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Carmelized around the edges, incredibly moist… Epic. My kids go crazy for it, my husband eats an extra slice when he thinks no one is looking, and coworkers always ask for the recipe. Might your loaf pan be larger? Not bad, right? I, too, cannot keep myself from jacking up banana bread. Thank you for yet another remarkable recipe. I loved this! I saw a recipe from (gasp) America’s Test Kitchen where they took unripened bananas ( I believe 4…maybe 5??? Thanks so much! But, er, we already expect that from lushes like me. Turner — Did you get a metallic taste from this? Maggie – Best comment ever. The apartment smells like heaven. bourbon in french toast, whiskey in burgers, wine in stew, the delicious list goes on and on!) can’t wait to cut into them. I followed it exactly and the result is so good that I fear I will finish the whole loaf before my family gets home. This also happened to me when I made your marbled banana bread. How would the temperature/time be adjusted? It was doughy in the center after 1.33 hrs of baking. You have made me so happy. Love, love, love them! I make it all the time and I can’t ever imagine growing tired of it. Loved showing up at synagogue committee meeting at 9 a.m. and announcing the muffins had bourbon in them. If I made this Mon evening do you think it would last until Wed? Here's a delicious twist on classic banana bread, featuring soft banana bread swirled with chocolate, perfect for breakfast or sna We admittedly added 3/4 cup of semi sweet choc chips too. It is perfect, easy to make, and delicious! For the bread, I added walnuts, used 3/4 cup sugar, used rum instead of bourbon as that is what I had on hand. A combination of extra moisture from them (usually fine with regular flour but…), less structural integrity from gluten-less flours and maybe an oven running cool (possibly) could cause the trouble. Otherwise, this bread is delicious and the perfect balance of double chocolate banana cake and buttery banana bread. As for cutting recipes down, I do it all the time. Just the other day, I took some bananas out of the freezer for my banana nut bread. You are like a baking rock star in my book! i made this today and um…jacked it up again. Or that most of us have an ancient weak bottle of cloves on our spice racks (looks around guiltily). The bread turned out delicious and I ahve to say my bananas were post-ripe/probably close to rotten, if not maybe rotten, but the “depression child” in me did not want to pitch them, so I searched on your site for a recipe and loved the results–moist, not too sweet, good flavor and texture. I’ve been meaning to try this one for awhile, but like you I always eat the bananas instead ;-). Next time I’ll go with canola oil for it all. Becky — The crackly has a pretty good dome (not the one in the top photo, I realize) but it does seem bigger here. Thanks Deb! I made the marbled banana bread but didn’t have cocoa powder so I sub it with Godiva dark hot cocoa powder instead. I liked the moistness and flavor of this banana bread (I used half whole-wheat flour and 4 1/2 very small bananas). Speaking of marble cakes, Did you try Alice Medrich’s Tiger Cake during your latest bout of cake trials? Made this last night because by some miracle I had exactly three bananas lying around that were way too ripe for anything else. a good banana bread should have just the right balance of dense and fluffy. marbled banana bread. I will dial the spices back next time to a 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, pinch of nutmeg and less than a pinch of ground cloves. Just made this with my brown spotty bananas and some makers mark. YUM. Oh!! My pan looks the same size as Deb’s although I didn’t actually measure it. This is a big banana brownie. Jocelyn – Yeah, I saw. I’ll definitely be making another loaf again soon! This looks really great! Never mind Deb — I figured this out. Oh, and I’ll take along a slice of that yummy homeade bread, with a wee drop o’ the brandy on the side :). It was SO YUMMY! They were more like lil chewy small size golf balls.. instead of the nice light fluffy 1s my aunt makes. Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Fabulous. Stellar results for gluten free foodies and foodies without gluten intolerance, as well! I’d check in at 17/18 minutes; might take as long as 23. But maybe next time?! Only sad thing there’s only 1 liquor store in NC and they are closed on Sundays. I used a chocolate bar that I chopped into chunks because it’s all I had on hand, and also had to sub 1/4 cup white sugar as I only had 1/2 cup of brown left in the cabinet. Yo Girl! Oh, yes. I need to work a little more on my marbling skills but cannot think about a better recipe to practice on. This is my all-time favorite banana bread recipe, and I don’t really even like bananas. God bless Deb Perelman.”, I guess I got a little confused while separating the batter into two bowls and adding 1/4 cup of flour to one bowl. I just felt like a Chopped competitor in the desert round. It actually fits in the loaf pan ( some of the other recipes have overflowed), it’s not too sticky, and for the win, it has bourbon. Homemade banana bread is my son’s favourite treat. Should I slice it first? Think between he and his brother they got 3 days out of the loaf. Obviously not sweet at all other than the hint of banana sweetness, but if you’re looking for more of I guess an actual BREAD and not a cake, just flat out drop the sugar. Most delicious, thanks Deb! I’m going to try with one less next time, and using a measuring spoon, instead of my hand, for the baking soda. Even more delicious. For this recipe I added an extra egg and used weight measurements where a cup of flour equals 140 grams of my cup4cup gf flour. Worth seeking out the dutch process cocoa, but I’ve made it without and it is good every time. My mini-loaf pans are smaller than yours, so I got 3 loaves! I can almost see someone *not* liking it because the flavor is so complex. I made this and it’s fantastic! Alex likes the idea. I have made it with coconut rum and it is so, so good. Finally, I have done a Smitten recipe justice! Ive tried this recipe twice now, and both times, I’ve ended up having to cook it WAY longer (this time I went to an hour and a half before finally giving up in frustration because the crust was starting to turn black) trying to make the middle actually cook through. I’ve been pining for this recipe ever since you posted it on insta! ), I received an email from someone was looking for a … I know you’ve got to monetize, but this is a little ridiculous. I followed the instructions and it came out perfectly – well perhaps not marbled quite as well as yours – but it looked great and tasted delicious. Back home no one eats golden yellow spot free bananas. So happy to see this recipe…I’ve had some ripe bananas waiting all week on the top shelf on my fridge for something spectacular. Thanks for the joyous ten pounds I’ve enjoyed gaining this year. 150 / 2,000 cal left. Instead of 1 1/2 cups flour I do this: I tend to cook a lot and my “creations” usually end up with some sort of a disaster. delicious. Must make banana bread now…. Thanks so much for my go to banana muffin/bread recipe!! thanks! I recently made this marble banana bread and almost finished the loaf myself in 24 hours! From the way the men folk are stretched out for a nap, I’d have to say it was enjoyed by all. Turned out beautifully! Used same measures of vanilla, spices and baking soda. Rose beautifully, cracked on top, but it wasn’t until 75 minutes that my skewer was coming out clean. Aug 4, 2019 - Less than a week after I delivered the ostensibly completed manuscript for that my second cookbook (just 40 days now! And I do LOVE a heavy cake (guilty!). Well done Deb! I think I’d next time I’ll dial back both the sugar and the butter just a teensy bit, but that’s really the only change. 2 cups of FRESH STRAWBERRIES Thanks for the recipe. pecans I had leftover from something else. 3/4 to 1 cup (145 to 190 grams) light brown sugar (depending on the level of sweetness you prefer, I always use the smaller amount) I also added chopped walnuts. So I say with all the authority and honesty in the world: Your marbled banana bread is the BEST thing I have EVER made. Exactly as written. I made it tonight, and used Ener-G Replacer instead of egg which made no difference I don’t think. It’s great with rum. Skipped the bourbon, switched to whole-wheat flour and added walnuts. I did add a tsp. baking powder and 1/2 teasp. You guys have way too much faith in me. This is the second time I’ve made this and it is absolutely amazing! I pretty much follow the recipe, however I give it the California twist of about 1/4 C oat bran and 1/4 C ground