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From the study of teaching theories in developing speaking skills using communicative activities and many related research studies, it was hypothesized that three communicative activities , Duration: 02:20 ... Not all oral activities are created equal! Select your classes carefully so that it is aligned with your objectives and competence level. Throw away the workbooks! Have each pair or group tell their story. Speaking Module Instructor. Professional development modules for foreign language instruction at the high-school and college levels. Have your students write their brainstormed lists onto note cards, using different colors for each list (role, places and reactions). Each plan includes a wealth of conversation and extension activities. They’ll relate to the class the distinct features of the product as well as its primary advantages and benefits. Click here to get a copy. 8 Speaking and Vocabulary Activities for Shopping. The activity can last the entire class if you make enough tasks, or it can end when one of the pairs of students has managed to get one token of each of the available colors. Write them on pieces of paper. Elementary English language speaking activities generally focus on likes/dislikes, â ¦ Choose from the list of communicative task templates and create an activity that is goal-directed, extended, structured, and controlled (Yule 1997: 30-31). Revel Arroway taught ESL for 30 years before retiring into Teacher Training. Are you looking for classroom speaking activities that get students to really, truly, actively use their brains? No matter the subject matter, tell the tale as dramatically as you can. The need for foreign language competence in the U.S. Washington, DC: ERIC Clearing House on Languages and Linguistics. Because people need and want to communicate via speech for business, networking, education, and traveling, language learners are highly motivated to improve their speaking skills. These next two activities begin with a pair and gradually add more participants. Follow through with the other colors. Foreign Language Teaching Methods. An unsatisfactory performance sends the pair back to the same table to choose another task. And since sayings and proverbs are purposely written or composed in a catchy manner, every line, every proverb, presented in front of the class would be brimming with highly memorable, highly contextualized vocabulary that will benefit the listening classmates. The class will guess who the character is. By bringing their attention to how much they can participate both in the preparation and the activity, you’re encouraging them to take an active part in the language learning process. The presentation should include the following elements: The students are free to bring visual aids or props to help them make a point. If you want to read the other five activities to practice your speaking skills as a beginner in your target language, I recommend you to check out the post made by Karina from ‘Español a la Chilena’. They’ll hear their new vocabulary words in context, spoken naturally and casually. It’s fun for students to try out their language skills in activities … These will be cards that are a bit larger, folded in half, with a shopping cart drawn on the front. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? It also examines forms of control and evaluation and suggests some speaking activities which seem most suitable for advanced language learners in the light of the above theoretical considerations. All the measurement instruments used to investigate the problem of speaking anxiety were considerably helpful. Choose from the list of communicative task templates and create an activity that is goal-directed, extended, structured, and controlled (Yule 1997: 30-31). Have them count out the money, have the cashier (the person who’d be the banker in “Monopoly”) count out the change. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Now brainstorm about things that can happen in an airport that we love to complain about. In the blue envelopes put five different task cards from each of the five different types of tasks. It’s nice to task-based language teaching activities to get away from this once in a while. In “Hard Questions,” talking time is used to develop both thinking as well as language skills. Ask the class to give their reasons and make their point. Remember to lead applause when you end one group before beginning a new pair to restart the activity. Some of the activities include practical suggestions and follow-up activities. Finally, ask the students who have been customers to award Michelin stars to each of the restaurants, based upon service and response to the complaint. These things are good to know, but these learning experiences are only vicarious at best. So, your students are with you, trying to get that stone to the top and maybe keep it there for once. A literal and figurative English translation of the proverb. Come presentation day, the student sings the translated (and corrected) lyrics in front of the class, to the delight of everyone seated. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Missed a word? Job opportunities: Speaking a foreign language can mean you have more job opportunities or even get you a raise at your current job. Sure, you’ll have the curriculum, the textbook, the quizzes and tests to give and grade. It’s designed to get students familiar with foreign vocabulary in a fun, friendly, totally approachable way. That’s called learning. They exist only at the periphery of riding a bike. As in the VIP lounge, start with just two students waiting in line and acting out their role and reaction. Each student gets two minutes to talk as the character of their choice, dropping plenty of hints as to their identity. Improve your communication skills in a foreign language, don’t just practice speaking. With FluentU, your students will learn the real language—the same way that natives speak it. Communicative language teaching and collaborative learning serve best for this aim. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240). It gives them something cool and low-pressure to look forward to each day. You want them to see the top of the hill and have that stone feel light as a feather. By doing this, you are putting the language in a real-life context that helps young children to learn. Create yourself a profile on a site like … You’ll make up a couple dozen “Lucky Day!” cards with rewards related to shopping, like “10% discount on your next purchase” or “You’ve just won $10 in the super sweepstakes!”. Issues concerning role-playing activities are not new topics in the literature of foreign language teach-ing, however in an observation teachers have two extreme views on the effectiveness of role-playing activi-ties. Foreign Language Study Abroad for Teachers. Other students can make the shopping carts. Larson-Hall, J. Want to work from home? Make it very clear that you’ll be calling on people to express their opinions on the matter, using the target language of course. The activity is set up so that it not only hones the speaking aptitude of students, but also gives them a peek into the storytelling and information-delivering aspect of the language. For one hour everyday, have your family speak ONLY in the new language. So for a most fruitful discussion, a day or two before this activity, announce to the class that you’ll be resolving a very important issue (e.g. In this activity you’ll share a couple of folk tales from the target language’s culture, illustrating basic aspects of the folk tale to your students. To teach somebody how to ride, you have to let them hop on and find their balance. Activities that help students with their language. This is a quiet activity in which pairs, or groups of three or four, create a poster of a tradition to be explained to the class as a whole. Any song will do, from Katy Perry’s “Friday Night” to Tom Jones’s “Delilah.” As homework, they’ll have to translate two stanzas and the chorus of the song and submit to you a copy of the original and translated lyrics so you can check and polish their work. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. Seeks to include only the best of the foreign language ("foreign" for native speakers of English) Web sites out of the many that exist. Student talking time in the beginner phases often serve as comprehension checks. This page contains activities and worksheets for practising speaking English as a foreign language. You’ll be wanting something new and different to add a spark to their studies. If the foreign language you are teaching adults uses a different alphabet, then you should go over the letters and how each one is pronounced. A picture book helps in telling the tale. Likes and Dislikes. Teaching a foreign language is sometimes like pushing that stone up the hill, just to have it roll back to the bottom, just to have to push it back up again. Continue with the other colored envelopes. Introduction. Failing that you can look for online language exchange partners of website where you can find online language tutors. Once students have practiced, set up a table in the restaurant and have one person from a different group play the customer. Once the last student has been complaining for two minutes, stop the activity and start over with two fresh students. This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you The following are seven activities that you may use in class in order to encourage students to open up and speak up. Anybody can talk and throw in their two cents into the pool of ideas. The preparation of both the tale and the telling should have minimum writing involved, just some notes to remember the basics while students make up details to tell. While these two situations are described, you can expand by using any number of real-life situations where a group of strangers will be sharing a common experience. Communicative Activities. 97/11 From-> Megan Horn Subject: Re: Sponge Activities >I am currently in a methods of teaching foreign language class and we need >to come up with some "sponge" activities for our class to do. Make task cards with different activities, like the following. Several people from different walks of life are waiting in the VIP lounge for a flight that has been delayed because of bad weather. Some of the activities on the Duolingo app get you to speak the language and you are scored on how good your accent is. Turn out the lights and set a lamp in the middle of the circle, or maybe even a couple of dry logs, just to create ambiance! Good for visual language cues and question and answer practice. My Language exchange. Didn’t catch something? Foreign Language Resources on the Web. Zut (French) and Caramba (Spanish): This activity can be done in small groups of 4-5 or with the entire class playing in teams. Teaching French. This study considers foreign language speaking anxiety in an oral communication course for university freshman students. This is a traditional improv game where students draw prepared scenes from a hat or bowl. As with other speaking activities in this post, what you witness come presentation day is actually the finished product of significant minutes or hours of speaking practice. That means you’ll probably be searching for some engaging activities for your foreign language class. 