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The emergence of economic alliances has benefited many countries such as the European countries. This is the reason why politicians wanted to set up the East African community. The road is all clear for the establishment of the East African community in the very near future. The investment opportunities that will arise due to this alliance are many and varied.

The major investment opportunity will be in the cross listing of more companies into stock exchange markets. The stock market has the advantage of being able to get money right from the ordinary citizen’s pocket and put it to work in companies profitably. The investor’s money is in the good hands of professionals with years of experience in running companies. There are no duties that the investor is obligated to and it’s very relaxing.

Some companies are expressing their interest in selling shares through initial public offerings. This year, there have been four IPO’s in Kenya which have been met enthusiastically leading to over subscriptions and rise in the price of shares. The stock exchange has increased its market capitalization significantly over the past couple of years.

All investment opportunities are viable due to the market population that will emerge. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania who are the regional heavyweights will greatly benefit from this. The market population will surpass the 100 million mark. This is a huge advantage especially for the telecommunication and energy sectors

There will be opportunities in the transport sector which needs a major revamp. Uganda and the interior countries rely on Kenya and Tanzania for transport to and fro the Indian Ocean. The harbors will need to be improved to cater for the increase in ocean vessels. The railway to the interior has to be improved. About a month ago, the Kenya Uganda railway was privatized which will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of trains that ferry goods in the region.

Investment opportunities in the East African community will largely depend on road infrastructure. The most used means of travel is by road and predictably, they are being improved to meet the number and expectations of the users. Chinese and German contractors are filling in this void at an unprecedented rate. The road to Uganda from Kenya is currently being improved.

Tourism will be an enormous opportunity for investors from all parts of the world. The climate and wild animals in the region attract both the local and international investors. With the inclusion of migrating wildebeests from Kenya to Tanzania in the list of world wonders, tourists are being attracted in hundreds of thousands. Where else can you see thousands of wildebeests crossing the crocodile infested Mara River for greener pastures in Tanzania and vice versa on an annual basis?

Real estate such as immobilien is also a good option. However, make sure to educate yourself first before getting into this platform.

The national parks are world class. Think about it, where else can you see lions, leopards and cheaters in the thrill of the chase for live food not the slaughtered and preserved meat that they are fed in captivity in the middle of a city. A lion in New York Zoo is not the same as the one gracefully roaming its Maasai Mara kingdom.

Investment opportunities that result from the East African community are managed by some of the best professionals from the region. You can get employees from any of the countries which will lead to better qualified employees. The education standards in East Africa are world renowned. The cost of doing business will reduce as a result of this alliance. The investment opportunity in East Africa due to this is already being felt as the numbers of licenses are already on the decline. Investors will be able to move freely in any of the member countries as Visas will no longer be needed to enter or leave any of these countries.