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Pokemon GO is such an online which became extremely popular around the globe. It equally had its craze in India. But over time, the popularity is decreased. But people still play this game as per their preference. 

Use of Pokecoins

There are different kinds of items that can be acquired on Pokemon GO by just spinning Pokestops and completing various research tasks. On the other hand, few of these things and items could be purchased in-game utilizing Pokecoins.

This is the reason Pokémon GO players look forward to getting Pokecoins while playing this game. There are two ways to get these coins. The first way is to use Pokemon for defending gyms. On the other hand, the second way is to buy these Pokecoins with real money. You can visit in this regard. 

Getting Pokecoins while playing Pokémon GO

Gyms are considered to be a significant part of this game. Level 5 or higher trainers are allowed to battle in the gym for defeating current defenders to effectively earn Pokecoins, or they can add their Pokémon.

A trainer is allowed to add their Pokemon to as many gyms as they want. But just one Pokemon is supposed to be placed in any gym every time. The Pokémon trainers earn a Pokecoin for every 10 minutes their Pokemon is to defend the gym. 

50 Pokecoins can be earned a day at max. If 5 Pokémon are to defend a gym for a whole day, their trainer is to get 50 Pokecoins for the job. 

Buy Pokecoins Online

If you, as a trainer, want to collect Pokecoins fast without playing this game, you can buy it online. Browsing websites like will be beneficial for you in such cases. There are other online Pokemon GO shops that you can explore to buy these coins.