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All armor is rated by level. Spartan Level IIIA Flex Fused Core Soft Body Armor. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; // OPTIONAL FIELDS First Impressions.     } }); The plates slip into a carrier vest that may itself have soft body armor … function trackEcommerce() {         this._addTrans = gtagAddTrans; Keeping with Spartan Armor tradition, it offers GREAT protection at a GREAT price. It's how bad is it? Soft Armor & More. Find the best body armor, plate carriers and tactical gear to fit your needs.         }); These bundles are perfect as they provide everything you need without the hassle of looking around for multiple products. object : [object];};_window.obApi.marketerId = toArray(_window.obApi.marketerId).concat(toArray(OB_ADV_ID));return;} Best Body Armor. All prices are in USD • © 2020 Rescue Essentials • Sitemap • Powered by Bigcommerce • eStore Maintained by QeRetail.             name: product, One of the company’s recent introductions is the Level IIIA Wraparound Vest.             price: price, !function(_window, _document) { Keeping with Spartan Armor tradition, it offers GREAT protection at a GREAT price. }); Just as the name implies hard body armor is comprised of hard plates of ballistic steel or ceramic. Armor Packages .     function gaAddTrans(orderID, store, total, tax, shipping, city, state, country) { (u=!1,n()):document.addEventListener?document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",function(){u=!1,n()}):document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange",function(){"loading"!==document.readyState&&(u=!1,n())})}}catch(n){}})(SOUNDEST.shopID,SOUNDEST.shopType,SOUNDEST.eventsHost); Some of the links on this page and site are affiliate links to companies like Amazon and Palmetto State Armory. This lightweight breathable water repellant carrier has a four-point adjustable strapping system made easy for the customer to adjust quickly! The anti frag coating is very grippy which limits plate movement once it’s mounted in the carrier. Soft armor is usually fairly lightweight and flexible. h._hjSettings={hjid:644818,hjsv:6}; },s.version='1.1',s.queue=[],u=t.createElement(n),u.async=!0,u.src='//', (We will not share your info with anyone. The best soft armor choices remain vests that have passed either the FBI Body Armor Test Protocol, or any 100% all WOVEN p-aramid soft armor . window.SOUNDEST = window.SOUNDEST || {}; // Do not forget to replace XXXXXX with your shop ID! /** DO NOT MODIFY THIS CODE**/ // Insert Twitter Pixel ID and Standard Event data below         ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', { window.addEventListener('load',function(){ Review by Martin P. on 30 Jul 2018 review stating IIIA Soft Body Armor and Spartan DL Concealment Carrier.         this._addItem = gaAddItems;             tax: tax, Spartan Armor Systems has developed a cost-effective system to produce steel body armor that provides affordable and durable rifle-rated protection. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. twq('track','PageView'); This Spartan Armor Flex Fused Core IIIA Soft Body Armor is pistol-rated to keep you safer in dangerous situations. There is a pretty well-known bit of combat footage, … Sold as individual panels. Spartan Armor Systems specializes in NIJ 0101.06 compliant body armor and offers level III, level III+ and level IV threat. gtag('config', 'AW-1036770879'); Sold as individual panels. Spartan Armor Armaply™ Extreme Lightweight Armor When it Comes to Body Armor, Heavier Isn’t Always Better. Hard Body Armor. Spartan Armor Systems™ Flex Fused Core™ IIIA Soft Body Armor and Spartan DL Concealment Plate Carrier. SHOP NOW Before It Ends!!! $209.99-$279.99. SOUNDEST.shopID = "rd4j7"; SOUNDEST.shopType = "bigcommerce"; SOUNDEST.eventsHost = ""; (function(r,s,c){try{if(01&&localStorage){var l,o,t=e.slice(1).split("&");for(l=0;l

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