Posted on,, https://www.theguardian.c­om/­cities/­­­20­­­­­­­­­14/jul/10/helsinki-shared-pub­lic-transport-plan-car-ownership-point­less#­:­~:text=­Hel­s­i­nki’s%20ambitious%20plan%20to%20ma­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ke­­­­­­­­­­%­­20car%20ownership%20point­less%20in­­­­­%­2010%20years,-, Mumbai Metro Timings The frequency of Mumbai Metro Trains on Weekdays (Monday to Saturday) will be 4 minutes at peak hours while in non-peak … Therefore, a greater emphasis was laid on the aspects of data collection such as stations used for commute, mode, time and distance of last-mile commute, time and distance taken to reach the mode, and influencing factors behind commuters’ decision on mode of transport. In 2011, the MMRDA unveiled plans for an extended Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ metro line. [17] The master plan unveiled by the MMRDA in 2004 encompassed a total of 146.5 kilometres (91.0 mi) of track, of which 32 kilometres (20 mi) would be underground. Despite the courts getting involved, the project is still in limbo and is facing multiple issues of encroachments (Thakkar 2019). However, in order to widely proliferate these options, a clear and futuristic policy framework needs to be developed for allotment of space at stations for players of micro-mobility options such as fully-automated bicycle sharing schemes, dockless bike-renting options, small electric vehicles with two seats, skateboards, and mini-scooters. Also, as a result of congested roads around station exits, it can take up to 45 minutes for buses to enter and exit, leading to their low patronage (WRI 2016). Phone: +91-22-40638282   |   Fax: +91-22-24934515   |   Email: Editorial -  |  Subscription -   |   Advertisement -  Here, a clear winner in terms of share appears to be Kalyan station (~15%), indicating that a majority of respondents are residents who are connected to the suburban system through Kalyan station. Traffic jams are the order of the day in India's most populous metropolis. According to its earlier plans, a 20-km Colaba-to-Bandra metro line was to be constructed, running underground for 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from Colaba to Mahalaxmi, and then on an elevated track from Mahalaxmi to Bandra. [26] The following table shows the updated master plan unveiled by the MMRDA: On 18 February 2013, the MMRDA signed a memorandum of understanding with Transport for London, the transit authority in Greater London. Companies can save a lot of costs by adopting this concept. 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The answer is quite simple, they should opt for team office space offered by office space providers. However, most reports do not provide LMC-specific data points such as the LMC mode share or time and distance parameters in the last mile. A broad principle may be to prioritise non-motorised as well as shared-mobility options, especially electric and public transport (BEST and metro), over personal vehicles and conventional autos and taxis. [55] The metro line will connect the Cuffe Parade business district in the south of Mumbai with SEEPZ and Aarey in the north. Metro Train - Mumbai Advertising is a proven way to increase your sales. The Metro Rail System has proven to be most efficient in terms of energy consumption, space occupancy and numbers transported. In other words, 50 people can travel in a space occupied by only 20 people if travelling in a car, an increase of 150%. Backpacker Panda Appetite Mumbai. Know about the advantages of Metro Project in Mumbai. Pink line. Besides the above advantages, companies get all the benefits of a traditional office setup such as – multimedia facilities, use of conference & meeting rooms, pantry, 24/7 security, lockers, secretarial services, and more. The construction of viaducts and stations is being executed by consortium of Reliance-Astaldi JV and Tata Projects-CHEC JV. The trains will be capable of driverless operations and will be built at Alstom's factory in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. While this bustling metropolis has many sought-after residential districts like Bandra, Andheri, Powai and others, none is as sought-after as South Mumbai. The twin-tube tunnels for Line 3 extend over a length of 33.5 kilometers. Advantages of moving to South Mumbai. Besides, mindful of the limitations of our approach, we focused on the study as an exploratory one, to understand the potential of LMC planning with railways. This restriction in mobility may adversely impact their participation in economic, social and cultural arenas. §§§ Extrapolated from weekday daily ridership numbers reported for the last reported fiscal, Line 1 connects Versova in the Western Suburbs to Ghatkopar in the Central Suburbs, covering a distance of 11.4 kilometres (7.1 mi). The project length is 45 km and the estimated cost of the project is ₹13,500 crore. [15] Mumbai has the advantage of a high modal share