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What is Instagram Etiquette? – Understand it Briefly!!

I had a friend mention the word Instagram Etiquette the other day, and it sparked something in me to write this blog post- I spend so much time on the app and I come across many things that should be avoided whilst building a business or personal brand profile on Instagram. So below, I have highlighted and explained what I believe to be the most common and the easiest to avoid:

Treat the Instagram world as if it were a social gathering- thank followers for their compliments and write back to their questions. If you have gone to the trouble of posting your image and story out to the world, don’t ignore the responses or questions you get. The more interactions and engagement you can create, the larger and more active your following will be. I understand that not everyone has the time to sit and reply to a large following, but do your best and time manage so that a little effort shows.

My tip: The more time you spend on Instagram the better you will get at predicting the questions that will come after a post- include a more detailed description in your caption, giving viewers the info they need to save you the time in the long run. Experts will Buy YouTube Subscribers From Real People to get the right results. The decision is taken with the skills and intelligence of the people to increase the growth. The captions and descriptions are required to be interesting for the engagement of the people. 

Hashtags are great for driving traffic to your posts and finding your audience- but if you really want to establish a supportive tribe, you will need to use the right hashtags that are relevant to your business. A large following is one thing, but to be able to grow a genuine following of interested and active people on Instagram is another.

If you are unsure of what hashtags to use, do some research- look up some similar business or blogger profiles on Instagram and see what they are using, this will be a big help in determining the right ones for you and help you in growing a supporting audience.

A huge list of hashtags can also come across as desperate to your following- do you really do not want to appear needy?

My tip: Avoid the business hashtags, like #smallbusiness #onlinebusiness #startup etc unless they are absolutely relevant- I have found that spammers use this hashtag frequently.

Do not spend time asking for followers

Found a popular account and a beautiful image that has 100’s of comments? Do NOT be tempted to add your comment, saying something along the lines of: “fashion and lifestyle inspiration, head over and follow me, I follow back!”. I see this all the time and it will only put users off and annoy them.

Do you stand in a crowd and beg for friends in real life? No? Didn’t think so.

Do not try to pass other users images off as your own

This has happened to me personally and I was in shock- I couldn’t believe someone grabbed my photo, then used it for their own profile with a caption as if it was their own, without giving credit or tagging me in it. It really got to me, and for a professional business account I believe it lost them some credibility in my eyes. Has this happened to you before?

Not everyone’s lives are a picture perfect magazine editorial everyday, living in a renovation, mine definitely isn’t! So, day to day, it is hard to capture beautiful images of your own and sharing part of your experiences. My recommendation- if you are going to use other’s images, pass on the credit. Or, if they have themselves just used a Pinterest or blog image, just say “Image via @…….” that way, you do not come across as if you are just pinching other’s images for yourself. These interactions between other users profiles can often start a conversation and you make these connections and in turn, can gain new followers.

My tip: If you wouldn’t like it done to you, do not do it to someone else- give credit where it is due, someones hard work and creative has gone into the image, so do your best to share the love and show respect.

You have heard it before- quality over quantity, and it really applies here. You need to ask yourself when you go about setting up your Instagram account what message, look and feel do you want to portray to your following? Then, do not post anything that does not align with your mission and branding. A random night out on the town doesn’t always need to be shared several times with your audience- especially if you are setting yourself up as a professional in business.

My tip: Create a brand concept board of images suitable for posting on Instagram. Be sure that they have a consistent standard of quality and are not blurry or pixelated. If you become unsure of whether an image is right to post or not then refer back to your concept board and go from there.

Effective Social Media Marketing & Management Services for Business

Social media is a collective of online communication that is designed to create community and build interaction. Today, there are countless of internet based tools and platforms that can increase the process of communication and sharing of information. There are currently different kinds of social media tools that can be used not only by regular internet users but also by most businesses.

Social Networks

 Although we know that social networks are used by most common people, it also serves as a great tool for business when it comes to marketing. You can use different social networks to find people and find information about them. The great thing about social network is that they are free to use. However social networking sites are commonly a website where most people join to share information and to connect to everyone they know. Marketing is at its best if you target it in a place where your target audiences are. Should you buy Instagram followers for your site, you can even make it more possible for you to promote your brand effectively and in a less costly strategy. 


 Blogs are personal websites that contains information about a certain topic which is owned by an author who is responsible for the content inside of it. More likely an online journal where you can write and create any contents that you want. Unlike other form of social media, a blog is more on personal thoughts and it allows its user to interact with each other on a more personal view.

