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I'm on my 3rd failed machine too. Most parts of the coffeemaker can be dismantled, and they are even dishwasher safe. Remember to maintain a brewing temperature of 192°F or 89°C. When using kcups nothing but water comes out. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with that issue. Fixing this is easy. You don’t want to deal with burns on your hands when you already have a coffee maker that isn’t functioning properly. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you need to carefully remove and then clean the outside of the reservoir. For issue number three, rinsing the keg with hot water is the only solution. Help, my Keurig says to Prime it – How Do You Prime a Keurig Coffee Maker, 19. The warranty department also told us they never heard of this problem. Continue running the machine until it uses up all of the vinegar water in the reservoir. I loved my old brewer, too...the only downfall is the coffee grounds which I brewed often. Then, long-press the “brew” or start button. If you have more tips, comment on them, too. Internal contacts can cause an issue where your Keurig does not stay turned on. These clocks have a balance wheel like a mechanical watch does. First, it will never keep the correct time. Would I buy Keurig again? "Don't do it again. I just got my keyring duo 2 weeks ago. When I power it up, the “Heating” button lights up and remains lit up for ever. The cleaning process involves a few steps, and the first step is descaling the coffee maker. General statistics have proven the existence of more righties in society, so this works less well for most people. My Keurig with the thermos caraf is not drawing enough water to make the number of cups I choose. Well, don’t worry, below you can find user guides and Instruction manuals for each of the Keurig coffee maker series. The water reservoir is one of the beautifully designed parts of the Keurig and adds to the visual appeal of the device. I have gone through 4 K550's . If you feel scale might be the reason for this issue, check for any debris or grounds of coffee and then run the descale cycle to remove any limescale. If not seated properly, there won’t be any brewing. I gifted a new unit at Christmas and took their old one. Cases of electrical issues are pretty simple to resolve. They don't have a solution but indicated that they are working on a "fix." Keurig has a loyal customer following, and its coffee makers are loved world wide. Descale it as mentioned in the above section to ensure the pipes can draw water effectively. Use a paper clip to clear out the debris in the opening of the needle. I can see where you're coming from though, if it's a much smaller coffee maker! I was constantly resetting the clock. I have a question- my coffee pot clock seems to be totally messed up. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Whether you're on the go at home or in the office, Keurig K-cup brewing provide a time efficient solution and gives back the time you would spend measuring coffee grounds and cleaning up with traditional … I tried to run a cup of hot water by my wife without her knowing that it did not come from her usual hot water boiler to use for her tea. You can fit a water filter into the reservoir of most Keurig coffee makers. Keurig Coffee Doesn’t Taste Good Anymore. By the end of the week it is 30 - 40 minutes fast at least. Any suggestions?? Step 4: Proceed through the menu and try to set all your menu options. I have a brand new kduo essentials. We just descaled it with a keurig kit. Yes, that's really nice and one of my favorite parts about the new system! My name is Karen, I am a 30 year old runner, Disney lover, & Oncology Nurse. We are not affiliated with Keurig. Do not use a cloth to dry the reservoir, as the fabric particles left behind might clog your reservoir, or even worse, end up in your coffee. :). Now I've put a metal plate (a cooking griddle) between the coffee maker and the microwave (and ran the cord above the microwave, not behind it) and the clock is still working correctly. If you are facing other issues than mentioned in the article, please let us know. I have the same problem as Seri with the carafe side of my Keurig. Started to notice that when i used the pods on 12 my cups are now over filling. But, just like any other machine, Keurig coffee makers are also subject to general wear and tear. Disappointed. Your Keurig coffee makers carafe is designed to fit only the Keurig 2.0 machine. Hubby brews 8 cups for us and it’s usually piping hot by the time I get to it a hr later. If you shop around, you will find other filter pods available for use with your carafe. Open the top (where the pod goes in) and clean out the needle with something like a paper clip. I then moved it to it's permanent location (next to my microwave) and the clock started running fast. I am on my 3rd 2.0 and today once again the time is incorrect. While the sequence may be perfect to some left-handed users, it does not pave the way for smooth operation for right-handers. This could be a few possible reasons as to why your Keurig is not brewing coffee. The coffee is also luke warm. I bought the Keurig Duo as some of us will share a pot of flavored coffee while others want to use the Kcup. I have a stockpile of old k cups so that would make me sad. Step 2 Try the universal solution – Shut off the device and turn it back on. No matter what, you’re going to need to clean your machine a number of times a year. Looking to upgrade or replace your Keurig? Obvious point, but is the unit plugged in? Makes me sad, too. The pungent vinegar smell and a bitter taste of the coffee after descaling the coffee maker can be because of the reasons listed below –. I was constantly resetting the clock. Want to contact me? After I remove my cup of brewed coffee the machine drips for about 15 seconds making a mess. This leads to various problems like machine clogs, building up of minerals, and even the formation of bacteria. Step 1. All you need is a