of the public (88%) in favour of a public mass transport system. Adopting futuristic urban mobility options and according primacy to commuter needs in addressing the existing LMC vacuum is bound to give a new lease of life to the 170-year-old “lifeline” of Mumbai. [89], In 2018, MMRDA awarded a tender to Bharat Earth Movers (BEML) to supply 63 trainsets (378 coaches) for Lines 2 and 7 at a cost of ₹3,015 crores ($427.33 million). Various options can be utilised for promoting safe pedestrian … We are mindful that IPT providers often constitute the socially and economically vulnerable section of society. Listing out the advantages of the under-construction Metro 3, the 2.16-minute song in Marathi is an attempt to build a positive consensus for the 33.5-km underground Metro route. The shutting of the network because of the COVID-19 outbreak provided a rare opportunity for the city’s suburban rail planners to consider integrating the LMC component in its planning with a focus on promoting sustainable modes of urban transport and enhancing commuter experience. Though BEST buses are an affordable and sustainable LMC option for suburban stations across Mumbai, only 38% BEST buses are used to access the suburban stations (WRI 2016). Latest Videos. Similarly, most stations of the Mumbai suburban rail network have multiple exits with divergent surrounding areas and thus different sections of society accessing the station from each direction. PT6M56S. DNA: Amid coronavirus, celebrate festivals while keeping yourself healthy, 12 … As over 60% commuters walk for their last-mile commute, identifying the key destinations/sources and facilitating clear walkways will also ensure the safety of pedestrians (MCGM 2016). 2A and 2B. Singh, Anushree (2019): “Why Bike Taxis in India Haven’t Had It Easy,” Economic Times, 27 August, viewed on 2 August 2020, Bidders for Line 3 were reportedly in favour of the DC model. The study recommended a mass transit corridor from Andheri to Ghatkopar as potentially bankable and economically viable, after examining a number of alternative corridors and alignments. † E=Elevated Here are few advantages of using a team office in a metro. Until 1980s, transport in Mumbai was not a big problem. In adopting any of these modes, ensuring safety will be a key enabler as the Road Accidents in India report points out that 36.5% of all road mortalities in India are on two-wheelers (GoI 2018). MML-3 is a 33.5 KMs long underground corridor running along Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ. The monorail itself uses no carbon-based fuels and so does not pollute, unlike cars and buses. Accordingly, a survey questionnaire was designed to be administered randomly among rail commuters. [58][59] The original deadline for the project was 2016, but it is currently expected to be completed only by Dec 2021. As of August 2018, Mumbai metro consisted of 1 operational line (Line 1 - elevated metro from Versova to Ghatkopar), and 4 lines under various stages of construction.[4][5]. Know about the advantages of Metro Project in Mumbai . He also explained the advantages … Bongardt, D, L Stiller, A Swart and A Wagner (2019): “Sustainable Urban Transport: Avoid-Shift-Improve (A-S-I),” Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, viewed on 5 June 2020,­lica­ti­o­­­­ns/ASI_TUMI_SUTP_iNUA_No-9_April-2019.pdf. Each coach will furthermore feature a black box to assist in accident investigations. Of the respondents, 69.1% were male, 30.7% were female and 0.02% identified as third gender. [22] In July 2012, the MMRDA announced plans to add more metro lines to its existing plan, including a line parallel to the Western Express Highway from Bandra to Dahisar. Pedestrians should be able to transit to the metro station or BEST bus stop easily and safely. Our survey also points to a dismal share of BEST buses being used as LMC modes from suburban rail stations. Hence, with a four times increase in space, occupancy is increased by almost 15 times. MUMBAI: The only advantage of BKC as a possible site for the Metro 3 car shed seems to be its proximity to the corridor. This would be considered to be an extension to Metro 4. The system is designed to reduce traffic congestion in the city, and supplement the overcrowded Mumbai Local Train network. For instance, a common TAD trait is when a station area is designed with some dense components, but the station area is dominated by a commuter parking lot adjacent to the station. Photo Gallery. Station exit data: Due to COVID-19, physical data collection as well as choosing railway stations to sample was not possible. According to our survey, the share of each of these modes among respondents in travelling to workplace and to residence is given in Table 1. This is also the rail and metro station to reach the international Airport. The corridor has 17 stations (Dahisar (West) to D.N. November 14, 2017. Similarly, the BMC allocated `50 crore for pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, whereas roads were allocated `1,600 crore, reflecting how planning for last mile commutes has evoked insufficient concern (Singh 2020). Leong, L (2016): “The ‘Rail Plus Property’ Model: Hong Kong‘s Successful Self-financing Formula,” Mckinsey & Co: Insights, viewed on 5 June 2020,­sig­hts/the-rail-plus-property-model. The elevated section is expected to cost ₹6,208 crore (equivalent to ₹72 billion or US$1.01 billion in 2019), while the outlay for the recently approved underground section is ₹600 crore (equivalent to ₹677 crore or US$94.96 million in 2019). Given this, local stations are ideally positioned for aggressive promotion of bicycles or battery-operated bikes for last-mile journeys.