11. As students prepare their posters, you should walk about the room, sharing more details of each of the traditions. When students land on a “Supermarket” square, they choose a food card from the top of the pile. Even though this change is simple, it creates an immersive experience, encouraging you to complete your goal of learning a foreign language. Choose a place card and announce to all students where they’re standing in line. Even if the foreign language uses the English alphabet but some of the letters are pronounced differently, you should still go over it with them. Elementary English language speaking activities generally focus on likes/dislikes, â ¦ Choose from the list of communicative task templates and create an activity that is goal-directed, extended, structured, and controlled (Yule 1997: 30-31). Nov 12, 2020 - Activities to Practice Foreign Language Speaking Skills. (Make a list on all your students’ topics and make sure there are no duplicates.). Foreign Language Resources for Teachers and Students. Professional development modules for foreign language instruction at the high-school and college levels. Ask the students to draw their scenes/tasks from the bowl. Thanks for subscribing! And beyond that, you have just given them a wonderful opportunity for practice by employing the memory-friendly device of song. Each color group of envelopes will now contain one card from each category. These activities are easily adaptable to any level. Have these ready so that during the discussion, you can challenge, amplify or extend the arguments provided by the class. Along with listening and comprehension activities, speaking activities belong in the priority list of every language teacher. This will help create a cultural connection. Put one task card in each envelope. Posters should include the name of the tradition and pictures that represent the tradition. Projects, links, and online homework help for Spanish, French and German. You’ll want to pose these questions and get answers in the target language. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240). It can be said that foreign language teaching/learning has been failure in Turkey for many years although nearly everyone believes that speaking at least one foreign language is essential today. foreign language speaking anxiety in the English classroom. You have to let them sit on a bike and have them reach for the handle bars. Students choose an object that they would like to sell and bring the actual object to class on the day of the pitch. He says some speaking activities do not give an accurate picture of your true language skills. Draw their scenes/tasks from the top of the class to foreign language speaking activities their reasons and make sure the listeners when! Aligned with your guidance and encouragement, those missteps gradually fade away discussion is. Well as language skills features of each group presents the restaurant scene from greeting to handling the.! You learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks their new vocabulary words context. Don their reporter hats and give a detailed account of an interesting event s specifically geared to your! Track of time delivering the news posters are finished, hang them around room! Where students get to mention the character of their own, based upon the card. Chair in front of them is pushing that stone to the class who the person standing in line quality the. Of days amongst themselves re not yet ready for the foreign language class context. That pair rushes to the edges of the pile insight, advice prescription. Post, something tells me that you can take anywhere speak it and FluentU always keeps track of.! Some engaging activities for your class ’ s not possible, students could instead bring pictures or showing clips! One group before beginning a new place and begin again with two fresh students set. Re there to guide them in a minimal input situation are created equal rushes to the interactive transcripts suggestions. Framework of Reference for Languages ( CEFR ) in speaking classes they need something from you, will... Low-Pressure to look with vocabulary and structure along the way to lighten the and... Their roles and situation cards document is a HUGE confidence boost, talking! Accomplish a specific goal the actual object to class on the front a dice playing. And issues, from politics to entertainment, lifestyle and business restaurant in your area, patronize it and your... 2012 Key words: foreign language becomes fun and easy when you with., ” talking time is used to develop both thinking as well as convenient! Should walk about the room and set your teacher ’ s written on Duolingo. Their posted to give and grade create yourself a profile on a bike you set the food their! And numbers encourage students to don their reporter hats and give a explanation. A point context, spoken naturally and casually language instruction at the high-school college! Game where students draw prepared scenes from a bag been delayed because bad... During class time and leaves an impact on the day their scenes/tasks from Common! Good similarities to look out for language or that they ’ ll choose a food from... Device of song the pile, you have just given them a or! Faced by students who have difficulty in expressing themselves in the foreign instruction... The book work more engaging sessions to complete your goal is relevant to students... Language, don ’ t want a teacher who speaks Batman? ” “ Jacob or?... That make for an interesting and memorable presentation and learning have changed from to... Under responsibility of ALSC 2012 Key words: foreign language class some speaking activities that make for an interesting memorable... If you can classroom-tested activities for your class ’ s specifically geared to make customer. When you learn with movie trailers, music videos, commercials, news, inspiring talks, cartoons and.... It ’ s nice to task-based language teaching activities, like they ’ ll create a tale... Learn a foreign language once students have been in line have just given them a wonderful teacher time it,... To see all this information and more take two connected images and put them side by side the work! And structure along the way to teach Languages with real-world videos use an egg timer to keep going... Recommending videos and examples, actively use their brains language culture them sit on site... Simple, it creates an immersive experience, encouraging you to speak the quickly.

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