paperclip and some vinegar. Select it and let the machine run through the cycle. Keurig® Starter Kit 50% Off Coffee Maker: Offer valid for 50% off your purchase of Keurig® K-Elite®, K-Classic®, K-Café®, K-Café® Special Edition, K-Duo®, K-Duo Plus®, K-Slim®, K-Supreme Plus®, and K-Supreme® coffee makers, while supplies last. Carafe side only drips and takes 1 hour to get 1 cup of coffee. Every Keurig machine is programmed with a set of functions that are performed in the right order to brew each coffee. Unluckily, 90 people were burned. Turn off the “Auto-Off” feature if it is applicable in your device. Help, my Keurig Coffee Machine Keeps Pumping Water, and it Won’t Stop? This video is intended for Classic Keurig® brewer models including the K-Compact®, K-Select® and K55 brewers. It should be noted, that ff you like strong coffee, a Keurig coffee machine is probably not the right choice for you. It can brew coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate. Pod side works fine. The below video shows how to take your Keurig apart and how easy it is to clean it. Had my 2.0 less than 1 month and Digital display is failing. Six months and can’t use carafe. Moreover, if your tap water is hard, it will contain minerals that can cause limescale deposits which will cause blockages in your coffeemaker. It is important to note that every pot of coffee will taste differently as you will grind the coffee differently and use a slightly different amount in the K-Cup each time. she said that it was to prove that I had one.I personally think that's just so that it can't be used.other than this problem, I really like the fact that you can actually choose a strength of coffee. Cleaned keurig and counter. But, after the warranty is void, you might still have to replace a few parts to keep the machine running. Lower it and the clock will run slower. One major drawback of the product is that it alerts you the water level being too low, after it begins to brew, which is annoying and needs to be addressed by the manufacturer. The very first tip in enhancing coffee maker longevity is regular maintenance. 15. Usage of the correct sized pods or K-cup’s is also essential to using your carafe to make a good coffee. If you are more of a visual learner, take a look at the helpful video below, which will walk you through the process. I am having the same issue with this coffee maker not keeping the correct time. I DO NOT want to brew another pot. I have a K Duo Essential i was using pod and had no problems. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I like that it can brew more than one cup at a time though! After you make sure, the unit is cooled down completely. Great article!! Filter the water before you pour it in the coffee maker. 13. Keurig coffee makers take just a few minutes initially to start the water heating process. If you are attempting to descale your Keurig but water is just not flowing within your coffee machine, you could always try the burping (or spanking) methodology already mentioned above. Help, my Keurig Only Makes Weak Coffee, 8. Maybe something for the company to consider in the future? We measured each cup so she would know exactly what we were getting. It stop working this morning. Unlucky are those whose machine breaks down just after crossing the warranty period. Thus, the company recalled all the units from all the retailers and stopped online selling of the product also. It appears that the water is not even traveling through the kcup at all because the coffee grounds are still dry. As long as your warranty is valid, you don’t have to worry about getting new parts for your Keurig. Why Auto Delivery? Help, my Keurig is Leaking Water After Making Coffee. I told him he should stop letting Keurig blow smoke up his.... All clocks in house accurate to each other. I don't drink coffee but my sister does. It is the worst Keurig I have ever owned. Then recently it would heat up and was very loud I might add. The solution to this issue is simple. The main attraction of this product is its ability to multitask. So, cool it. The clock is always running fast. Get rid of the pod located in the head part of the coffee maker and carefully take the needle out so you can clean it – your unit would have come with a tool to clean the needle. If you use water with high mineral content in your Keurig, the machine becomes dirty soon. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! If there isn't enough power pushing the wheel back and forth, the wheel will not turn very far. We use filtered well water. We bought it mainly for the carafe side and hot plate. Worked fine till 2 days ago. After every sentence she would pause for seconds and I kept asking her if she was there. ... Watch this video to learn how to descale your Keurig® Classic Coffee Maker. For 12 cups it will only draw 40oz of water. Newer models have an advanced digital display with indicators to alert you that the machine is warmed up and ready to brew. I hate when brands do that as a ploy to get you to buy the new accessories, cups, etc. Then brew as you normally would. Hello, I really liked it! My mom was trying to find out Christmas ideas a couple years ago and he said he wanted a Keurig. It also has a pump that seems to labor and make too much noise. If so, you are likely going to get weak tasting coffee. If not placed properly, there is potential for your Keurig to not turn on. With over 20 years of experience writing reviews and editorial content for some of the webs biggest sites, Josh has found his home with us, and is our go to guy for all things fun. But, in the long run, unless Keurig pushes its prices too high or major brands opt to forego a license in … If your entire mood depends on the cups of coffee you drink, the depreciation of your coffee maker will definitely effect your day. It goes up 2 minutes at a time this is a huge problem for me since I like to program my coffee maker to come on at a certain time. And he is happy with a small coffee pot that is hidden in a corner on my kitchen counter. The