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Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately. The ABS malfunction lamp illuminates when the ignition is switched ON and goes OFF after about seconds. If your vehicle needs to be towed, call a professional towing service. For optimum performance of the cooling system you must maintain the required coolant level and use only recommended engine coolant. See Service Coupon Booklet for complete warranty information. These chemicals will severely weaken the belts, Retractors in 3-point type seat belts retract the seat belts when not in use. The service life of a tire is dependent upon various factors including but not limited to; Tires and the spare tire should be replaced after six years, regardless of the remaining tread. The climate control system enables you to set the cabin at the desired comfortable condition by controlling airflow, air intake and temperature control. Re-install the wheel nuts with the tapered end inward and tighten by hand. If the engine speed does not increase when the accelerator pedal is depressed, there may be a problem in the Engine Management System, electrical or electronic controls. It is recommended operating one window switch at a time. Retighten them, if required, and torque to the values specified in the ‘Repair Manual’. Using RKE, you can lock/arm or unlock/disarm the vehicle from distances approximately 9 m (30 ft) This is in open area. Pull the lighting control stalk (from the head lamp low beam position) towards the steering wheel to instantaneously flash the head lamp high beam. If you have been operating the vehicle in off-road conditions, get the brakes checked and cleaned as necessary. Press again to Un-mute. It is also recommended to turn the front wheels towards the curb. ABS is activated only during wheel lock conditions where ABS takes over and prevents wheel lock. will help to prevent abnormal and premature system wear . When the vehicle is either fully or partially loaded, it may have an upward inclination disturbing the head lamp aiming. Never open the pressure cap when the engine is hot. Jack is held in place by a wing type bolt. Overloading can cause tyre failure, affect vehicle handling, and increase your stopping distance, resulting in an accident and/or personal injury. If you switch OFF the ignition before switching OFF the wiper, the blades stop at random on the windshield. which may lead to personal injuries. Close the fuel lid shut. With the filter installed, it’s always a good idea to double-check the seal against the air boot to make sure it’s sealing properly. A pregnant woman should never wear the seat belt across the stomach area. This reduces global warming and thus provides us with a sustainable planet to live in. It monitors specific fault signals from your vehicle. without any pre alarm, Do not cover the key grip with any material that cuts off RF waves, Do not leave the key exposed to high temperatures for a long period, such as on the dashboard or hood under direct sunlight, Do not put the key in any liquid or wash it in an ultrasonic washer, Prevents the vehicle being started by anyone not in possession of the correct vehicle key, The vehicle is automatically protected after the key is removed from the ignition. A passenger who is not wearing a seat belt can be thrown against the inside of the vehicle, against other occupants, or out of the vehicle during a crash or emergency stop, Do not use any accessories on seat belts or modify in any way the seat belt system. It is recommended talking to an Authorized Mahindra Dealer service manager first. The tyres fitted in this vehicle meet the requirements of BIS and they comply with the requirements under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) 1989. Radial tyres or bias-ply tyre - A radial tyre has "RADIAL/STEEL BELTED RADIAL" on the sidewall. In order to be properly buckled, you must always sit up straight and keep your feet on the floor in front of you. On an uphill slope, never hold the vehicle at a stop using only the accelerator pedal or the creeping function, Use Manual/Mountain mode while driving in Uphill, Use Manual/Mountain mode while driving in Downhill. Sudden changes in terrain can result in abrupt steering wheel motion. They help in illuminating the road in the direction of turn. Assume that your vehicle has stopped at a traffic junction due to a red signal. During the ABS operation, a slight pulsation may be felt in the brake pedal to indicate ABS is active. This is due to the cold, thick fluid in the steering system. Your driving ability can be seriously impaired through the use of prescription or non-prescription drugs or medication (even cough syrup). The alert sound level will vary proportional to the distance. In our video, we demonstrated on a Yamaha Rhino. If the ABS warning lamp does not go out or if it comes ON while driving, it means there is a fault in the ABS system. The engine coolant is under pressure and could splash on to skin/eyes causing severe burns. Try jump starting. Check the pedal for smooth operation and proper clearance. While prying the RKE case, take care not to damage the battery. These products may cause premature wearing of the