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So, you have decided to shed those extra kilos off your body and do something about the tires and love handles on your body.

But wondering where to start?

Well, it’s the same with everyone. When I decided to lose my post pregnancy weight I was also clueless since I couldn’t devote my time to long hours of workout due to baby. So, I consulted my doctor and he recommended to me that I need to focus on a combination of good diet and light exercise. As I did more research, I found out that there are certain foods which help you to reduce your belly fat. You will find a whole list of these foods ahead.

You can learn about the reviews of the best testosterone supplements before purchasing them. There is a reduction in the belly fat through it. You should prepare proper plan for the eating of the supplements and have the desired results on body. It will offer the best experience to the people.

Few foods have low calorie content and high nutritious value and they help you in achieving your ideal weight in a healthy way without the need of extreme diets. These types of foods are known as super foods and are great to achieve fitness.

They just don’t ensure your supply of vitamins and nutrients but also help you in burning your fat fast. If are trying to lose weight then you really need to read this!

It will be a perfect guide to follow whenever you are contemplating what to eat and what all you should have in your kitchen to enhance your weight loss journey!

These foods used to provide nutrition, burn belly fat, keep me energetic and make me full for long time.

Having belly fat is irritating and frustrating in general but it reaches its threshold when we were going to a party and the dress we planned to wear is not fitting us anymore! It decreases your self-confidence.

Well, I know exactly how it feels. Its hard to accept the fact that we need to lose weight and practicing it is even harder. We try to lose weight but our belly just doesn’t want it. I used to be unhappy while looking myself in the mirror. I started avoiding going out and used to feel sad and pathetic.

But then I decided to change this. I realized that I can’t just sit and keep on pitying myself. II need to take control of my life and how I look and that’s how I ended up doing all the research. I have prepared this list for you so that everyone dealing with belly fat issues can benefit from my experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discover all the food options that will help you become healthy and fit once again!

Here is the list of foods that help you to burn belly fat fast and keep you healthy!

Make sure you add them to your diet whenever you can and start burning extra fat fast with these foods:-

55 foods that burn belly fat fast

1)Black Beans

There are good gut bacteria in your stomach which need food to live and one of their favourite options are black beans! Gut bacteria feed on the soluble fibre of these beans and convert them into butyrate which is a chemical that helps your body burn body fat to produce energy. For each half cup of black beans, you get over 8gms of fibre which is even double than what an apple claims to have!

They are popular in Latin America and can also be found in Creole and Cajun cuisines. Just like most of beans, it’s natively found in America but is consumed all over the world. You can eat it with lime juice, tomatoes and chillies.


Freshly caught salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that are well known to treat inflammation and helping you lose extra belly fat. In fact this healthy fat fights against inflammation by increasing a hormone named adiponectin which enhances metabolism and help you burn fat.

So, add this pink fish in your list of veggies that you have to buy from store as its rich in both DHA and EPA which are the 2 active forms of Omega-3s. Basically salmons are found in North Atlantic (genus Salmo) and Pacific Ocean. You can find canned salmon in grocery stores. Open the can, add lemon juice or cocktail sauce and enjoy!


You should not be scared of fat anymore! Now you have creamy avocados to rescue you from fat accumulation with its abundance of monounsaturated fat which will sow down your appetite.

Lancet endocrinology and diabetes studied 90,257 people for years and found out that participant who tried to eat low-fat diet had equal risk of being overweight as compared to those who ate whatever they wanted. They are found in South Central Mexico. So, here you are with another reason to bite into an avocado toast! You can even add them to your salad or make a paste and add it to your toasts.

4)Miso Paste

Looking for ways to lose belly fat? Well, first need to ensure that you include those foods in your diet which support balanced gut microbiome- e.g. miso paste. Yes, we are talking about the stuff from which we make miso soup. It’s made from fermentation of soybeans with koji and salt, miso paste teamed with gut-healthy bacteria can help you to boost your digestive system and enhancing your immune system and burn belly fat.

Here is the proof, as per a study published in British Journal of Nutrition, researchers did a study and compared women following a low calorie diet taking either a probiotic supplement or probiotic for a time period of 12 weeks. In the end of the study, it was found that women who took placebo lost less weight than those who took probiotic along with their calories regulated meal plans. You can easily find it in grocery stores labelled as “soybean paste”

You can apply it to your toast or add it to your salad.