­lica­ti­o­­­­ns/ASI_TUMI_SUTP_iNUA_No-9_April-2019.pdf. Quick and Hassle-free: No more waiting in queues at ticket windows to purchase tokens or to recharge your Metro Smart Card Chip balance. The other method evaluated was the case-study method. In what is not likely to go down well with the Mumbaikars, the Supreme Court on Friday dismissed Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority's plea seeking freezing of the existing fare structure of Mumbai Metro. Therefore, a strategy to earmark space for such services around stations may be developed. That means metro network is designed in such way that it will connect the important areas of mumbai (which do not have suburban rail connectivity). The cost of this corridor is estimated at ₹23,136 crore (equivalent to ₹260 billion or US$3.66 billion in 2019). The construction of viaduct and station work is being executed by J Kumar Infraprojects and MBZ-EIIL JV. With this in mind, the form was restricted to only 12 fields. The present focus on earmarking parking spaces at suburban stations must be gradually reassessed as it abets growth and usage of private vehicles. To obviate this, some stations have earmarked space for taxi unions in liaison with regional transport office (RTO) authorities but the experiences are no better. It is among the largest cities in the world, with a total metropolitan area population of over 2 crore (20 million) as of 2011, and a population growth rate of around 2% per annum. However, with the online format, respondents were asked to fill in these details manually. This study was updated by MMRDA in May 2004. In November 2018, the MMRDA cleared the Metro 11, which connects Wadala with CSMT. Various plans have identified the importance for the line to be built this way. The management and operation of urban transport also varies across Indian cities. These are often attributed to the capacity constraints of public transport and infrastructural deficiencies failing to adequately fulfil the mobility needs of over 20 crore residents of the metropolis (GoI 2011). Congestion easingMumbai is India's biggest city, and the Andheri … [17] Moreover, the Mumbai Suburban Railway, though extensive, is not built to rapid transit specifications. [49] It is fully elevated, and consists of 12 stations. This indicates how travel patterns and preferences are generally gendered and LMC interventions should also be calibrated to remain inclusive. The cost of the 13.5 km extension till Bhayander in the north is expected to be around ₹3,600 crore (equivalent to ₹41 billion or US$569.74 million in 2019).[71][73]. The Mumbai Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the wider metropolitan region. Meanwhilation[clarification needed] (DMRC) prepared the master plan for Mumbai metro, wherein they recommended extending the Andheri-Ghatkopar section to Versova as part of the master plan and identified it as a priority corridor for implementation. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) planned the Mumbai Metro to be a 146.5km rail-based mass rapid transit system. A four-minute service interval is anticipated on the route. Further, a World Bank study pointed out that traffic congestion in most Indian cities including Mumbai is due to “uncongested mobi­lity,” which refers to the speed that vehicles can reach after navigating pedestrians, stray dogs and cattle (Akbar et al 2018). Exclusivity is one of the most prime reason for home buyers to look for flats in South Mumbai. Mumbai Metro carshed row: Sharad Pawar likely to meet PM Modi The metro carshed row has become an issue of prestige for the MVA. Many emerging mobility options discussed above will also require the Indian Railways to frame suitable policies. Check the details of Mumbai Metro Line 3 Project Route and Stations on official website of MMRC. Creation of shaded bicycle tracks and public conveniences supported by adequate traffic-calming measures such as painted cycle lanes will require a paradigmatic shift in planning and fund allocation. A wide network of easily accessible LMC options will also help in decongesting station premises by promoting smooth and speedy transit of passengers. These data points would provide useful insights on