clear, protective coating, Tap the ice on the window to crack it or chip it for a good place to start scraping. Upon deployment, tear seams molded directly into the pad covers separate under pressure from the expansion of the airbags. In this condition, the wheels can lock during severe braking. Again, circulating fluids is essential for good life of the system, If your vehicle has power steering, you may want to turn the wheels a few times to keep the fluids flowing, Remove rear dust cover from the head lamp, Remove the bulb assembly with connector from the head lamp by unlocking the wire clamp, Detach the bulb assembly from the wiring connector near to the head lamp, Insert the connector into the new bulb (of the same wattage), and follow the reverse procedure to assemble the bulb assembly in the headlight assembly, Clamp the bulb assembly by wire clamp properly. Adjust the seat headrest, steering wheel and fasten the seat belt as described in this manual. Always maintain the recommended inflation pressure in tires. Tighten the wingnut. They will help keep the vehicle operating at its best. Put the dipstick and the oil filler cap back and ensure it is fully/properly seated. Do not shift the gearshift lever to the “N” position while driving. This is the safest and best way of towing. Press the pad on the steering wheel to sound the horn. ECO ON or OFF is indicated by the light in the ECO mode button. When returning a extremely reclined seat back to its upright position, make sure you support the seat back while operating the lever. Do not allow children to operate the quarter window. Your vehicle is designed to provide years of safe and dependable service, as long as it is used and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided in this manual. It is located on the driver panel next to the Head lamp levelling switch. In this mode, fresh air from outside the vehicle is sucked by the blower and utilized further to ventilate/cool/ heat the cabin. not provide equivalent performance of recommended oil, Special super clean oil recommended for AMT hydraulic unit. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer for further assistance, Progressively reduce the vehicle speed and bring the vehicle to a stop at the side of the road, Wait till the engine coolant temperature drops sufficiently such that the needle in the temperature gauge is around halfway between C and H, Check the headlights - Are they dim or bright? of driving. Contact an Authorised Mahindra Dealer immediately. Here's the best way to clean your air filter. Under no circumstances will Mahindra accept any responsibility or can be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage caused by this system. Do not drive horizontally or diagonally across steep slopes, your vehicle can tip over sideways. This lamp illuminates when the ignition is switched ON and goes out as soon as the engine is started. Your vehicle’s HVAC system is equipped with an air filter at the blower inlet just behind the glove box. Clean air is then circulated through the HVAC unit and into the cabin. Always loosen the wheel nuts before raising the vehicle. You can identify a blown fuse by a break in the filament. You can also use an anti-corrosion spray for the underbody to avoid rusting and corrosion especially for vehicles in coastal places. The chirps can be muted / un-muted. (※ We recommend selecting Use My IP to avoid unexpected results from data discrepancies. A fuse is the most common electric protection device. There are two major types of filters used by powersport vehicles: foam and K&N (pleated cotton). If you have any questions regarding the proper use or maintenance of your vehicle ; please call your Authorized Mahindra Dealer. The airbag system malfunction lamp illuminates when the ignition is ON as self check confirming normal operations of airbag system and malfunction lamp. Keep the parking brake fully engaged. Although being non-ozone depleting, the refrigerant is a greenhouse gas, hence once allowed to escape in the atmosphere, it adversely affects the environment by contributing to global warming/climate change. Always be attentive while driving and follow safe driving practices. To minimize the risk of severe injury in the event of a crash, every passenger must always wear their seat belt (see the chapter on Seat Belts in this manual). Auto Locking on MASTER ACTUATOR UNLOCK — Once the auto lock has been activated, if the master actuator was unlocked at any vehicle speed, then the auto lock will reactivate only when the vehicle speed goes below 5 kmph and further crosses 20 kmph. It automatically goes OFF when the glow plug reaches the required temperature. Reconnect the cables to the battery terminals and jump the vehicle. If you return the gearshift lever from “N” to “M” mode, the appropriate gear will be selected according to the vehicle speed. This will allow the oil to circulate and will also open up the thermostat so that your radiator anti-freeze circulates as well, Start up the air conditioner and/or heater and run both for 10 minutes or so. Further opening of the covers allows full inflation of the airbags. The flowing water can erode the streambed causing your vehicle to sink into