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When you first create a ‘Business Fan’ page, people are not going to flock to your page and just ‘like’
your business page. Growing your Instagram Fan Page, and having a systematic approach is key to
increase popularity over time. The insta stories will assist in the promotion of the business. The
adaptation of the right strategy will provide the benefits to the business people. The growth is excellent
with the advertising and promotion of the products. There is an increase in the engagement of people.

It is important to remember that Instagram is a social platform. People are there to interact with other
people who share common interest and want to be social. The more of a social butterfly you become,
the more people may become a fan of your business page. This leads me to the first step in building your
fan base. Here is a step by step approach in engaging with people in an effort to grow your business ‘fan’

Step #1 – Ask your friends to ‘like’ your page.

Yes, that’s right! Growing your Instagram Fan Page, ask your friends to ‘like’ your page! Your friends that
you fostered relationships over the years on your ‘profile’ page want to see you succeed in your
business endeavor! Friends want to do business with friends, and they want to support you, its human
nature. The first step is to login to your ‘profile’ page, and then type in your business page in the search
window where you will be routed to your business page. On the business page, you will want to click on
the triple button where a drop down menu will appear, and in the drop down menu you will see a a link
which says ‘Invite Friends’. From here, your list of friends from you ‘profile’ page where you can send
them simple ‘invites’ to like your ‘business page’. It’s quick, it’s easy, and remember, your friends want
to support you!

Step #2 – Prepare yourself with Quality Content and Consistency

Remember, Social Media Marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. There are many companies who are
excited to get started with their social media campaign and fall flat on their faces, as the candle which
burns twice as bright, burns out twice as quick. To grow your Instagram Fan Page has it’s challenges, and
many people wonder how often to post, and there is not a right or wrong answer here. What is more
important is that you have a plan, measure the results, and adjust the plan accordingly. I encourage
many clients to only post 3 times a week with quality content versus posting daily as long as the quality
is there. It is okay to repost the same content at various times on various days, so don’t feel like you
have to put out something fresh each time! Your fan base will appreciate you more with quality and
consistency versus posting bad content inconsistently.

Step #3 – Instagram Social Plugins are a must in your website!

As you grow your Instagram Fan page, give people every opportunity who visit your website a way to
share your content with their Social networks. There are a plethora of Social Sharing icons which can be
embedded into a website where people may share your content (without prodding) to their networks.
These social share icons should be embedded on every article, blog post, and static webpage on your
website. If you are producing quality content for your visitors, then you just may be surprised how often
they will share your content!

Step #4 – When you post, ask fans to take action!

When posting, be confident in asking your fans to take action! You have just captured their attention
with your engaging post, so within the description or comment area, ask them to take the next step. Ask
them to click the ‘Like’ button, or ask them to show you some love by ‘Reposting’ on their wall, or how
about asking them to leave a comment. People are willing to take the next step if you engage with them
and that is what Social networking is all about. If you post a picture, why not ask your fan’s the
following: “What does this picture remind you of”, or “How does this picture make you feel”? Your goal
should be to engage your audience into being social, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Birds of a feather flock together! Join established groups through your ‘Profile’ (Personal) page by typing
in the search window relevant terms associated with your product or service. You will be amazed on
how many groups which are already established and have 1000’s of members. By joining these groups,
you may be able to post to the groups (sometimes moderator may have to approve) with your engaging

posts. Before you start posting, visit these pages and take the initiative and like others posts, or leave
comments. This will help you become established within the group as someone who is outwardly
focused versus someone who is just trying to post their product or service to a random group. I once
again want to remind everyone that Social networks are supposed to be social, so be social, and not just
a salesman!