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As you guys are ready with your Pokemon go accounts, “PokemonGo the game” is seen as a lame game and I am miserable. Spawns are routine, gyms are tedious, eggs are all Paras, no one can see my accomplishments, promotions make my rare monsters available to everyone, I obsess over IVs and move sets but I don’t know why, and I really hate those spoofers. Fixes are rumored, but when, when, when? “Pokemon Go Spoof” is fantastic. I sit on my couch and catch fabulous monsters all over the world. I place them in gyms all over the world, annoying the locals and racking up the serious coin. I am violating the terms of service, but what a great game “Pokemon Go Spoof” is. 

The anger of the rule followers makes it all the sweeter. I can’t wait to spoof the all-new cooperative social gameplay experiences. “Pokemon Go the Collector App” is pretty good if I ignore gyms and egg hatching and just wander around, being pleasantly surprised occasionally by a new monster. If you like birding, fishing, card collecting, or growing your wine cellar, you will love “Pokemon Go the Collector App”. Search for perfect IVs, get a male and female of everything, hope for a shiny, and don’t rush. Enjoy the journey. Available at the PlayStore, it is labeled a game (Pokemon Go), but it isn’t. If the gameplay aspects ever get fixed, great, but in the meantime….

As a level 32 with 223 in the dex, I was wandering around southern California beaches following the rules and being miserable. The continued crappiness of the “game” seemed inexplicable. However, thanks to the posters who pointed out that it makes a very good collectors app if you ignore the “game” aspects, I have really been enjoying Pokemon Go the Collectors App.

The Collectors App appreciated my affection today, giving me several beauties. Only one was new to the dex, but still a good morning of collecting. It helped that the sun was out and the bikinis were out. And there is always hope for those all-new cooperative game playing experiences.