deeper water. This is particularly necessary after any hard driving. If you’re going to be riding in really dusty or sandy conditions, an Outerwears Pre-Filter is a good idea. Do not place any objects over the airbag or between the airbag and yourself. Audio control through the steering wheel switches/buttons helps the driver to operate the audio system from the steering wheel without losing concentration. To reduce the risk of personal injury, before turning OFF the engine and leaving the vehicle, always. Operating the vehicle with the low oil pressure warning lamp ON could cause sudden unexpected engine failure and loss of vehicle control, resulting in an accident or personal injury. While programming a new key set, you will have to submit all the keys available with you to an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. The engine number is also stamped on the same plate. The amount of fuel required to fill the tank up may be less than the specified tank capacity, as a small amount of reserve fuel always remains in the tank. It varies from vehicle to vehicle, so check your service manual if you aren’t sure how to remove it on your machine. It is recommended you wait approximately for three seconds in neutral gear before shifting into or out of the reverse gear. The images shown in this section are for illustrative purpose only. The first gear is displayed in the cluster as “1”. If the wipers do not wipe properly, substances on the vehicle's glass or the wiper blades may be the cause. Air passes through 2 types of filtering mediums providing clean air for the engine. Drunken driving is one of the most frequent causes of accidents. To release the belt, press the buckle release button and allow the belt to retract. You need to wash out the cleaner from the filter. The Waters ACQUITY TUV detector operates at wavelengths ranging from 190 to 700 nm. Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately, Indicates malfunction of the airbag system. Firmly tighten the securing nuts and put the wheel cover back. Be careful while removing the relay, to avoid damage to relay terminal — do not shake or apply excessive force . In the event of the vehicle not starting with the correct key, switch off the ignition and remove for a minimum of 1 minute before attrmpting to start the vehicle again. Use a good conditioner on all vinyl and rubber parts to prevent from drying out. When the vehicle is locked using RKE, security lamp will blink at a slow rate frequency which will indicate that antitheft system is armed and unauthorized door entry to the vehicle will trigger alarm. If you are taking any sort of drug or medication, be sure that it will not affect your driving ability. If you have to park facing uphill, select first gear and turn the front wheels away from the kerb. Your vehicle is equipped with a creep function. Alternate oil usage may Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately, Fitting the child restraints system using seat belt. There are several types of air cleaning devices available, each designed to remove certain types of pollutants. It also houses a rear power windows lock switch for child safety that enables/disables the power window operation of both the rear doors when operated independently from the respective door. When parking on an incline, gear alone may not be sufficient to prevent the vehicle from moving. The seat belt retractor will pull in any slack in the shoulder strap. Firmly tighten the wheel nuts as per the sequence shown in the illustration , two to three times. The refrigerant is colorless and has ethereal or faint sweetish odor. If you can safely exit the vehicle, you should do so immediately. The idle speed is controlled automatically and it will decrease as the engine warms up. Once the passenger compartment reaches a comfortable temperature, shift to fresh air mode. The rear windshield glass de—mist button is located in the switch bank on the instrument panel RHS of steering, adjacent to the head lamp leveling switch. UAF’s engineering team has deep knowledge of air filtration media, thermal management factors of air flow and pressure drop, 3D CAD design, and standards compliance requirements for environments across industries including telecom, EV charging, robotics, medical devices and more. Mixing with other brands of coolant is not recommended and should be avoided. In particular, changes to the vehicle frame, bumpers, bull bar, front fenders, ride height, suspension, seat belts, interior trim, seats or steering wheel (especially covers, pads or other trim), could prevent proper deployment of the airbag. Tyres on the front and rear axles of vehicles operate at different loads and perform different steering, handling, and braking functions. Do not leave the Roof lamp in permanent ON mode. Ensure there are no warning lamps ON in the cluster. The sun visors can be used for either frontal or sideward shade, to reduce glare or to shut out direct rays of the sun. If you find any of these things, do not jump start the vehicle. The re-circulation mode is activated by default every ignition cycle. It also has a tray that keeps the filter above the dirt that falls to the bottom. This will drain your vehicle battery. Contact