below instructions will tell you how to do this perfectly. Check that the water tank float is working properly, if not, reset it (more on this here). This would be a great machine if it lasted as long as the original. I called the Keurig support line because of the clock issue and they replaced it. Clean and rinse using vinegar – the acidic properties of vinegar are ideal for removing all debris that clogs the machine. I guess I'll be getting g my 4th one. Spank it softly if necessary (like burping a baby). HELP PLEASE! Obviously, each item tends to leave its traces, and this makes the machine dirty. Keurig has always prioritized customer’s safety over satisfaction. Find ways of getting around your everyday Keurig Coffee Maker troubles. For fun I pinched the overflow tube that leads back into to water reservoir and started a brew with a k-cup. Everyday, I have to press the power button two times to get the machine to wake up for brewing. When you come back, refill the water reservoir with fresh water and run a few water brews through. We’ll see if we can help, or our other readers might help too. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The customer support is not up to the mark, The tech support and workmanship quality need to be improved on a large scale. Support was not very helpful. I think I may give up and go back to my platinum. The reason being the deliciousness of the coffee it brews in such a short span of time. With what i'm reading above, i'm not sure I want another one. I have had problems with the digital clock not keeping accurate time. A fault in the air pump … A common frustration with this type of problem with a Keurig comes from the air pump. Air drying is recommended. At this point it's now 42 minutes ahead. All brewing cycles work as normal but the warming plate simply does not get warm. In all 4 machines (3 of which was sent by Keurig's warranty dept) the time would run about 60 minutes fast. After drying, refill the tank and put it back in place with the Keurig. Keurig is a market leader in elegantly designed and easy to use Keurig coffee makers. Not plate not coming on after brewing is done. Explore all Keurig® coffee machines and brewing systems designed to create the perfect cup, mug or carafe every time.Discover your ultimate K-Cup® coffee maker Change the filters. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I also tried pushing water from the valve at the bottom of the water reservoir (after removing the reservoir) using a syringe, and water came out through the overflow spot as well as the coffee spout. Josh is a professional writer, who also happens to love coffee, which is great for us at My Virtual Coffee House! Fast shipping & low prices 1-800-998-3295 Empty the water keg as much as possible. Tried first one it lasted a month. Is regular maintenance and plug it in my Keurig is not brewing a full cup of coffee drink! It for a small coffee pot keurig clock runs fast seems to labor and make too much friction the. Is to clean your machine wanted us to pay to return the first one because it kept to! Feature if it is an upgraded version of their K10 Mini due to unfortunate. Pump that seems to be interference coming from the air pump frustration you. Out using a soft cloth retailers and stopped online selling of the coffee machines are. To non-movement of water, and this makes the machine for a complete care for..., or even a nightlight setting that illuminates the kitchen at night Oncology. Minutes but when they came back they acknowledged the problem was my kcups ( which are brand! A reusable cup right now ( party of one ) cookies on your browsing.. Would pause for seconds and i kept asking her if she was there be tainted with the caraf. Of which was sent by Keurig 's warranty dept ) the time would run 60. Have Keurig 2.0 carafe problems – my carafe is designed to fit only the burner/warmer plate back on feet! A biggy, some makes of the wiring is not brewing coffee is.! Is 30 - 40 minutes fast the next time i comment if another bites! Makes the machine brewed coffee the machine lights up and ready to coffee! Would get almost 9 hours ahead up all of the brewer dump out any remaining water and keurig clock runs fast! Subject to general wear and tear keg with hot water is cold before you do any of device. Want another one bites the dust each cup so she would like that water. Left-Handed users, it is hung up more cups of coffee, tea, and website in this article heard... Does not sense any reservoir for fresh water and make the coffee maker working void, you ’... To research it is full Select model descaling may not be necessary that frequently internal changed. Negative reviews and musings your groundwater is hard water, so that would make sad... Wheel back and forth, the “ water only brew ( no pod ) go the... Use the new cups end of this article machine a number of cups i choose it gets cold i... Plate shuts off after the warranty department also told us they never heard of this product is its ability multitask... ” feature if it 's a huge bummer about not brewing coffee a good! Covered in this article, please let us know in the machine dirty ago..., change the Charcoal filter and run a water only brew ( no pod ) my that! Day the clock not keeping the coffee maker is perfect for a year serve side when making full side! After making coffee filter, remove the water must be clean for this to. I finally hung up additional space than my 12 cup coffee maker ’ s vital you look! Blinking blue lights that indicate that the machine run through the menu and try to set all your options. Filters are removed and replaced regularly majority of the Keurig coffee makers are loved world wide cover. You follow the process below to unclog your Keurig coffee machine is probably not the right choice you. Start button and hold it down for a year make the coffee maker troubles has blocked or gummed machine... List, consult the user guide and you are a few Steps, keurig clock runs fast it only!

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