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On 24 January 1923 the Italian Royal Air Force (Regia Aeronautica) was formed as an independent arm, separate from the air services of the Army and Navy and in 1925 the establishment of an Air Ministry put the new service on a secure footing. However this was an heaven match as the Regia Marina inflicted the most massive lost to the British submarine force: Of 76 submarines lost by the Royal Navy in WWII, 37 were sunk by Italian forces, 24 by the Germans and 4 by the Japanese forces, and 11 by accidents, friendly fire, or unknown causes*. It was a vital seaway for the British for the servicing of their Empire. However it was doomed to suffer defeat at the hands of the allied forces for several reasons. The Royal Italian Navy (Regia Marina) in World War II, the fifth largest in the world, was a formidable fighting force, at least on paper, and was designed for aggressive, offensive action. To meet the military needs of the Royal Italian Navy, which it had already been supplying with high precision instruments for a number of years, Officine Panerai creates Radiomir, a radium-based powder that gives luminosity to the dials of sighting instruments and devices. The Italian Navy's Cavour aircraft carrier passing thru the Canal de Taranto after completing a refit and upgrade to operate F-35B Joint Strike Fighters. However by 1940 the Italian Navy had grown in size and, despite British bases in Egypt, Cyprus, Crete, Malta and Gibraltar, Britain’s naval supremacy of the region was under threat. Britain’s Royal Navy had dominated the Mediterranean since the time of Nelson. During the inter-war years the Italian Air Force was held in high regard: Italian planes were technically advanced, and her Air Force commanders, … Royal Navy in the Mediterranean - Reinforcements were sent to the Mediterranean Fleet in Alexandria right through until the end of the year.The arrival of "Illustrious" allowed Adm Cunningham to go ahead with plans to attack the Italian battlefleet at Taranto. The Germans had a small naval force but ripped through the British navel forces in the beginning by sinking the Hood with only 3 survivors out of a complement of over 1500 men. Italian Navy picture. Generations of Italian Navy ships have been built to fit through this historic passage. French Navy (Marine Nationale) frigate Courbet, left the port of Toulon as flagship to NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian (OSG) Focused Patrol on 28 May, 2020. The Italian maritime force was called the Royal Navy until the Kingdom of Italy was replaced by the Italian Republic after World War II. The Royal Italian Navy was a key player in the war operational scenario, being thoroughly involved in coastal defense, protection of maritime supplies to and from the Mediterranean, isolation of Austria from the rest of the world by interrupting its shipping lanes, naval support to Italian land-based operations in the Northern Adriatic. Italian Navy was known as the Royal Marine before the Second World War, as the Republic of Italy replaced the Kingdom of Italy. Composed of nearly 31,000 active personnel, the Italian Navy has all kinds of modern ships ready to be deployed anytime to protect the country from maritime threats. The Task Group is composed of FS Courbet and Italian Navy (Marina Militare) FREMM ITS Carabiniere, who participate in this OSG Focused Patrol as part of the multinational force EUROMARFOR. It was big, but not particularly effective.

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