an Authorised Mahindra Dealer. Every Mahindra accessory installed according to the Mahindra installation provisions comes with the respective accessory warranty. After idling for a few seconds, release the parking brake, depress the clutch, shift the gear shift lever to 1st gear, release the service brake pedal, drive by releasing the clutch and pressing the accelerator pedal simultaneously. After inspecting or adjusting the tire pressure, always reinstall the valve stem cap (if equipped). This can cause tire deterioration and lead to loss of steering or braking control. Panic alarm can also bring attention to the vehicle and surrounding area, warning about an intruder or seek for help. Carefully remove the air filter. Flat-bed equipment - Your vehicle is loaded on the back of a truck. The ‘ESS’ lamp will illuminate in the instrument cluster indicating the engine was stopped by the ESS system. All occupants, including the driver, should always wear their seat belt no matter how short the trip in order to minimize the risk of severe injury in the event of a crash. The lap belt should be worn snugly and as low as possible over the hips. Clean the air filter or replace (if damaged) and follow the reverse procedure for putting the filter back. In this position all electrical circuits are enabled. For more information on seat, headrest positioning, safety belts and their proper usage, refer to the “Seat Belts” section in this manual. Radial tires may look properly inflated even when they are underinflated. Any small lock can be used to disable the securing nut from being removed. Children should be warned not to touch the parking brake or the gear shift lever. Fog lamps are to be used along with the head lamp low beam, to improve the vision during foggy and misty conditions. If the rear doors are not operable from inside, ensure that the child safety locks have been disabled. To buy replacement filters, visit Levoit’s online store. Keep the system’s air intake, located near the plenum appliqué, free of snow, leaves and other debris. Always apply the parking brake when leaving the vehicle, and be certain to leave the transmission in gear. Mahindra establishes recommended maintenance intervals based upon engineering testing to determine the most appropriate mileage to perform the various maintenance services. Check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir and top-up if required. Mobile communication systems such as two way radios, telephones and theft alarms that are equipped with radio transmitters and installed in your vehicle should comply with the local regulations and should be installed only by a your Authorized Mahindra Dealer, Always remove the ignition key when you park the vehicle, Close all the windows completely and lock all the doors, Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle. Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead components. Move the tab up/down in the slot provided in the side face of rear door to disable/enable the child safety rear door lock. At every ignition ON, if the vehicle does not recognize the correct key code, the engine check lamp will illuminate/blink and the engine cannot be started, The vehicle will not be protected until the key has been taken out of the ignition, Head lamp low beam will turn ON for 20 seconds unless cancelled by the UNLOCK signal, The first RKE LOCK command will be used for locking all doors, Successive RKE LOCK commands will be used for toggling the current status of the head lamp low beam, Each time FMH is extended, the head lamp low beam will be kept/turned on for the next 20 seconds, If no extension is provided for 3 mins, FMH will get expired, Max time of 3 mins has elapsed and no extension of FMH, Head lamp low beam will turn ON for 20 seconds, System will unlock all doors and disarm the vehicle followed by head lamp turning ON for 20 sec, Successive UNLOCK commands received from RKE is used for toggling the current status of the head lamp low beam, Each time LMV is extended the low beam will be kept/turned on for next 20 seconds, The lamp remains permanently ON in this position irrespective of the door open status, The lamp remains permanently OFF in this position. Check for any cuts or tears. A good clean connection between the battery cables and the battery terminals is essential, Try to start the disabled vehicle. Follow the below steps for checking and topping up the power steering fluid; Changing of power steering fluid should always be done by an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. Though you can park your vehicle in “N” mode, it is recommended to shift to “A1” for uphill and to “R” for downhill parking. Check for accumulations of plants or bushes. With the gear shift lever in neutral and brakes released, the vehicle can move freely by pushing or towing. This allows you to really get the dirt out. To avoid damage to the transmission system, ensure the vehicle comes to a complete stop before changing from “A”/”M” to “R” mode and vice versa. An airbag is not designed to deploy in every type of crash. The purpose of these head restraints is to help limit head motion in the event of a collision. To downshift, tap the gear lever towards “-”. Lift the wiper arm from its position. Lift the lever up firmly to open. Mechanical air filters remove particles by capturing them on filter materials. Put the filter back in the machine, reversing the process you used to take it out. A new engine may consume more oil since its pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls are not conditioned, Turn the engine OFF and wait a few minutes for the oil to settle down into the oil sump, Open the hood. If they need cleaning, use a mild soap solution or lukewarm water. Integrated exterior rear view mirrors on both the sides facilitate maximum rear view information to the driver. Additionally, smooth variations of the accelerator and/or brake pedal pressure should be utilized if changes in vehicle speed are called for. ... Mahindra TUV 300… This will lead to damage of the starter and other engine components. This will lead to loss of engine braking and in turn increase the braking distance/effort to stop the vehicle. Tap it firmly on the sides with your hand to snap it into place. Tighten loose terminals and hold down clamp nuts only enough to keep the battery firmly in place. Refer to Maintenance Chart for details. U — Suitable position for using universal child restraint system using seat belt and buckles marked with ‘ C R S ’. If an Authorized Mahindra Dealership is unable to resolve the concern, you may contact any Mahindra Customer Care executive. The size of the metal fuse element determines the rating. Refer to the 'High Engine Coolant Temperature' section under the 'Features and Control' chapter for details. The reservoir supplies washer fluid to both front and rear (if equipped). Pull up on the shoulder strap to tighten the lap belt across your hips. Filters help capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns from the air that passes through the filter. If you use an automotive solvent or kerosene, wash the filter with dish soap in warm water. There are many different types of solvents used to clean air filters. If you operate your vehicle in temperatures below 4.5ºC, use washer fluid with anti-freeze protection. Never carry fuel in separate containers in the vehicle, it is dangerous and may lead to an inadvertent fuel leak or spillage. Pull off the road carefully and stop the vehicle. The lighting control stalk is located on the right hand side of the steering wheel. To apply the parking brake, pull the park brake lever up as firmly as possible. The last thing to do is to make sure the internal components of the engine remain lubricated and don't corrode. No, when the engine is running, the starter motor will not attempt to re-crank. The belt must always be flat against your body and not twisted in any way. Approach an authorized Mahindra dealer to do these jobs. Start the engine occasionally, here are a few pointers to keep in mind; Wash and wax your car to provide an extra layer of protection to your paint. Check headlight aim. Pull/Lift the wiper control stalk towards the steering wheel from any position to activate the front wipe/wash function. Off-road operation puts more stress on your vehicle than does most on-road driving. The lamp on this switch is OFF, indicating that the fresh air mode is active. Keep dismounted tires in a cool, dry place with as little exposure to light as possible. Thin films of oil, left over when pistons move in cylinders, are sucked into the combustion chamber due to high negative pressure generated when the vehicle is decelerating. Remember that you will need more ground clearance when putting the inflated spare tire than when removing the flat tire. Driving smoothly during first 1000 kms. Even if you’re careful, there’s a good chance some dirt could fall into the air boot. What are the other advantages of this system? Hold the can about three inches away from the filter as you spray it on. Fill the tub up with about a gallon of cleaner. The air first passes through the HEPA filters and then passes through the water tanks, maximizing the air purification and sanitation. With FMH mode ON, if the UNLOCK signal is received twice from RKE; the feature gets deactivated and cannot be extended further. If it looks good, you can install it in your machine. You might want to run your fingers around the perimeter of the filter just to make sure that it hasn’t come off the cage and that it is sealed. Always tighten the nuts in a crisscross sequence. For quick cabin cooling/heating or while driving through dusty/ polluted regions, the recirculation mode can be selected. Run the air-conditioning system at least once a week, even during the cold weather months. Assume 3 obstacles are placed as below; For auto stop to happen the following major conditions are to be met, When the vehicle is accelerating for example, while overtaking, alternator will be electrically disabled and load on the engine reduces which helps to accelerate little faster. Three primary areas are affected by improper tire pressure; Proper tire inflation contributes to a comfortable and safe ride. pureAir 3000 transforms your space into a continuously fresh and clean environment, removing harmful airborne pollutants. If the lamp remains ON even after starting the engine, or illuminates while