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Halo is a series of video games originally created by Bungie studios. The Halo games fall into the first person shooter genre. It is a Sci-Fi first person shooter series set in the future.

In the year 2552 the human race is locked into a losing war against the Covenant. The humans are all allied under the UNSC flag. UNSC stand for the United Nations Space Command. If a person will buy lol smurf account, then they will get the best experience of the playing of the games. The playing methods against the opponent will be excellent. The personal information will not be disclosed to the third parties for the misuse.

The covenant is a collective of alien races that are bound together by religion. Their belief is an ancient race called the forerunners drives then to explore the galaxy. When they stumbled upon the humans, the covenant declared them an affront to their gods, and started a campaign to annihilate then all.

The Covenant alliance is composed of the elites, prophets, Jackals, Brutes, grunts, hunters, and flying insect creatures. The elites are tall bipedal aliens, who are usually in charge of the covenant military.

The grunts are shorts grey skin aliens that are used as foot soldiers. The grunts hold the lowest social class in the covenant, and are often mistreated by the other races.

The jackals are spiny bird like creatures that are used as either shock troopers, due to their wrist shields, or snipers due to their excellent vision.

Brutes are huge muscle bound aliens who tend to serve a pack mentality over the covenant, and have a severe distaste for the elites.

Hunters are huge creatures, with automatic assault cannons for one arm and a shield on the other. They are often sent out in pairs, and used more as equipment than personnel.

The Prophets are the political and religious leaders of the covenant. They also have a deep seeded rivalry with the Elites. Finally the swarm type insects are flying aliens that fly in large swarms.

The games all focus around the Master Chief. He is a Spartan II super solider who holds the rank of Master Chief Petty officer in the UNSC Navy. The Spartan II’s program was originally started to deal with insurrectionists. Throughout all the way all Spartan II’s died except for the Master Chief.

All the games span about 3 months in time. The last two games made by Bungie steps out of Master Chief’s shoes. One game follows the story of a team of elite marines called ODSTs through the ruined streets during the battle of New Mombasa. In the time line its set during Halo 2.

The other game set you in the boots of a Spartan III, referred to only as six. The Spartan III program was initiated because Spartan II’s were costly to produce, and maintain.