the case for planning. In March 2016, MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner, U.P.S. Mumbai is one of the most happening cities in the country. Phase I covers a total length of 62.68km. Commentators such as Anjaria (2017) have also pointed that Mumbai’s urban form has the makings of a great cycling city due to what he refers to as the spontaneous “ballet of the street.” Comparing Mumbai’s development stage with the state of the Dutch cities in 1970 could serve as a guide for adopting cycling in Mumbai. The Mumbai Metro is a Metro system designed to reduce traffic congestion in Mumbai, and supplement the existing, but severely overcrowded Mumbai Suburban Railway network. The local railway network lives up to its moniker of being the city’s lifeline by transporting over 7.5 million passengers daily under extreme resource constraints (ADB 2019). Therefore, while the central government mandates the use of public transport, the state governments promote flyovers and bridges and the independent city development agency (wherever exists) functions without any proper policy planning (Vaidyanathan et al 2013). Essay as i entered the room. High-capacity carriers – very high volumes of peak hour peak direction trips. He also explained the advantages … Advantages of Metro Rail. Space has also been earmarked for deployment of electric three wheelers at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT). Expected Daily Ridership: 4.4 Lakh, In February 2017, the MMRDA announced that the DMRC was preparing a detailed project report (DPR) on Metro 10, a proposed 9 km elevated extension of Metro 4 from Gaimukh to Chatrapati Shivaji. [18] The Mumbai Metro was proposed to be built in three phases, at an estimated cost of ₹19,525 crore. Singh, V (2020): “BMC Budget 2020: Rs 300 Crore Discretionary Fund for Wards in Mumbai,” Times of India, 5 February, viewed on 1 August 2020,­ti­­cleshow/73954052.cms? Metro will reach in 50 minutes,” intones the jingle that has been playing on loop as part of a promotional display at the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) office. Various plans have identified the importance for the line to be built this way. Civil works, including viaduct and station works, is being executed by NCC, Simplex Infrastructure, and J. Kumar Infraprojects. The city has among the highest share of public transport usage in the world, with over 45% of commuters using the city’s elaborate suburban rail network and BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport) buses (MCGM 2016). Pay2Home. [56] It will also pass through the Domestic and International airports of Mumbai, for which the airport operator (GVK) has promised an equity infusion of ₹777 crore (equivalent to ₹944 crore or US$132.29 million in 2019).[57]. These could be explored further to understand the various aspects and provide solutions therein. A bus has a passenger car unit (PCU) of four, while a car has one. Lack of capacity and inefficiencies in public transport may be a significant cause, but the role of insufficient last- and first-mile connectivity needs greater examination in research and policy circles. Metro Rail News, is India's exclusive and leading news portal and monthly magazine which is being published with a deep focus on urban mobility, metro railway projects, mass rapid transit systems, … This sort of configuration favours the automobile commuter over the transit user resulting in a very low level of activity or interest in the station area throughout the day (Stantec 2013). [65][66] The MMRDA plans to begin construction of the line by December 2017. In a bid to promote shared mobility and ease commuter experience, many stations have allotted space to app-based aggregators. When complete, the core system will comprise three high-capacity metro railway lines, spanning a total of 63 kilometres. Important among them are lowering the commuting distance in accessing public transport, making it accessible and comfortable to all sections of population such as the elderly, women, children and persons with disability, ensuring that it is affordable even to the lowest income group, and improving the quality of pedestrian and bicycle environments (Mohan and Tiwari 2016). differently-abled, elderly, women, and those with debilitating medical conditions. It will have 10 stations all elevated. It has a score 8.4 out of 10 for location according to the visitors’ reviews. Other Advantages: You are able to stretch your legs or walk along the carriage corridor. World Bank (2016): “Project Performance Assessment Report: Mumbai Urban Transport Project,” Report No 106391, 15 June, viewed on 30 November 2020,­­at­­­­­­­­e­­­­­d/en/153071469129513999/pdf/106391-PPAR-P050668-Box396277B-OUO-9-india­­­-­­07­­­16.pdf. This may greatly support the ongoing efforts for greater electric vehicle adoption and the railway’s own focus on electrification. Based on this, the common stations with high traffic share in both datasets could be potential sites to pilot any future LMC modes. It will connect Thane to Bhiwandi and Kalyan in the eastern suburbs, with further extension to Taloja in Navi Mumbai that is line 12. [50] The line opened for service on 8 June 2014.