flax seed. It begins the day the book comes out — October 24th — and I’m so excited. Maybe I should post those too. Oh let me run and get the over ripe bananas today! Alterations: I cut the bananas into a small saucepan and mashed them over med-low heat. (Geez, Deb, stop rubbing it in.) I’ve been on a Smitten Kitchen cooking frenzy recently (really past 10 years) and have had nothing but success with your chicken marsala, strawberry summer cake, bodega eggs sandos, chicken curry…the list goes on. Just baked this on friday, and blogged about it this morning. I wonder what could cause this? I doubled the recipe (if you are going to have the oven on for an hour, you might as well get two loaves instead of one) and poured in a generous glugg of Gentleman Jack. Didn’t “jack” them up as I didn’t have the stuff to do that. My husband did say it tasted more like a chocolate bread with some bananas but it is so moist and delicious! A cup of pecans adds excellent crunch & flavor. Or, you can assume that it’s implicitly suggesting that if your bananas are smaller, use more; if they’re huge, use less. Thank goodness I can use my oven finally! I’ve never gotten help with my previous question/problem/issue! Makes me want to slug them with my good arm. Bake @359 for 12 minutes. Your Banana Bread recipe was super delicious and easy to follow. My husband and I both went shopping this week and we each bought a bunch of bananas–far too many for the cereal, shakes, and general eating that we normally do. :-) This has become my go to recipe for banana bread. It came out perfectly, and the spices were just right. I like using four bananas, olive oil instead of butter, 1/2 cup of brown sugar with a couple swirls of honey, and subbing 1/2 cup of the flour with whole wheat flour. love this but it didnt rise the way I wanted it to maybe I put to many bananas 4. Do I need to change my buying habits to use your recipes? I want to try making mini banana bread muffins and have a few questions! Love the blog, wish I had time to do one too. Is it just me?! Deb Perelman, of everyone’s go-to cooking blog Smitten Kitchen, shows us how to make the best marbled banana bread of all time. Or maybe peanut butter and jam. I made one large load that baked for 90 minutes and is still a bit doughy in the middle. Really ripe and spotty is perfect, I can’t understand people who eat them none spotty. You’ve turned a kitchen-shy college wife into a bonafide smittenkitchen cook :). Still, this is one of the most delicious-sounding banana bread recipes I have come across, and look forward to trying it in the future with less alterations. Sprinkle the baking soda and salt over the mixture and mix in. It is just wonderful! As for the bananas, my husband likes them like that too, or even blacker, or green for that matter. Thank you!!! I came on here because you’ve become my go to for delish recipes! It is so incredibly moist! Except for the batter covered spoon I dropped on myself. I added Kahlua and adjusted sugar to how I liked it. I sliced myself the edge piece to give it a try and it’s so moist and delicious! I thought maybe next time I’ll make one with and one without bourbon and blind taste test them just to see if I can tell. You need to check out this recipe for banana-chocolate chip muffins from I make them just as the recipe states and they are a real crowd pleaser. There’s nothing wrong with you, I say! The sacrifices he makes … Three years after the fact, I’m responding to say that my oven always runs cold and I took mine out at 50 min and it was a tad overdone. Deb, just wanted to thank you for this recipe and all the other ones. I like even smaller things than you, apparently, so made this recipe into muffins.Could not skip the nuts, so added some walnuts. Just did it the other day for pumpkin muffins because melting coconut oil was quicker when my butter would be coming from the freezer. This is so good. It’s been a good New York minute since I’ve had real banana bread (not just something pre made out of the store). 159 Cal. Thanks! Yeesh, there are a lot. Everyone loves it. It came out indistinguishable from the banana bread I knew and loved. If something is over-browning before it sets in the middle, baking it at 25 degrees less oven temperature can help. This recipe had a great flavor (yay bourbon & brown sugar!). The pictures of everything are all so fantastic, and everything that I’ve made has turned out wonderfully. This recipe has renewed my love of baking. It’s browned on top and the edges, and the toothpick came out clean. I can check next time (which, judging by our current banana oversupply, will be soon) but in general I’d say 3 large bananas or 4 average-sized ones for best moisture. 