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The scientific name for flowering plants is angiosperms. Chars per words: 4.98333333333 4.92477711251 101% => OK The average person may know very little about the life cycle of flowering plants, even though flowers have been used as symbols, medicines, ceremonial aids, and decorations worldwide, and captivated even the hardest of hearts with their beauty. Life Cycle Events in a Flowering Plant. Parts of a Plant Worksheets. The diagram shows the life cycle of flowering plants. Sexual reproduction in plants happens in a cycle-like pattern. //-->, Science Kids ©  |  Home  |  About  |  Topics  |  Experiments  |  Games  |  Facts  |  Quizzes  |  Projects  |  Lessons  |  Images  |  Videos  |  Privacy  |  Sitemap  |  Updated: Apr 11, 2020. See also the Characteristics of Living Things Photo description: What is the life cycle of a flower? Diagram of life cycle of flowering plant with double fertilization isolated on white background. ,