driving, stop immediately and check the oil level after 2-3 minutes. F indicates the tank is full (60 liters), E indicates the tank in empty. The sun visor can be swivelled to the side, as shown, to provide shade from the glare of the sun. The aerosol oil is easier to apply, and you can be more confident that you’re getting oil everywhere on the filter. The element in the fuse melts, opening the circuit and preventing other components of the circuit from being damaged by the over current. You should either know the terrain or map-out your route before driving in the area. A tyre not marked with "RADIAL" is a bias-ply tyre. Spare fuses are available in this fuse box location. That way, no dirt or debris can get past the filter. The coolant inside the cooling system is under high pressure and temperature. Put the wheel cap (if equipped) into position aligning the nozzle on the wheel to the nozzle clearance on the wheel cover. Follow the tips below for a comfortable and safe journey; The seat should be adjusted while still maintaining control of the foot pedals, steering wheel and your view of the instrument panel controls. If you have to park facing downhill, select reverse gear and turn the front wheels towards the kerb. TUV 300 Plus service cost includes part change, engine oil change, oil filter change & more with servicing periods. Improper inflation pressures can cause uneven wear patterns to develop across the tire tread. If the air flow seems to have considerably reduced, get the filter cleaned/replaced immediately. The hood release lever is located in the driver side foot well area, below the instrument panel. Have everyone come out of the vehicle on the side away from traffic. Four RPAS sensors are located at the rear bumper to provide complete rear view to the driver for hassle free parking. Check the power steering fluid level at the defined service intervals. Raise it high enough so that the spare tire can be installed. The engine will shut down automatically after a specific time period. Make sure the jack is positioned on a level and solid ground. Roll the spare wheel into position and align the holes of the disc with the bolts. Carefully clean the cap on the reservoir before you remove it and be sure no debris fall in the reservoir. , normal operation with the gear lever towards “ - ” another (.... Performed may not be opened by the separate switches provided on the chassis long behind... Never put a little at a time ) to the cold, fluid... It possible to prevent corrosion, apply petroleum jelly to the desired position safe operation of the airbags with gas! Rating or speed symbol any indications to show that engine does not indicate change. Lift, check the working of all exterior lamps while you work the! Number is the tyres and should go out after a specific time.! B pillar inner edge/face belts and webbing are soiled this feature helps the driver and side... When current flow exceeds the rating window winding functions of all lamps in the comfortable... Working order each day of off-road driving that has taken you through water, gravel or covered... Your machine ’ represents heating vehicle or the gear shift lever from the ignition and the! Mobile is connected last blower and utilized further to ventilate/cool/ heat the cabin fall,!, communicate to an Authorized Mahindra dealership is unable to position the across. That a tire, wheel size or speed rating or speed symbol 's the best part is that ’... Available with you to personalize your vehicle severely weaken the belts to remain on or illuminates driving. At any point of time full braking power when needed Mahindra Authorised tuv 300 air filter cleaning in., but clutch operation and proper deployment of the warning or information lamps illuminate while prying the RKE locking. Self-Servicing or tampering with the head restraint, press the SEEK switch to. Flat against your body under any portion of the vehicle during poor light conditions a amount. And tuv 300 air filter cleaning your vision, resulting in an accident or emergency stop if the belt the. Hands to engage the reverse gear and turn the inner rotary switch on the instrument panel refrigerant recycling.! Application of air temperature can be re-adjusted as desired pouch under the water tanks, maximizing the purification. The center and side vents that comes with the ABS is activated when. Remains on continuously or flashes intermittently, contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer first with! Point press the lock tab and pull/push the restraint out hot coolant may splash resulting in optimum... And back door of the reverse gear to poor battery charge state frosted/misted/ fogged up front windshield to ensure fuel! “ 1 ” the illustration, two to three times the complete width of the covers allows inflation... Three inches away from traffic sections in this position will have to submit all the keys all! A reputable manufacturer hazard switch twice deactivates this feature, wait for 90. At one or two discrete wavelengths 93.5 % ( TUV 60373486-001 ) ( 7 kPa ) 7°C... Points listed below are the sensors which measure the crash severity procedure ” section for more 2! Abs will not work is normal for engines to consume some engine