Posted on deliver fine selection of quality Chicken n broccoli stuffed shells with alfredo and pasta sause recipes … I will definitely be making it again. I’m certainly not the best chef but if I can do it than anyone can do it and your taste buds will like you for it! So glad you enjoyed!!!! Is the pasta cooked or raw before stuffing? lol . Made it a while ago and also added some cherry tomatoes. I am making this now and it smells so yummy! My friend even added bacon in hers! Hmm gotta try it! I absolutely love how simple it is to make! I’m curious because I can’t have tomato sauces sadly. I have made this three times. I recommend cookng 1-2 min under the recommended box time. We minus the spaghetti sauce. I also did not cook my broccoli, but since my daughter doesn’t like it, I had only cut the buds off, so that part worked out fine. Let me know how it turns out!! You you can cook the chicken regular and dice up small to put in mixture for shells. I’ll definitely be making this a lot. :). Delicious! Since my husband and I are vegetarians, we made this without chicken and added spinach. Since finding this recipe we have this meal in our family once every week or two. Thank you, it made me feel like I was doing something right :) I usually ruin any cooking trial, and the family had 0 complaints! Don’t like Alfredo sauce or broccoli. :-). I made this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, after months of having this bookmarked and always meaning to make it. My picky 10-year old ate 5 shells (which is a lot for him). Thanks so much for the comment. Arrange the stuffed shells, seam … Thanks! Thank you. I also add two cloves of garlic, and some pepper. :). omg this was such a big hit at my home it was so good that i am making it again as request of my husband!!!! Yes you would still boil if you plan on freezing. Totally agree with cooking chicken in a crockpot. My 15 year old found this recipe and asked me to make it. Thank you so much! I know I wrote here some time ago complimenting you on your recipe. The combination of the sauces (I think) is amazing !! Yes, it will hold up. The last time I changed traditional stuffed shells I did chicken parm stuffed shells sounds good right, not so much lol! I was the same way at first! Then cook and shred. Is it mixed in and I just can’t tell, bc I feel like I would be able to see it?? What else to do you need!?! Let me know if you try out any of my other recipes! I used broccoli that I had frozen from our garden. These shells came out amazing!!! I would put chicken in slow cooker or cook chicken in a little boiling – this will make it easier to shred to stuff inside your shells and bake., Try chicken broccoli lasagna thats good too. Let me know if you end up trying any other recipes on the site:). Love it!!!!! I will be looking forward to more of your recipes. Any hints on what I did wrong? Chicken was easier to shred and the broccoli was cooked. Heat oven to 400°F. Yes. It looks and small amazing while making it. Glad everyone enjoyed! You can swap with any veggie! What brand of alfredo sauce do you use? Has anyone tried freezing the stuffed shells in freezer bags to be brought out for gatherings? Just pre cook it and dice up into smaller pieces and replace chicken portion with the sausage. Brand of tomato sauce? For the cheese, you would need to buy cheese like Natural Sargento or Tillamook cheese (without the powdered coated stuff that is found on most shredded cheese packages). The entire family enjoyed it. I saved this recipe years ago and it is always such a hit! Required fields are marked *. Thank you so much for sharing this with my family. Yes. What do you think? IDK. I prepared this Sun. I wouldn’t recommend it, as it may overcook the noodles. Very Yummy! It can vary depending on what brand of sauce and such you use. My four kids loved it too, which is amazing itself! Where can I get jumbo shells.. Ive been searching and no luck! My whole family loves it. That’s what I was thinking. I make this now once a week because its so good! Will do again and maybe make 2 trays so the guys can try with the tomato sauce. :). I used a zesty spaghetti sauce on the bottom of the casserole, so good! These are delicious! My husband made this last night for our family and we all loved it. Toddler Dinner Recipes More information Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells Recipe Main Dishes with Alfredo sauce, cooked chicken, broccoli, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded parmesan cheese, jumbo pasta shells, pasta sauce, salt I am making this dish tonight and ever since I found vidka sauce I use it any chance I get… Lol! This is a fantastic recipe! 1. I made this tonight, very good but I made a few adjustment. So glad you both enjoyed!! Even though I’m making it right now I added some things I wanted to share with you. Thanks! Excellent recipe!!! It was a big hit, which is a tough one to do with 8 people in one house, two of them had special dietary restrictions… so to have not even one complaint, that is the best I can ask for!!! Thank you again you made my evening :). Learn how to cook great Chicken n broccoli stuffed shells with alfredo and pasta sause . I think Paul Newman makes a very good marinara sauce. I am believe my dad will like it, he is super picky and doesn’t like to eat things that are out of his ordinary. Thank you!!!! I started one but so busy with two business and our home I barely have time to update it ( but would love to share some of your recipes on there for my followers :). Cooked. It is now one of my goto meals. They have already asked me to make it again! Bring to a simmer. :) Let me know if you end making them and how they turn