Today, blogs are used for different purposes. This can be for personal, marketing, promotional, informative and other different reason. But most people used blog for personal and marketing purpose.


 Wiki is a website that focuses on sharing information and the most popular wiki is the Wikipedia. This website allows its user to create their own informative content about a certain topic and also allows them to modify it. This can serve as an online information database that can be available to all users. These types of social media have a link on different information about different topic, making it very useful to most users.


 Podcasts is a type of social media where it allows its user to download and upload episodic series of audio, video, PDF or ePub files.


 A forum is based on a real life event where people gather to discuss a certain topic or to come up to a solution about that topic. Forum has also its own version in the digital world which is also a type of social media. These are websites where people can post and share different topics and people can comment on that topic. Forums are popular because of the personal answers that it can provide you by other users that you would not find on any other website.

Focused Content Community

 These are online communities who share particular type of content. This can be in a form of photo, link and videos. The most popular website for this is the YouTube. People can only upload and watch video from YouTube, making it an online community which is focused on videos.


 From its word “micro” which means small, this is a type of website where blogging and social network combines. Basically this is blogging with only limited number of characters, which is why they call it Microblogging. The most popular Microblogging site is Twitter.

Consumers Reject Customer Service via Social Media

For many months, the “social media experts” have been telling us that our customers prefer having their customer service issues handled via social media. A new study conducted by M2Talk and released last week found that “most consumers don’t want customer service via social media.” So, what are we to make of this newsflash?

For the last year or two, the experts and prognosticators have not only predicted that social media is the preferred customer service channel of the future, but they have told us we must respond to these issues within a very specific timeframe. These experts went on to argue that responding to customer issues so publicly enhances a firm’s transparency and reputation for customer-centricity.

Some – whose business experience pre-dates social media – believe that few people are at their best when disappointed, frustrated, or angry. After all, for many years, customer service training has emphasized how to defuse a situation, how to calm an angry customer, how to move to customer satisfaction quickly. Do we really want these conversations happening on a channel that is so public? Do we want to “overhear” or “witness” these exchanges? For some people, social media is the least likely forum for customer service issue resolution. Despite the risk of people looking bad, the “insights” about social media as the preferred medium for customer service intervention have continued unabated. From the other side of the conversation, do businesses really want to have every misunderstanding with a customer elevated to public visibility?

Now we are provided the results of a survey of 1,000 US consumers, aged 25 and over, which indicates that only 2 percent of the consumers surveyed said they prefer social media as a customer service channel. What is more, this opinion is more telling once we understand that 67 percent of those respondents have used a company’s social media customer service prior to responding to the survey. In other words, more than two-thirds of respondents to this survey had experienced social media customer service and were not positively impressed. Only 2 percent of all respondents found a social media customer service interaction satisfactory.

The survey also found that 53.7 percent of respondents said they expect a response to a customer service issue in less than one hour during regular business hours; 19.8 percent expected a response within 30 minutes, and 16.9 percent expected a response within five minutes. When asked about their preferred customer service channels, the most popular choice was the telephone (33.5 percent); email followed (32.5 percent), then live online chat (21.3 percent), and, finally, in person (10.4 percent).

While the experts were trying to convince us of the importance of social media for customer service and identify best practices and response time standards, other studies hinted in the direction of the results of this M2Talk survey. NewVoice Media conducted a survey in 2013 and found that 53 percent of US consumers preferred telephone, 19 percent preferred email, and 13 percent preferred social media (including only 27 percent of Gen Y respondents preferring social media).

There are many reasons to take customer service issue resolution offline. In fact, this is the recommendation of most “best practices” outlines when customer anger begins to escalate. Many comments can be taken out of context and misunderstood, a customer might have damaged a product in some way and does not want to admit it, or any number of communication issues can complicate the reason for the customer complaint.

We were not surprised by the responses to this survey as there are tons of businesses who Buy views for your Instagram stories and videos!. Were you? Have you tried social media customer service? How did it go? Would you do it again? We, and our other readers, would like to hear from you. Just post your comments or experiences in the comments box below.

LinkedIn shares drop 40% -What does it imply?

Most finance directors are nervous when they have to declare their annual results. However, there probably aren’t too many that suffer the type of reaction that LinkedIn‘s FD did today from the stock market.