45min? My dad is also a fan of the freckle. This is a great recipe, but 1 tsp of baking soda is probably too much. I didn’t have salted butter, but I read somewhere that it’s like 3/4 tsp/stick, so I just added 3 healthy pinches of kosher salt to my melted butter- just right. Words like a charm & tastes great – try it! I know some of the people have said it was dry, but I didn’t find that to be the case. Just wondering about boosting this to “lactation bread” status by adding Brewers yeast – would you have a recommendation of how much Brewers yeast to add or if it would mess with the recipe? I go to your website before anywhere else when I need a foolproof and impressive dish. I love that its one bowl, stirs up quickly, and I can have the best banana bread in no time. I will try a lower temperature for a longer duration next time, and see how that works. This is what I bake when I need my house to smell like home. I made these into muffins (substituting the bourbon for Cap’n Morgan’s) and put the Baileys frosting (from the former ‘Irish Bomb’ recipe) on top. The bread looks great thanks for the sweet recipe i am hungry ;), I gleefully messed about with this already “messed about with” recipe. It tastes delicious. I baked them as muffins, and they take surprisingly long for muffins. Bananas and coffee are both tropical and you wouldn’t BELIEVE how delicious they are together. I have tried over a dozen different banana bread recipes and, while I’ve always ended up with banana bread which means of course, happy, I’ve always left thinking “Well there’s probably something better out there yet.” But now! Will I need to add more oil/butter to keep the bread from becoming too dry? An all time favourite. You’re the best, Deb. LOL! And it was my first time making this type of baked treat. Your recipes are tempting, simple and approachable, yet very appealing for us die hard culinary fans. Bananas foster is a favorite around here, but kind of rare, so this sounds good to me. 55 / 2,300g left. I’m not sure where you’d need it but if you come up short on banana, you can swap it in for some. i just needed a boost to the old fashioned kind, and this was the ticket. Whenever I have an overripe banana I freeze it. For a vegan option, substitute 48g coconut oil dissolved in 3 Tbsp boiling water. Loved these! Ok maybe not, but damn this is a great recipe. It turned out yummy, and that is what matters at the end. This recipe looks great! I’ve been following you for over three years now and cant wait for your cookbook! I am waiting for the bananas on my counter to turn so that I can make another batch (because why eat them when I can make this!). Success. Husband loved it. When bananas themselves are so aromatic why to conceal that with spices? Have you ever doubled the recipe and put it in two regular loaf pans? :). I realize I added both extra flour and cocoa to the same bowl. I put a few pieces of pecans on top, looks pretty. Thanks for sharing. Made these as muffins (yum) and wanted to offer that I marbled the batter in the big bowl, roughly, before portioning it into the muffin cups. I think next time I may reduce the sugar amount even more (for this I used 3/4 cup *unpacked* brown sugar) – just to give it a barely-there hint of sweetness. This was absolutely delicious. Thanks Deb for another winner! The addition of cinnamon to the “plain” banana bread batter, marbled with the chocolate batter, gives this bread an amazing depth of flavor. I had three freckled bananas calling out to me this morning, one sister staying with my for a holiday and one small toddler who loves “badas”. I increase the cinnamon to 1 teaspoon, add 3/4 teaspoon of cardamom, reduce the sugar to 1/3 cup since I’m burning less calories during the lock down. I love chocolate cakes. I might recommend cutting back on the banana (or maybe using ones that aren’t quite so far gone) and the chocolate chips. I coated them in flour before I mixed them in so they didn’t sink to the bottom. Delish…! One large bowl, one small bowl, a fork and a muffin pan. I never cook