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If you would like to purchase a purebred Australian Cattle Dog Puppy, you will have to find a conscientious and responsible breeder (not a dollar-oriented “puppy mill”!) Good breeders never sell their puppies left and right, because they are extremely inquisitive about their potential buyers. What a good breeder is after is healthy and comfortable life on the puppy he or she is selling, and hence breeders are very scrupulous in figuring out if the person in question really has what it takes to be a Cattle Dog owner.

There is at least one reason why Australian Cattle Dog breeders are so persistent in learning everything about their potential clients. Australian Cattle Dogs are not for everyone, because they are very active and require specific care. Since this makes them hard to train and handle for young dog owners, breeders do not usually recommend them for those who lack experience. It takes a great deal of devotion, knowledge and restraint to make the life of an Australian Cattle Dog Puppy happy and carefree.

Now Australian Cattle dogs are quite a popular breed when compared to Labrador, German shepherd, French poodle and their ilk but still they do have a following in Canada and European countries like Italy, France, Germany and Spain especially as they are the proverbial option for cbd for dogs venture due to the health issues they have but let’s get to know a little more about this breed so that other people become familiar with it.

Australian Cattle Dogs are also known as Queensland Heelers, Blue Heelers and Red Heelers. They were bred in the 19th century. The term “heeler” stands for the dog’s way of forcing livestock in the required direction by nipping at its heels. These dogs are very adept at cattle driving, and they were initially bred for this purpose. Smithfields were the first dogs in Australia to be used for cattle management. They were a little hard to handle, so in order to improve the breed, the Smithfield was crossed with the local wild dingo Dog. Although the exact origin of the Australian Cattle Dog is unknown, the breed is believed to have sprung from the Smithfield and other European breeds, such as the Old Smooth Collie, the Border Collie and the Bull Terrier. Modern Australian Cattle Dogs also carry the gene of the Dalmatian; therefore, it is only by the time of puberty that Australian Cattle Dog Puppies take on their adult color.

Australian Cattle Dogs measure 17-20 inches tall at the withers. Males are a little larger than females. Both blue and red dogs have water-repellent double-coat consisting of a dense undercoat and straight and short upper coat. Blue-coated dogs have tan markings on the underside. Black markings on the upper parts are undesirable. Red-coated dogs have lighter, sometimes almost white underparts that should not extend upwards. Australian Cattle Dog Puppies do not have clearly defined color patterns.

These dogs are known for their working excellence and a striking eagerness to learn new things. They are highly intelligent and active, and they cannot stand loneliness or boredom. They require a rigorous exercise on a daily basis. Lack of activity will definitely result in a mischief. Australian Cattle Dogs have a bossy temperament, and may challenge for leadership in the house. Owners mustn’t permit their dogs to have things their own way, because this will be hardly corrigible unless stopped in due time. Males can be extremely dog aggressive. In general, these dogs are very protective around their owners and household and hence they are usually wary of strangers. Anyone buying an Australian Cattle Dog Puppy must be well aware of these features, and should be ready to spend a lot of time and effort socializing his or her puppy.