Proudly announcing their latest results, LinkedIn reported 34% year on year revenue increases. They lauded full year revenues of $2,991 million. Yes, that’s a lot.

As they went on to say how Premium Member subscriptions had increased 19% they probably didn’t anticipate what was to come. As the share of Linkedin are dropping, Buy Instagram followers and likes for the social media activeness. The promotion of the products is done at the platform with numerous likes and comments. The following of the account will offer information about latest trends. 

The markets were interested. Unfortunately, they were a lot more interested in the forecasts LinkedIn gave for the coming years. Every single analyst reacted badly. In a nutshell, analysts from Mizohu said that the figures translated to forecast growth of 15% in 2017 and 10% in 2018. In social media, and indeed in any market, a slowdown in growth to that extent isn’t something that gets a favourable reaction.

Shares have plummeted. As you’ll see from the chart below, at the time we wrote this the shares had dropped 40%. They’ve been as far down as 43% at various points today.

There are more than a few investors and experts out there that still think it leaves the shares over-priced, especially in comparison to competitor social media companies.

One group of analysts, RBC, went as far as to say they thought LinkedIn had been on the cusp of fundamentally positive change – and then added, in a client note, “We were wrong”.

Let’s leave the finances to the experts though. We want to look at what isn’t working.

LinkedIn can be a fantastic tool. For business to business connections, recruiter to prospective employee, job seekers hunting down a new role or simple person to person connections, it provides a unique platform.

It isn’t enough. Organic features for companies are weak. They have been for some time now and they don’t appear to be any closer to being addressed. LinkedIn focuses on revenue growth without giving enough features to get enough prospective clients interested in the first place.

Showcase Pages were a great addition – but they’ve not been promoted well enough by LinkedIn and their feature set is still limited.

Company Pages don’t offer enough. They’re still low in visibility from a branding perspective and the interface is, frankly, awful.

The potential is there but LinkedIn have to look at something that both Facebook and Twitter have been very good at – interface change. They’ve adapted and redesigned their browser based interfaces for those using the channels in the workplace on desktop or laptop devices.

With the above in mind, go take a look at the LinkedIn web based interface. It is quite simply the worst of any channel in clunkiness and layout. We include Google+ in that too, and despite their recent redesign it takes some doing to have an interface worse than theirs.

The opening up of posts to all users (instead of just Premium Members) was a good move, but LinkedIn have been nothing short of woeful in their promotion of the feature.

The ability to brand personal profiles and add media to sections of a profile was a good change too. Why then do so few users know about the features?

The fact of the matter is that most LinkedIn members visit the channel infrequently. It is not a Facebook or Twitter for the majority. It is an occasional site, particularly for when they want to change jobs.

LinkedIn isn’t intended to be a social medium in the same way that the other two giants of social media are. There is a very obvious and well understood business focus. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to get your members to the site as often as possible though.

The app is good. They’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money in it – but at the expense of what should be a much easier to use web interface.

Then we come to communication. There’s an irony in the fact that a communications network should be seen as unhelpful in 2016, but that’s exactly what we hear daily.

Users often struggle to reclaim old accounts if they’ve not got access to their original registered email account. Or they find simple actions to be painful due to the previously mentioned interface. They turn to help on LinkedIn and find that it is as pleasant as having a hot poker shoved in your face. Help and customer service is dreadful from an online perspective.

Search has improved beyond compare to a few years ago. They should be applauded for that. Where are the real research tools though? There is nothing whatsoever to stop LinkedIn creating a tool similar to Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Their own real-time monitoring app. Social media users want ease of use, not pain. LinkedIn doesn’t give them it.

Invest the time into LinkedIn, brand your profile or company page professionally (or University page), maintain a presence and you’ll find that LinkedIn offers rewards. The problem is that a lot of businesses find it unwelcoming and frustrating to do so.

Sort the interface out. It is poor

Build a much larger set of organic features for businesses to use.

Promote improvements more widely and let users know they’re worth using.

Get the online help and customer service communication resolved.

LinkedIn will probably never see this and won’t be too bothered by our words. Our clients are though and all we’ve done is list many of the comments and conversations we hear every day of every week.

Ignoring the real world and focusing on what you “think” people want is a very dangerous game.

A 40% drop in share price in a matter of hours reflects that.