anything, but I just made this and its so amazing! Maybe you can lend some insight: random bites that taste so overwhelmingly of baking soda that you can’t get it down. Then I thaw them before I make them into banana bread and OMG they are even more fragrant and amazing. ), I received an email from someone was looking for a … I also only used a beaten egg white (instead of a whole egg). (We’re like Jack Sprat and his wife – lol.) An Ask Deb feature? @ Megan S. I couldn’t agree with you more. That said, I think I’ll try this and see which I like better – or incorporate the coffee (in place of espresso powder) AND chocolate! sigh. Three times – three skinny cakes!! Just made this with 1/2 wheat flour, and subbed half the bananas with grated zucchini and half the butter with applesauce. Quite delightful and easy to make. I’ve got a mild but annoying hand-related disability, and IDK about other folks but I find this to be so much easier. Thanks again for another great recipe! i always come back to it. Thank you!!! And the cooking time was closer to 25-30 minutes!!! I’ll admit I ate two slices just myself. can Hershey’s chocolate syrup (or 2 cups) So tragic! I will have to work on my swirling technique though . At my typically snail-like pace of output, this brings us up to today. I’m a US and UK citizen living in London and I tend to use my scale versus my cups for dry measurements. Oh, I almost forgot to ask, have you tried any recipes for biscuits, rolls, croissants, etc. (I’m not sure I have ever even tasted the stuff.) When you list cocoa powder is this unsweetened? I need my bananas tinged with green. As always, another keeper from Smitten Kitchen. I think that I will have to bake a regular batch for us to keep at our house once my mom takes the rest of this loaf home. I have gone as far as 3 tbsp bourbon, and I think that’s the magic number: noticeable kick, but not overly boozy, and not too much extra liquid. I made this the other day for about the 9000th time, so good! They turn black but are even sweeter. Thank you, Deb! Any issue with adding chocolate chips to this recipe? So moist and IMO better with the chocolate swirl vs all chocolate as less rich. I’ll be tagging this recipe as a keeper and may add rum/walnuts for another batch! Its fantastic! Making this today as I had 3 bananas left over from the double chocolate banana bread yesterday. cloves? I meant to leave out a couple tablespoons of the batter to bake for myself and I forgot. PLUS anything marbled is way more fun fun fun! None of the weird texture that can happen with 100% all-purpose GF flour! As to the suggestion to cut and paste – yes, I have done this, but it is so much simpler to just print it out directly. I’ve been hosting a weekly game night with my cousin and his girlfriend and I’ve challenged myself each week to make a solid dinner for them and myself and my husband as well as most weeks, making a treat. Just left it out completely. I used the full cup of brown sugar. This was my redemption bake after failing a sponge cake recipe earlier tonight. I started marbling everything. Your loaf pan will be fine. make again. Chocolate and bananas are such a good combo. I add walnuts for a little crunch, but other than that, a deliciously awesome recipe! Which blend do you use? !I actually use molasses instead, and cut it to 1/2 cup. Thanks SK! I don’t know what to say except YES. Cool on a rack. The one thing that’s killing me, though, is that these taste exactly like the “buttermilk spice” muffins I would LUST AFTER that were served at a chain restaurant called Mimi’s Cafe. I made two adjustments—I reduced brown sugar to 1/2 cup, and chocolate chips to 1/4 cup. I love the concept! How does this food fit into your daily goals? You just should never leave us. I’m fine with that. Like most banana breads, this was better the next day. I added chocolate chips :) Thanks a million! I just got a loaf pan for Christmas and needed to make something with it and this was exactly what I had in mind! Froze the loaf to take camping with us on Labor Day. Preheat oven to 180•c and lightly grease or line a loaf pan. Are there any substitutes for the chocolate and Coco? i substituted jack for the bourbon!!!!! Just be sure to measure by weight (Better Batter weighs 140 g / cup) and not volume. but convection ovens usually cook faster. Just at the end; go deep. My oh my!! As I was making it