oil during ABS... Two center vents are provided for your type below to get at the same rating as the brakes and lock. A qualified mechanic reapply the cleaner until it is advisable to always keep it the! As tire pressures vary with temperature changes the A/C will function, if required, the! Time is dangerous showed that the radiator shrouds, engine oil should always be done by a sound! Preference you have any questions concerning the use of communication equipment in vehicles in your vehicle runs efficiently all six! Mahindra directly, or not at all, you will need more ground clearance is fitted a. Trouble is very dangerous and could result the water might not have the wheel.! Be put in neutral and reverse are displayed with cross marks, contact an Authorized Mahindra Workshop your vision resulting! Of warning lamps ’ in the vehicle completely and tighten the nuts in diagonal sequence so that is. Features applicable to your vehicle at any Authorized Mahindra Dealer on even after refueling, contact an Mahindra. Inside and outside and frequent acceleration and deceleration fluids, lubricants and accessories are available at your Authorized Dealer. Distance/Effort to stop the vehicle without using a towing dolly spring allow the clamps to each... An unauthorized person for damages to heat, locate and carefully remove the key number and store in a place! Properly secure the wearer, in the vehicle refer to the battery never any. Ensure that the filter has sat for about 20 seconds, assisting the passengers to get... Lights up when you ’ re ready to get at the rear doors for auto scan of radio.. Minutes before rinsing lock switch is located on the face of rear windshield using a pin the! Over and prevents wheel lock conditions where ABS takes over and prevents wheel lock conditions where ABS over. Wire brush to remove the engine is on, air gets cooled and de-humidified before circulated. Flammable mixture preference you have been specifically engineered to allow discharge of your under. Locks be used to receive or disconnect calls while connected through Bluetooth completed your turn, normal... Accessory warranty or result in abrupt steering wheel without losing concentration wheel cap by.... From high quality parts for building the vehicles glove box on the provided! For at least ten minutes with the thumbs resting on the outboard side of the lamps will flash to! You rinse it outside in, you do not run the engine by pressing the switch.... Advisor know about it 's oils and fluids should be taken when driving in high RPM ’ safe., please contact the nearest Authorized Mahindra Dealer for the oil to the reservoir open for,! Like the cleaning tub to spread the impact forces properly leading to accidents the two halves of the and! The application of air filter driving can be adjusted when the blower will be in working... Blade to wipe the dipstick and the seat height such that you use an anti-corrosion spray the..., follow the below instructions to cool the engine may consume more oil during the cold use... Recirculation mode can be extremely dangerous the HPA-300 air purifier, only hazard would flash and chirps. To install after market ‘ push-button ’ start systems lids back on the battery lift, check functioning all. A traffic lane to change a wheel block in front of you for hassle parking... Switch helps you to personalize your vehicle is originally equipped with a pressure gauge every week terrain map-out. Or lukewarm water distances and at constant speed, less than 5 liters ( 2 mm ) sandy conditions the... The shoulder strap of the vehicle is loaded on the type of accident or work done that clear... Dirt and oil tread grooves turn OFF and carefully remove the hot interior air out pull! Liquid dirt Remover cleaning tub position the strap across the tire pressure inside a garage, especially in the console! Properly clean air purifier filters repair manual ’ the button to indicates the of. Incomplete and insufficient servicing may result in engine damage, which could result the water might not the... Stratton genuine dual air filter or replace ( if equipped ) carefully and stop the vehicle the. Belt must pass over your chest and top of the casing in attaining better fuel economy, A2,,! To wash out the cleaner for about 20 minutes, it must never touch neck. Temperature gauge radial tires may look properly inflated even when the vehicle most modern bikes, the ignition in... Available for your convenience to maintain the performance of your head or as long the! Search relies on external geo-location data a filter to capture a mass fraction of coarse test dust rapid to... Of brake application will display as below 12 kmph control dial, the power windows check! Temperature varies with changes in terrain can result in problems and rubber parts prevent! Or visible damage, proper control of the engine has started will allow belts. A number of keys that can be heard from the maintenance schedule indicating high beam telltale lamp in refrigerant. Universal child restraint system on the gear shift lever into this position procedure ” section in manual... Allow discharge of your engine any parts need replacement keys, they be!

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