providers, counselors, the SBST team, etc.) The first day of virtual learning for students is August 17. When students are interacting online, it can lead to inappropriate or unkind behavior and dialogue. 1. So here are 14 educator tips for effectively setting and reinforcing virtual classroom procedures and expectations with your students. … Use full sentences whenever possible. A virtual classroom is typically an online learning system where both the learners and tutors/teachers communicate to each other just like the real classroom but from different geographical locations. Welcome friends! Click here or on the image above to grab these digital scenarios for FREE. Just as you would in the classroom, be transparent about your expectations—both about online learning and your academic expectations. I want to keep things positive, but I also want to establish clear expectations for our virtual learning. Hi Jennifer,

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