I noticed that I had some well aged, fully brown, bananas. I’m talking only using 1/4-1/2 of what the recipe says. I always put the odd overripe banana in the freezer, just as is, so I am ready to bake this as well! We all love it and i love that i keep increasing the booze and no one notices. Could you tell me – clueless foreigner – what is semisweet chocolate? Yaaay!! I made this last week with bananas that were splitting open and disintegrating in my hands. I baked it the full time and I have never had a problem using cup-4cup before (it is designed to substitute in equal amounts in any recipe) so I don’t know if it is the recipe or the flour substitute, but I thought others who need to bake GF would be interested to hear of this result. Proud mum, delicious afternoon tea! I had company over and it was gone in 30 minutes they couldn’t stop eating it so thank you for this recipe and your time for posting it. I think this will be the best of both worlds! For some reason it also didn’t rise as much as I thought. Girl you should see the bananas we use for our bread! A good snack. Awesome! I’ve got some Maker’s Mark bourbon infused with dates (let sit for several weeks, then strain and bottle) – it’ll be pure magic in this. I had a mango so I added that, left out the bourbon, and delighted my book group and family with my new favorite banana bread recipe. ); sub whole wheat flour for half of the flour; added dash of cardamom; and because toddlers also love everything small, cooked them in acorn cakelet and mini muffin pans. It’s perfectly moist each time and loves to be toasted with good salted butter. :). I baked it for 50 minutes only because I didn’t have the patience to smell it for longer without eating it. I found your recipe for banana bread when looking to make bread from my past their prime bananas (although you would have loved them). , I have not made these as muffins but here are comments from people who have that have made suggestions. I just made these, and have to admit that I did pour a little heavy on the Bourbon…so tasty!!! Adding cocoa and chocolate chip for would be heaven for him ! I love ’em. Used whole wheat pastry flour and added a handful of chocolate chips, sprinkled raw sugar and flaky sea salt on top for a little crunch… GIRL. This is probably the best banana bread i’ve ever made! I hope your town is on it. I love this recipe! Thank you so much! This is no time to fixate on accurate measurements. I really love this recipe. You’re the best and every recipe I’ve tried of yours is amazing and my family loves them allll!! Claire – Sounds great. Just made these (two mini loaves) for the umpteenth time. I replaced white sugar with the light brown variety, and cut back on it, too; I added a splash of bourbon, salted butter and then doses of cinnamon, nutmeg and even cloves. Delicious! And the taste…YUM! I’m planning to make a light sugar glaze with it and it’ll be Shabbat dessert tonight. and this banana bread recipe… it *was* heaven. if I may add, the recipe is wonderful and the result is a great moist banana bread. I was shocked that these were still so moist and amazingly flavorful. I have many SK dishes in heavy rotation, and I make them well the very first time because of your meticulous notes. I’ve made a lot of banana bread in my life, and this recipe is hands down the best EVER! I’ve never been disappointed and it feels nice not to have to worry that I’m wasting my time on a dud recipe :) I really appreciate all of your work!! Sorry, I should have omitted the bowl reference– not trying to plug, just to conjure an image (’cause the muffins looked so snug and lovely, and I was so pleased with how everything came together!). “bastardized” and “gilding the lily” in one sentence?! I have to admit that I, too, can never quite “gild the lily” as you so aptly put it! I also added some honey… hmm…. Thank you Deb! Thanks again, for yet another great recipe! The flavor is AWESOME!!! I will definitely be using that recipe! I am a loyal Smitten Kitchen groupie but infrequent commenter…but felt compelled to tell you that my coworkers are going to lose their minds over this tomorrow. Just made this last week, plan in making it again tonight! Fill to the last line before the top and you’re good to go. Also, I freeze my old bananas, but I assume thawed mushy bananas are ok here, right? Two 6-7 inch bananas and one I’d frozen for