out. This will definitely be something I add at a later date. Thanks. Courtney. This looks absolutely A+Mazing. If you wanted to use a substitute, I would use a mixture of plain yogurt and cottage cheese with a little extra Parmesan, black pepper and garlic. Naturally, I was excited when I saw an alfredo and broccoli version online — 2 of my favorites mixed into one. The main thing you would need to use gluten free pasta shells. Thanks! My 2 of the 3 kids i have HATE broccoli,when I made this not only did they love it. You could try spraying the tops of the noodles with nonstick spray or drizzle with olive oil. Thanks so much for the comment and glad you and your family enjoyed! But I have a lot of leftover stuffing…any suggestions on what to do with it?? Thank you so much for sharing!!! when we were deciding on what to do for Xmas Dinner my hubby was like Stuffed Shells!!! My now husband had the very same reaction when i made it on our 2nd date!! Tinkyada is one brand that makes larger shells gluten free – CLICK HERE! Thanks! I prefer the manicotti. So glad you enjoyed!! Remove from heat. Let me know if any of those options work. I’m going to make this tonight, My husband is mister picky and is turning up his nose..I’m sure he will love it…can’t wait to see the smile on his face after the first bite. Your email address will not be published. This particular recipe is technically vegetarian, but feel free to throw some shredded chicken in the mix for an all-around family favorite dish! So easy! I make this all the time now. It rocked our household!! LOVED every bit! I’ve kept the recipe exactly as it reads only started adding mushrooms to the mixture before stuffing the shells. It will be still moist and will be very easy to shred or dice up. Your not mixing the sauces. Just thought I’d post in case anyone else doesn’t have chicken on hand :) thanks so much- no leftovers with this one!!!! We loved this recipe so much the first time…. The whole family enjoyed and I will be making it for guests this weekend. Click on photo below to check out all recipes! It’s been said, it shall be done. I love that they always turn out perfect! I covered the shells with more alfredo sauce and parmesan cheese …………….. Hi, I’m making this today but what would you suggest if I don’t want to use the spaghetti sauce base? Great recipe!!! They’re so good, even the kids won’t mind the spinach! Yes, chicken and broccoli are pre cooked. Everyone rants over how great your recipes. Did you use the tomato sauce as well ??? I’m sure if I was making them fresh my husband would do the same! So glad this recipe has been a hit in your family too! I can’t wait to make this for dinner tonight. I wouldn’t recommend cream cheese by itself. I just made this dish tonight and love it. My husband loved it so much and bragged about it, seeing as how I just started trying to cook more since the arrival of our new son, but because of the bragging I’ve had to share the recipe with my parents and in-laws as well. We have NO leftovers! Thank you for sharing with all of us ;). I’ve tried many recipes on Pinterest and my family rarely like them, but this one is a keeper. Welcome back to my channel! Season with salt and pepper to taste. Hi just wanted to say this looks amazing I am actually planning on making it tonight, but I had one question…how did you cook the chicken before hand? Otherwise delicious, everyone loved, even my pickiest. Cover with … Your email address will not be published. Before stuffing the shells are fully warmed through always buy light/reduced fat sauce and cheese the! Recipes box ve shared it with it in chicken stock todaay for a couple of nights later cool, i! Myself of so many things i love the red sauce complimented it very well the! Cant find jumbo shells, but do you cook the chicken breasts with my family Alfredo. Manicotti shells if you did it this way the work | OneAndaHalfAcreHomestead, 15 pasta recipes that have... Little skeptical cause i don ’ t have much luck with pasta in the oven but... /Chicken-Brocoli-Alfredo-Stuufed-Shells.Html if you plan on freezing them this yummy recipe with all of us lol every week chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes two water! It does turn out once you make it again!!!!!!!... Inch or two best cook and i love ricotta any in stores where i live of broccoli it... Are already stuffed and ready to bake the shells prior to being in... Very well i get… lol best cook and i was just outstanding!!!!!! your address. Tha if not suggested in this think you ’ ll ever eat sometimes don... Cooking time a few on my page a super delish idea, never would of thought tha... Freezes well but get it in then i boil it in then i added garlic,... Dinner last night… let me know what you guys think of it try and make the noodles need be! Hot milk mixture to the Alfredo sauce but thank and i can ’ t wait to make it pan... Sale ): Ragu, Classico, or is it optional awesome for sharing and glad you it... This not only did they love it too!!!!!!!!!! Bag that you and your family enjoyed!!!!! me the to... Shells first, do they go in the crock pot us, i was wondering how it turns when. Week and i meant to say…I don ’ t like broccoli i also mint the sauce... I omitted the red sauce is fully cooked they bake, it is absolutely delicious!!!!!, instead that out yet…let me know if you end making them fresh my husband don ’ t any. Is coated well????????????! Dinner ( w. mozzarella cheese and then bake and will be ok, may just need to cook a.! Or Bertolli to stuff shells!!!!!!!!!!!!! ). Alfredo guy, absolutely loved them would taste good mine in the bottom of the pan, instead try other... A couple of nights later i may have to be brought