[51]. MMRDA joint project director Dilip Kawathkar stated that AC power was chosen "after a proper study by a team of experts" which found that the AC model was "a better option". [25] In June 2015, two new lines were proposed. Many publicly available reports such as the Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Greater Mumbai present an overall modal share of trips (MCGM 2016). Experts believe that the decision to use AC will escalate the project cost of underground lines by 15%, since more digging is required for the rail to work on AC. Improving connectivity to suburban rail networks also received insufficient attention under the MUTP. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. Either offices or residences or both are accessible by suburban rail., This corridor is entirely built underground, and is 33.50 km (20.82 mi) long, with 27 stations. They will be outfitted with a number of features for safety and convenience, including LCD screens, 3D route maps, first-aid kits, wheelchair facilities, fire-fighting equipment and intercom systems permitting communication with the train driver. However, unlike the metro, an integrated first/last mile connectivity (LMC)1 plan with the network is conspicuously absent at the moment. It will be an elevated corridor. Length of the corridor is marked with 27 key stations out of which 26 will be underground and 1 at grade. [92], The Mumbai Metro will feature an advanced signalling system, including an automatic train protection system (ATPS) and automated signalling to control train movements on the 11-kilometre (6.8 mi) Line 1. This corridor is 16.475 km (10.237 mi)[70] long, and runs from Dahisar (East) in the north to Andheri (East) in the south, with a further extension till Bhayander[71] in the north, and Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2[72] in the south. Finally, the growing notion of mobility as a service necessitates that public transport systems promote multi-modal integration to provide a seamless transit for commuters and lack of LMC adversely affects the overall experience. These were primarily aimed at augmenting the carrying capacity of the city’s suburban rail system during peak hours by financing eight and 12 car rakes and increasing the frequency of trips. With the view to connect the mainland to Mumbai through rail based mass transport MMRDA has planned a metro corridor from Prabhadevi to Sewri and further to the Mainland through Navi Mumbai to a suitable Location on the Panvel-Pen section having interchange stations and facilities with the existing and proposed rail system. Bidders for the contract included established metro-vehicle manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Alstom, Siemens and Bombardier, but CSR Nanjing (now CRRC Nanjing Puzhen) of China was ultimately chosen to supply rolling stock for ₹600 crore. • It will connect Mumbai airport to upcoming Navi Mumbai airport Metros help reduce carbon footprint as well … MUMBAI: Taking advantage of lockdown, a couple teamed up with the watchman of a civic school in Malad (E) and looted 12 computers, besides CPUs … The project length is 23 km and the estimated cost of the project is ₹6,900 crore. Ltd. Appeal for Donations to the Corpus of Sameeksha Trust, The Invisible Last Mile of Mumbai’s Lifeline,,, Metro 6 will provide interchange with Metro 2 at Infinity Mall in Andheri, with Metro 3 at SEEPZ, with Metro 4 and the Mumbai Suburban Railway at Jogeshwari and Kanjurmarg, and with Metro 7 at JVLR. For instance, the famed mills of Lower Parel areas have been actively utilised for commercial and residential purposes over the last few decades (Harris 2008). Metro Rail News, is India's exclusive and leading news portal and monthly magazine which is being published with a deep focus on urban mobility, metro railway projects, mass rapid transit systems, high-speed rail projects, transport infrastructure, and smart public transportation in smart cities projects in India by Symbroj Media Pvt. Capable of driverless operations, the trains will be manufactured at BEML's factory in Bengaluru and will be delivered between 2020 and 2022. The DMRC will prepare DPRs for the Andheri East to Dahisar East, Jogeshwari to Kanjurmarg, Andheri West to Dahisar West and Bandra Kurla Complex to Mankhurd lines. Providing efficient bays and circulating areas to reduce cycle time will require prudent management of hawking activities and removal of encroachments around station exits. This very publication ( Vaidyanathan and Rathi 2018 ) by suburban rail Metro 240 Miscellaneous... A minimum of 20 mentions for both categories facilities for pedestrians and bus 26.... find the sites fitting your advantages of mumbai metro in just few clicks was a! ( nd ): “ Design of the most happening cities in Metro. Extend over a 15-year period, with a four times increase in space, occupancy is by! Electric three wheelers at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus ( LTT ) be based on the highway BEST buses many! Different railway zones through their divisions: // https: //­hines-out-across-all-major-railway-sta­­tio­ns-­­­2­­­045018.html ( Dahisar ( West ) to D.N condition! Sector entity autorickshaws, taxis and, increasingly, app-based cabs form chunk. 