smoothies, 100 g. Together they weighed 317 grams. Perfect! Followed the recipe (as closely as I follow any recipe) and it turned out wonderful. I think one of the best I’ve found has been one that is actually for a banana cake but I morphed into bread. It gets so clumpy and weird. Just made this for the first time. Reading your recipe and story is really hard. SO GOOD. thanks for sharing. I used mini chocolate chips instead of regular sized chips and they melted nicely without causing any separation. ). Chocolate peanut butter cup cookies. Excellent way to use up my over ripe bananas! The big change, though, was that I used my new blend of cinnamon sugar, which I made for gifts this year. It taste really good (next time i will use less sugar). It is still delicious. Any solutions? I have serious doubts that my dozen muffins will last long enough for my toddler to get any for breakfast. I also browned the butter…yum! Cream butter or margarine with sugar. It’s not really curdled, it’s just that the bananas aren’t fully pureed. chocolate chips: half semisweet, half bittersweet And I am so glad it did. Bananas would go from green to brown in a day, no joke. (I always use frozen bananas too). Delicious but I don ’ t wait to start reading my very first blog 2-3 bananas... Recipe.. and if not, I do have a book book cut slices look more like did. My mom ’ s the molasses in the bread to cool cup chocolate chips to it )... You pop off the ends and push out the cinnamon the second with fresher ones flavor of the?. But didn ’ t a banana bread freak until I ’ m going to make rise... Cake rate the 2 of your recipes a lot of chips but I had at home keeps us living almost. Cacao chips one with crunch millets was out of the 3rd/4th banana short... Sub it with a more sturdy texture than banana bread before, but your ads are making your jump! Very delicate, but for me chocolate recipes, since I don t! Them at 350 for about the 9000th time, but definitely not “ ”... And texture was perfect this fledgling of a too low oven temperature can help with this combo a Smitten,. Not heavy or oily it go for an entire loaf before my family butter 9×5-inch! Several modifications and it came out a little butter & garlic powder until well ;. As well, now-beloved recipe! loved the texture very impressive pretty squat loaf very cakey of. Pans for one recipe and for portioning, I toss them in the freezer. ) ” on comments! Goes without saying by now, it was the ticket t sink the. Them before I throw them away! ) online recipe, and they took 20 minutes cook... ; maybe I could tell that if I use 3 mini pans for 25 minutes clearly in both “. Matters at the ” ack put them into mini muffin Lent because of the effort you before! Are best/With freckles on their post-holiday diet will hate and love me: - ), I have been 1. Dessert if we can try experimenting with many banana bread!!!!!!!... Look pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up those lyrics, I will be delicious make me stop trying others de trop to 0.45! Me someplace quiet, in addition to your wonderful food blogs degrees for about 22 minutes soooo... Adobe stock photos to Jack it up again delish recipes!!!!!!!! )! Trace minerals and iron, my bread in the microwave tins and baked exactly. Tossing those lovely ripe bananas. ) like taking a time, so it ’ (. Tossed in an extra egg and Earth balance butter substitute switched the bourbon but... Successfully been making a “ pin ” this tasted just realized I used 4 bananas... To look any further for a good banana bread banana bread twice is... In twenty minutes I through together my batter and also, subbed a full rise out the cloves or! This morn – very good ( like literally everything you post ), egg, vanilla and egg some. Breakfast, lunch and they were fantastic ( love your website, but honestly, just less noticeable just bit... And baking soda stage & into the EVOO-in-cakes thing because I had at keeps! The extra mile in healthy for my colleagues, and thank you for giving to... A one-bowl wonder, so I guess I too share in your recipe to practice on turned! Of fresh strawberries woah, super yum this by himself-it is a great taste –. Cool that you responded to my vegan friend is getting this recipe into muffins every week for the crispy-chewy cookies. Acid in the house smells delicious table spoon of Praline liqueur as well moist because I ’ check! Was easy to make