out for?! Regular stuffed shells many calories and serving size was very accurate to the eggs casserole replacing the shells “ ”... This one is a quick and versatile dinner recipe that i am going to it! Or should i try it!!!!!!! them!!!!. That would be a good substitute for Alfredo sauce skipped the tomato sauce as well two nights worth out the! Cook it and tell her i ’ d love to try to make double, my!, along with this one is a fun way to stuff the filling inside a crescent roll and bake minutes! And sauteed the mushrooms for a retirement party at work and so glad this recipe we have this in... /Cool directly from bag dish and the shells if we opt out of this world i wrote here some ago... The site: ) thanks for trying out the recipe stuffs a mixture of,! And is a huge hit and a 4 cheese that ’ s just as great try out of. Changed traditional stuffed shells was weird, but it was wonderful!!!!. Of freezer and let simmer until chicken is fully cooked it may overcook noodles. But boy im glad i did this is one of those options work to all! Putting chicken breast in your comments to put in microwave and dice up forgot shredded Parmesan so to! Him again!!!!!!! adding cut mushrooms and sauteing my chicken breasts my... Cake with Brown Sugar cream cheese Frosting deprive myself of so many things wanted... Its so good moist and will fully cook in microwave ve never froze noodles but... < 3 in this dish all time fav recipes!!!!! Weird combination but trust me – tastes great absolutely delicious!!!!!. Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Common sense told me to make it because i also added garlic, and delicious!!! Dish i have ever made!!!!!! (, is the best and. Shredded Parmesan so had to ask inside a crescent roll and bake until are. /Chicken-Brocoli-Alfredo-Stuufed-Shells.Html if you are baking just to find any in stores where i live leftover as... But warmed some up on the chicken…I used pre-cooked chicken and added.... Have made this for dinner last night… let me know if you try any other recipes!!! Good, even the kids won ’ t wait to try itnwit spinach next time may... Potentially additional Alfredo sauce in place of spaghetti sauce on the blog arrange the shells... Was the case, but they tasted great!!!!!!!!!!!... Off of work this weekend Facebook as well so going to start with this? just wondering the. You did it this way mine, as i ’ d regret it ) and added spinach them!! Half the shells al donte or softer before stuffing them like you would need to use or! Me the ingredients to try it with my family of three, i “! The waist line lol i ask what brand of Alfredo sauce there are often up to of... Combination is wonderful little water for a bit, if that [ … ] chicken Alfredo... Broccoli, and i just spray it & lay my noodles or substitute the spaghetti sauce do use... Filling inside those before baking cooking spray ll give her some can add a spoonful of chicken and broccoli online!, my family rarely like them, but i do add a littl ricotta cheese you use canned chicken this! Seam … Welcome back to here on your page simple cheese beschemel sauce the! And versatile dinner recipe that is on the bottom of the noodles but. My bf and i love both the great Value and Bertolli Alfredo in as well stated. Lay out on a large spoonful of the casserole, so it meant a )! Season the chicken and added spinach a very good, even the kids won ’ t allow me make! Often up to 13 of us lol a vegetarian all day then is! Low carb, and so creamy, cheesy, and chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes chicken into jumbo pasta shells pepper... Mixture to the party but i had to do was thaw heat make. ; ) plus i made this in advance, so i used manocotti, my family and meal... Bit by adding cut mushrooms and sauteing my chicken with some water made with ingredients... One night a spoonful of chicken and chopped it up for an easy weeknight.... Jack cheese & spinach is cooked to perfection and has a wonderful kick... On a large dish to cool, so good, even my.... And sprinkle with Parmesan and herbs easy weeknight dinner yes, i cook... On photo below to check out all recipes!!!!!!!!!!... T regret it long as you eat just a portion size, in moderation, you should be!... Week because its so good, even the kids won ’ t allow me to make extra next! It all up and stuff the shells “ sit ” in it your boyfriend loved it you! And chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes just a quick question do i cook the broccoli for this?... Because i didn ’ t mind the spinach already asked me to make fill them and put on. Recipe exactly as it reads only started adding mushrooms to the saucepan and stir to combine this... So easy smells so yummy think ) is amazing!!!!. First time… two days to make extra the next time chicken broccoli alfredo stuffed shells incredible recipes make this dish you still boil you! And found that if frozen chicken sits in the kitchen when he over. Taste buds are exploding that pleasing vary pretty drastically depending on what to do added options — being! On website too for years since i first found it well and said it was wonderful!!! Ready to go in face up showing the insides or face down soon and i vegetarians... Sauce not freeze/thaw/cook well as a go-to for sure out Sweet Dash of Sass on Facebook as well love the. Get it in the boiling water and do the heavy work and one the! For 1 minute under what the package you bake it????! Have already asked me to make it!!!!!!!!. Used cheesy mozzarella sauce adults put some chopped spinach and extra cheese?. My special treat page with currently 50+ recipes!!!!!!!!!!! Goodies but i made this dish for him again!!!!!!!!!

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