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29 years on this earth and I’ve never had a problem; I turn 30 and the ceremonial “body-falling-apart” begins its slow decline. I’m allergic to wheat, milk, and I’ve had the darndest problem of swimmers ear/excess ear wax…or so I thought. While this may gross some people out, I have learned a lot about the mythology of earwax which permeates online. There is a whole lot of fact and a whole lot of fiction about steps to take when it comes to their being a greater amount of earwax than one might like, elimination of said wax, and combating swimmers ear when it does present itself.

Check Your Q-Tip Skills:

You’d think this would be something they teach you in health class; that there’s a technique to cleaning your ears, but I have found a couple of things to be true: for one thing you don’t want to clean your ears out right after the shower. I didn’t know this until I found that too much earwax and still “damp” ears, right after hopping out of the shower, led to what I thought was my most recent swimmers ear/earwax dilemma. For that reason, strictly empirically speaking, don’t clean out your ears right out of the shower. It isn’t even really safe several minutes after your shower. My estimate is that if the towel is still anywhere near my body or if the fog hasn’t cleared from the glass, don’t do it! Furthermore when it comes to Q-Tip skills, you’ll want to only clean the outer area of your ear; don’t stick a Q-Tip into your ear directly! Getting that Q-Tip up in your eardrum is a major headache!


Strangely enough this earwax/swimmers ear junk has happened before in the last six months; though the last time wasn’t nearly as dramatic. The last time I had an ear blockage for several days which creeped up on its own and just resolved itself of its own volition. This most recent time however was a direct result of my not practicing good Q-Tip skills (i.e. – just out of the shower, head still ‘wet,’ and a direct jab straight into the eardrum). Folks have said that “eardrops” either prescription or OTC work in alleviating excess earwax.

Country Solution:

With regard to the “ear drops;” it may be my upbringing but I’m a little more country than that. Somebody said to use warm cooking oil in your ears though that is a little TOO country for my tastes. Another remedy that I ended up giving a go was to use hydrogen peroxide with repeated swabbing with Q-Tips. A little bit of moisture from the peroxide, followed by a head shake and a drying run with five consecutive Q-Tips was what appeared to solve the problem for me…but it didn’t. DO NOT PUT HYDROGEN PEROXIDE IN YOUR HEAD UNLESS TOLD TO BY YOUR DOCTOR!! We love adult swimming lessons and we recommend itthe reaction of the customers will be this after getting good services. Along with the swimming, the injuries of the person should not be neglected through the trainers. 

Go See Your Doctor:

When I finally did go see a general practitioner it only took him a few seconds of observing my ears with that magnifying glass/light thing to tell me my problem. I had damaged my eardrum; first from the direct Q-Tip jab; followed by all this other junk I’d read about online. I suffered for several days with ringing and it made doing anything for more than a week very exhausting. So go see your doctor! Go see a specialist! But don’t take something like your own health into your hands if you don’t know what you’re doing! Seriously! Your ears are right next to your brain for crying out loud!