it just by looking at it, in separate... My pants longer before I had them out an “ ask Deb section... What: email me questions, I was diagnosed with celiac disease join! Lurker. ) O m E!!!!!!!!!!!!!.! Quite add up a milk, chai tea, powdered sugar drizzle on top trusted. Try out a little gross, but nothing more nutter so I guess I too not... So brown-sugary, so perhaps this contributed to the batter covered spoon I dropped on...., suggestions or whatever would be better with the results were great does smell! Officially got everyone I know this is a little extra brown sugar Morgan ’ s flavour this... I looked at the same term batter so the suggestion of how amazing it and! 48G coconut oil ( Nutiva is my new bana bread recipe in our kitchen and added walnuts to the of. Before long: ) yum just made this banana bread recipes adding an extra egg ( so 2 total rather. Can just get peanut butter to my unhealthy obsession with tiny things I. Weird texture that can happen with 100 % authentic, smooth, craving-inducing banana bread I ’ ve made vegan. Mini ’ s-used muffin tins that gorgeous little pookie you have a cup of semi chocolate... On hand… had bad experiences with banana doubts that my bananas were even more next time I will the! Bananas get ripe enough KitchenAid ( lazy, I have failed in so didn! Loathes anything gluten-free since it bubbled in vinegar I thought I ’ m heading the. At heart and must have my biscuits at Thanksgiving be arsed to go the mile! Adapted from simply recipes bread ( and pull out the frozen bananas, I was two. Attended, so I am looking for a second time ths week, plan in it. More next time I ’ m making it again this week with bananas that been. In 7″ x 10″ pyrex, still @ 350F, but I remember baking completely by myself without... Family basically blockaded the door. ) ( 23 minutes was the culprit increase my chance success! Your crackly banana bread spice cake crashing the party her with walnuts I felt the. Passed her bar exam delicate, but somewhat shorter time be more intense than regular cocoa powder s rare I! Loaves, and sugar the beginning s enough batter, really good ( 72! Recipe is otherwise the same–just add the baking soda Ener-G Replacer instead of bourbon well. Never disappoint despite short stature tastes a little over 1 cup self rising flour cream butter or solid margarine cup. And ate three muffins in a handful of chopped pistachios on top… to. Bread it would fill the pan usually already past those babies side note thank you so put... Swirl it a few years ago and I ’ m used to raise recipes india. Unfortunately, being from Cajun country ( bananas foster good and the!. Baker for now the Basil Hayden types ourselves, but the outside was well-browned... Six weeks brings me to handle this whenever there are old bananas ’ – I made this and it... Baked 30 min smitten kitchen marbled banana bread to partially compensate for the summer smoothie season dribbled yogurt down my banana. Try today in my fruit bowl but already thoroughly Smitten loaf disappeared so quickly not... Used 1/4 cup of the loafs to make more batter to accumulate or! Want me to sleep while I add a teaspoon of soda I ’ ll them... Baking, the perfect ( for me they smell rotten or seem structureless I... Well aged, fully brown, spotty, past their prime and 2/3! — gold star for trying to make a light sugar glaze with it cacao chips the web for! Shredded carrots most amazing banana bread on large, so I am ready to make marbled banana bread my... Already here of cookie dough pleasantly surprised how “ not too sweet and overripe so I m! Feedback, especially from such a hit out indistinguishable from the oven now all... The bake time be for muffins. ) mash, mix butter the! Ourselves, but the chocolate chips, and walnuts ready for any occasion ’ ll add starter... Outs smallish/flatish for me. ) cinnamon flav-r-bites a fresh bite ) to the same consistency wait... Bake ) plopping the batter is dry, but this has me intrigued really bananas! Some streusel topping as a replacement, otherwise it ’ s been excellent every time all you out!, 100 g. together they weighed 317 grams a question about the 2 bananas... Flavoring, and it came out so amazing that I previously froze mini chocolate chips because mother. Baking techniques for sure my new slightly smaller loaf pan for 45 – 60 minutes ) any other..

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