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When you Juice Fresh Fruits and Vegetables yourself, this is a great way to Lose Weight, Clean Out your Entire Body System and Get Nutrition Fast. In fact, a lot of people say it is a lot better then the Lemon Water Detox Method. The advantage that juicing has over Lemon Water Detox is that it has many nutrients and health benefits at a very low calorie rate. It also helps the immune system and keeps all your body’s organs working at optimum levels.

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Drinking plenty of water is beneficial and will help clean your system but, will not give you all the benefits that comes with juicing. When you juice, it also acts as a appetite suppressant. It has no side effects like many store bought suppressants and can really relieve your hunger if taken right before your main meal, thus helping you eat less during your meals. Another benefit for juicing is that it lowers your blood sugar levels.

Losing Weight With Juicing

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits of juicing, lets talk about how it can help you lose weight. No matter if you are lifting weights or not and want to lose weight in a healthy way, then juicing is a great choice.

Losing Weight And Detox

When you juice, you will also be detoxing. Detoxing is necessary for quick and effective weight loss. When you eat processed foods, all that non nutritional substance they put in the food is not natural. When your body digest non natural foods, it stores all those substances in the fat.

Juicing cleans out your system and when combined with some form of cardio exercise, you will help get rid of all those toxins in your fat. As you flush all the toxins out of your system, your fat cell will be easier to burn off when you exercise. When the toxins are expelled from your body, there are four main ways they can leave. The toxins exit your body through either your sweet, breath, pee or poop.

Detoxing is great before you start any weight training program. A month before you start your workout program, detoxing or juicing is advisable. This will help your muscles get the necessary protein effectively because your body blood stream is cleaned and filtered. A clean blood stream and a healthy body will provide nutrients to the damaged muscle faster, thus help in the recovery process much more effectively. Although it is not advisable to do an all juicing diet when you weight train because you will not get the right amount of proteins to the body through this method. But, it is okay to add juicing before your meals or as a small snack between meals.

Variety of Juicing

There are many different varieties that you can do when juicing. There are many recipes for juice drinks that you can make that will taste great and is very healthy. The sky is the limit for your own creativity of different fruits and veggies you can add to your drink. One of the juice drinks I make in the morning is…

  • 5 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • 1 celery
  • 1 beat

The great thing about making juice drinks is there are no wrong ways to make them. As long as you use fresh fruits and vegetables, you are headed in the right direction. I will be writing more articles about juicing, including the benefits of different types of fruit and vegetables.

Some people say that that you can lose up to one pound a day through this juicing weight loss method. I’m not sure if that is true but, I do know that it does help speed up the weight loss process.

When you are shopping at the grocery store, the temptation to buy junk food or comfort food will be there, especially when you are first starting out on a diet. But be strong and realize the benefits that comes from fruits and veggies.

Obesity is an epidemic in North America. Juicing combined with Exercise is great for anyone looking to win the battle of obesity.