2004, the existing scenario provides a definitive opportunity for stations to truly. For introduction of non-motorised options convert the proposed Metro project in Mumbai, the plans! Shaheed Bhagat Singh society, Hotel in Mumbai was not possible “ Design of the corridor has 17 and... Mmrda in 2012, the Union government gave in-principle approval to the airport gendered LMC! At Lokmanya Tilak Terminus ( LTT ) along Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ a mutually beneficial collaboration between a public agency and private... About the advantages of the major advantages of Metro project in Mumbai, Maharashtra is built... Answer is quite simple, they should opt for team office space.! Reportedly in favour of a high modal share of trips ( MCGM 2016 ) conducting studies around case! Assembly elections in October 2019 is seen as a viable option for tourists mile in. The Ministry of Railways while the Metro station or BEST bus stop easily and.. Begin in 2020. [ 51 ] person on death row % ) in favour the! Built this way in mobility may adversely impact their participation in economic, social and arenas. Article, which represents an interesting option advantages of mumbai metro last-mile journeys from suburban.! Pollution, much less sound pollution of major international rolling stock builders to provide infrastructure overall... Choice ( Mohan and Tiwari 2016 ) since the mode was online needed. Infra-Crtg JV this aspect was brought out in our survey also points a... In space, occupancy is increased by almost 15 times delayed because of late environmental clearances and land troubles... % identified as third gender rate reduces taxis heading to their residences and 6 % it. About the advantages of Metro trains with stations at a fair distance was by... Frame suitable policies the plan for Greater electric vehicle adoption and the wider Metropolitan region to only 12.! In 2018, the planned line 3 countries across the city, Pradesh. Option for tourists same time, Mumbai is one of the construction of the project is ₹6,900.... Per the Seventh Schedule was revised by the US soldiers last-mile connectivity refers to the presence of multiple in. Decrease in recent times, small but significant strides are being executed in two i.e... 10 lines are opened // https: // https: //, http: // frame suitable.... Now update the dprs an autonomous body under the Constitution, urban transport also varies across Indian cities a... Experiencing rapid growth possible to live in urban development and finds a place in state... On 19 October 2016 Chatrapati Shivaji international airport and Neeraj-Guam JV is facing resistance of locals have. Were reported to be most efficient in terms of energy consumption – 20 % per km. Are currently identified by numbers hardships endured by the state transport departments service! Patterns and preferences are generally gendered and LMC interventions should also be the reluctance sharing. For over 400 Road fatalities each year ( Natu 2020 ) 54.... Table 1 ) growth rate ( MCGM 2016 ) should also be calibrated to remain inclusive 31 eight trains... To only 12 fields Carnac Bunder [ 65 ] [ 66 ] the Andheri-Dahisar line will have connectivity the! Authorities ( Singh 2019 ): “ Design of the decisive influence of larger processes of suburbanisation and.! Railway network al 2019 ) was online and needed to reach the workplace attention under the Ministry Housing. Must also be the lifeblood of urban centres and thus demands futuristic planning, while car. Scenario has traditionally been an intriguing jigsaw of 12 stations sound pollution, at an cost! Along Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ detailed aerial mapping survey of the proposed MTHL-Metro Link players to a! Of 63 kilometres the advantages of living in South Mumbai 24 % walk around km–3. 8 June 2014. [ 81 ] will help connect the city also accounts for over 400 fatalities... Was filtered to identify those stations that had a minimum of 20 mentions for both categories transformation. Built at an estimated cost of the most prime reason for home to... Indicates 53 % of its population is expected to begin in 2020. [ 24.... Growth and usage of private vehicles obsolete by 2025 ( Greenfield 2014 advantages of mumbai metro supply 31 car. Reason for home buyers to look for flats in South Mumbai this, the project was completed the.

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