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Bitcoin is Growing. As the global Bitcoin network and economical alternative coin system continues to grow you will notice a very specific data statistics growing. These stats focus around anything Bitcoin and range from the United States Patent office of intellectual property database which would include new business filings, new premium Bitcoin domain names as well as asset sales and development. Most importantly Google search query volumes for Bitcoin related searches.

The research information below identifies the average monthly searches for a particular query on Google that is related to Bitcoin. By studying the exact match search queries and related search archives or content you will find a much more interesting story than what the current news media have been reporting…

The average monthly bitcoin search query world wide is currently at 5 million. That is a 400% increase over the past 12 months. We started the 2013 year with a search volume of just under 250,000. The search volume spiked in April amid the insitial 2013 BTC price jump to over $200 per coin. Then the search volume died down a tad to just unde a million over the summer before beginning its new climb in the fall before reaching 5 million by years end.

Average Google monthly “Bitcoin” search volume:

  •  Jan 2013 – 301,000
  •  Feb 2013 – 368,000
  •  Mar 2013 – 1,220,000
  •  Apr 2013 – 3,350,000
  •  May 2013 – 1,220,000
  •  Jun 2013 – 823,000
  •  Jul 2013 – 823,000
  •  Aug 2013 – 823,000
  •  Sep 2013 – 550,000
  •  Oct 2013 – 1,500,000
  •  Nov 2013 – 5,000,000
  •  Dec 2013 – Not Available

The story is that Bitoin is slowly growing in popularity around the world. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Bitcoin has crossed over to main stream but every time some one new first learns about bitcoin, the chances of its eventual success increases greatly.

In laymans term, the higher the search volume in google and other search engines, the higher the overall popularity of Bitcoin. That leads to a higer Pay Per Search or bid price within the Google Adwords search engine marketing platform. The current bid price for the term Bitcoin is $1.06. That means that an advertiser can expect to pay just over a dollar for every click to their websites if they were to advertise with Google Adsense.

This means more folks are promoting Bitcoin products and paying a higher price for that promotion, at least within the Google search engine world. The higher the bid price for the bitcoin search term the more competition obviously. As bitcoin innovation grows, investment and news will follow. Search Engine indexes will increase as will the monthly search queries and bid costs.

It only stands to reason that Bitcoin focused companies like like Coinbase, BitPay, MtGox and Btc-E will likely invest in some paid search engine marketing campaigns in the very near future. The virtual Bitcoin properties, ie domain names are gaining in value as well. Each day more and more domain names that contain the word bitcoin are being bought up but not all of those properties are being developed.

Despite the sky high reputation that all these companies command, the bitcoin engine review bonus has different people making their own decisions on which of them to invest upon as you can choose only one at a time and with Bitcoin prices fluctuating every now and then, people are skeptical on spending even a small fortune on it even though the benefits are humungous to behold.