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If there is one thing we should all aim for in the world of runescape, it should be to become rich. Contrary to what most people think making money nowadays is very easy. You can easily make 600k-2m+ an hour if you know what to do. In this guide I will tell you what skills are profitable and what skills you should stay away from if you wish to reach your money goal soon. There are also certain rules you should follow and small tricks you should exploit if you do not have much money.

Money making skills:

Combat, combat, combat! Attack, strength, defense, range, magic, prayer, constitution, and summoning. Combat is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. Green dragons when done with a pure set (super attack and super strength potion) has very good effects. You can easily make 600-700k+ an hour. If you have a decent summoning level, you can use a BoB (beast of burden) to extend trips.


Summoning as a standalone skill has great money making potential. A fruit bat summon + scrolls can make 600k+ an hour. It’s relatively easy, just requires constant clicking. Papaya’s (at the time of this guide) sell for 1700+ each. Fruit bats most common drop are papayas. They often drop two at a time. Fruit bat requires 69 summoning.


If you’re going to be standing around, wood cutting, fishing, firemaking, fletching, you might as well bust out a magpie. Magpies automatically forage for gems from sapphire to diamonds (including rings) It is not uncommon to make 120k+ during the summons lifetime. That’s 120k+ for doing nothing.


Magic tends to be one of those skills you sink money into without much return; however, if you have a medium construction level you can build a study and a lectern and make teleportation tabs. Yes it is slow and yes it may take you over a month to get to say 99. If you start at around 80 magic you could potential make between 50-100m, depending on the tabs you make.


Slayer is a great skill. You train combat and you get charms. Charms which you will surely need to boost your summoning level. In a day of summoning (at low 70s) I can make a few million. It’s not uncommon to make 1-3m+ a day if you get a good task.


Everyone knows about red chins. They are great for range experience and they’re also expensive. At 63 hunter you can begin catching theses. You won’t make a lot in the beginning but later on when you reach 80 you will be able to catch five at a time and fail less often.

At level 77 hunter, with 69 summoning, hunting grenwalls is what you should do. 1m-1.3m+ an hour. Their spikes are used to make extreme ranging potions.


Fishing with a magpie is good money. Monkfish are the way to go since they’re fast to catch.


Farming is very profitable if you do it religiously. With snap dragons you can easily make 150k-250k every 70 minutes.


Long, boring, annoying, and tedious; however, it’s a great money maker. Getting 99 can make you around 400m. It’s not unusual for one to make 500k or more an hour crafting natures.

Skills to stay away from.


Prayer is an iffy subject, high prayer is good and helps you when killing monsters for money but it’s also very expensive. You should try to cut down on your cost if you wish to train it. Use either big bones or baby dragon bones.


Beyond 67 there isn’t much need to train this. 67 is just for the lectern so you can make house teleportation tabs. Good mage exp and money there.


Time waster, not used often. You will either gain mothering or lose small amounts.


Unless you are mining all your own ores, don’t worry about it. If you do wish to train smithing though while you are trying to obtain your financial goals, try blast furnace.

Summoning (beyond 69):

If you don’t have much money you probably don’t want to spend tons of money to get past 69. If you’re only in this for money that is. If you feel it’s important you should invest in summoning.


When I wanted to make money I often would sell items I used. For instance, I would buy a whip for around 2m if suddenly the market changed and there was an upswing, I would sell it and buy it back once it went back down. I did the same thing with bando’s god sword. I would only train woodcutting if the price of the hatchets were low. When they went up, I would sell it and stop training.


One of the best ways to make residual income. Put a few mil in go every day for about 1 minute and at the end of the week or month or year, or whenever you check it, you should have a great amount of money. I put all workers into herbs first and then into wood. It seems to be the best money maker. A Pokemon go accounts for sale will provide whole kingdom of the game of the layers. The information about the kingdom will provide ease to the players in catching the pokemon.

Try to do several money making skills or techniques at a time. Varity is always good and keeps away boredom.