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#comebacks 8. Need to cure boredom with randomness? Hopefully your dorm mate will have a good sense of humor. you are at the right place! Give someone Oreos but replace the icing in the middle with toothpaste xD, 21. #pranks 15 of 30. Before they go to the loo, make sure you head there first and rub the itching powder on the toilet paper. See more ideas about Funny pictures, Bones funny, Funny. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. :D). Continue stacking them until they reach the ceiling. Do little things at first, like if they're walking in a crowded hallway, push them and keep on walking that way so they can't tell that it was you. High Five Prank. DIY Entertainment. Watch your drunk victims grab a handful and get disgusted with the fruity and chocolatey mix. 19 of 30. The Toilet Paper Prank. #freakish When they are in the bath, take their cell phone and change all their speed dial numbers to completely random ones or better still, change them to some that your friend is no longer in touch with. outside someones house on Halloween. 6. It's also likely the first time they'll share a room with someone that isn't their sibling. Get at least 3 packs of powdered jello and mix it in the water it until it dissolves. PLus I am not going near any bugs, they gimme the hibijeebes. Cheating on Girlfriend PRANKS GONE WRONG| GUN PULLED| ALMOST SHOT| Funny Videos| Pranks 2015 14 of 30. If not, they're in a world of trouble. #psycho Feb 22, 2019 - Explore Mackenzie Kirby's board "Revenge pranks" on Pinterest. Replace someone's deodorant with butter. Try and offer it to people, as well. The Best Evil Pranks To Play On People. 4. If your dorm mate is especially loud in the morning, this might be the perfect way to get back at them. Serve them at parties when the drink is soda (Coca Cola or Pepsi would probably be best) then pull up a chair and watch your homemade time bombs explode! When they turn on the windshield wipers they'll get a rainbow :D. 22. When they turn over the mouse to see why it's not working they'll get a rage face xD (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU), 7. Attach the harmonica with a piece of tape. More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. Watch your roommate freak out as they wake up and run all over the dorm looking to shut them all off. Onions Make For Wonderful Candy Apples. 17 of 30 . Then again, they'll probably just think you're totally gross, so you may best be served trying this one out on the main quad or in your dorm's common room. LOL. Letters are an old school way to get into someone’s head. Besides the fact that you might be Satan himself, here is a way to look nice, but remain naughty. But you're a prankster and you just have to get a rise out of someone, or else it's not a real party, right? 7 Harmless (But Slightly Evil) Back-to-School Pranks for Your Gullible Dorm Mates, Premium A-to-Z Microsoft Excel Training Bundle, What's New in iOS 14? by the 19th of july, (Friday). 10 of 30. 17. Put them to good use by placing small pieces of each color of the rainbow on the windshield of someone's car. Rub Vaseline all over the palm of your hand. The only thing weirder than eating mayo straight out of the jar is eating pudding with mayonnaise. Best Pranks Ever Good Pranks Revenge Pranks Xbox Husband Couples Youtube Best Pranks Good Pranks To Pull. So, how does one make sure they get along with and remain on good terms with their new dorm mate? Nowhere is safe when you live with a prankster, so there's no reason to limit your attacks to inside the dorm. Hold the paper or cardboard on the opening of the cup, then turn it sideways. :D (on the back window you can write OWNED with the post-its xD or... MAKE A TROLL FACE! #substitute SO I really need some revenge on her during the next week. Give it to someone who pissed you off :] Works best around Easter with family you hate! lol. Step 6: SENIOR Pranks!!! Add enough soy sauce until you get the right color for the cola. buy my merch out now! and starts teaching the class. Claim: A video shows the aftermath of a student spiking a school's lemonade supply with laxatives. 15. Magazine Subscriptions. 50 Random Ways To Make People Think You're A Freak, 50 Random Ways To Make People Think You're A Freak - PART 2, ***BONUS CHAPTER*** 15 More Useful Comebacks ;), ***Bonus Chapter*** 15 Ways to Be Asked Out :), ***BoNuS ChApTeR*** 15 Ways to Tell a Boy You Like Him, ***BONUS chapter*** 15 Cures for Heart Break

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