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Perhaps you have been on a diet recently. Even if you lost some weight, the odds are your weight loss stalled out after a few weeks. Worse yet, once you went off the diet, the weight started to creep back. Did you know that this cycle of weight loss and weight regain actually makes you fatter? That’s right – weight loss during almost all diets is only 65% fat and 35% muscle.

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Grateful I Didn’t Jump into Student Loan Debt

To go into debt for a degree that may or may not payoff when everyone is encouraging me to, all except one person…me. That was what I faced twice in my young lifetime. The first time was when I was graduating from high school and I applied to four universities within the Southern California region. I was accepted to all four, but the financial aid package my dream school offered required me to borrow a massive amount of loans for the first year alone. No way was that happening so I decided to attend a Cal State University instead. I would have to borrow $3,500 to attend one semester there, but something told me back then not to. The main reason why I dropped out of the university during my second week was because my instincts told me I was going to regret getting into debt early on when I could attend school for much cheaper at my local community college.

So I enrolled in community college in 2008 and graduated in June 2011 with three associates degrees, my undergraduate transfer requirements satisfied, and no debt whatsoever. I was thrilled I didn’t have any student loans and I reapplied to my dream school again hoping it would be more affordable this time around. To put it plainly, my dream didn’t come true. I thought because my sister was attending college at the same time I was I would qualify for more financial aid and I hoped the amount I would have to borrow would be much more reasonable this time. When the financial aid package arrived with my acceptance letter, it stated I was eligible to borrow up to $25,000 in federal loans. About $7,000 was in subsidized loans, but the rest was a plus loan my mother would have to borrow on my behalf. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the absolutely worse part of all was the $25,000 loan offer was for one semester only! That’s right, one semester only. Meaning I would have to borrow around $100,000, if not more, to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accountancy hopefully within two years.

After I cried for a few days at the thought of not being able to afford my dream school even now and being forced to put my education on hold again, I eventually realized this was a blessing in disguise. I used a loan calculator to roughly estimate the kind of money I would have to be making after I graduated to pay off this loan and still live comfortably, and the calculator came back with an annual salary of $140,000. This “ideal” salary did not include recessions, a mortgage, or a car loan of course, and so naturally I cried a little more. A visit at promogreenloansvip2 can be made in order to get the information about the loan procedure. The calculation of the annual interest is comfortable for the person and repaying is done after employment. All the things should be considered to get the right amount of loan for the students. 

Now, I realize not pursing a bachelor’s degree at the cost of $100,000 plus was the best move I ever made. I still want to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business, but I will only do so when I can afford to do so, i.e. live on my own, afford my own car and bills, and most importantly, pay off my own student loans.

Here’s How Much Allen Eagerly Waiting For CPL Opportunity

The field is set and the stadium is packed. Yes, CPL 2020 is on its way and CPL schedule is released. The inaugural match is scheduled on 13th August and every franchise is reading with their squad. However, there is something more amazing than that. Fabian Allen has earned the cap in CPL 2020. He is a Jamaican all-rounder with dazzling stats. 

At the young age of 24, he has played some wonderful knocks. His amazing skills in CPL and Dhaka Premier League didn’t go unnoticed. He was bagged by Sunrisers Hyderabad for IPL 2020. He has emerged as an amazing cricketer in the short format and many adore his game. Allen is looking forward to his opening games in CPL. He will be in the company of Sheldon Cottrell and Dennis Bulli as teammates.

He said that he is looking forward to playing in the CPL 2020. And he is glad to have Cottrell by his side. He mentioned that he is eagerly waiting for his games and looking forward to some good opportunity to show and hone his skills in both batting and bowling.

However, Allen has been out of cricket for three months. So, the performance on the pitch is still uncertain. But his fitness coach has guaranteed that the off-months helped Allen to work on his core strength and fitness. 

Allen was also looking forward to being the National team part in the T20 world in Australia. Unfortunately, that has been postponed to next year. He is young and energetic but this took a toll on his enthusiasm. However, he showed some complacency and took on the challenge to groom himself better for the World Cup. 

After performing well in CPL, he is eyeing for IPL too. Hopefully, he can prove to be an asset to Sunrisers Hyderabad with both bat and ball. 

Christina Aguilera’s Inspire Perfume Review

Christian Aguilera’s Inspire Perfume is her second line of perfume to come out. This perfume made its debut in September 2008. Christina Aguilera is a very talented young lady and her new perfume will Inspire ladies of all ages to be the elegant ladies that we all are.

Recently I received a free 0.5 fluid ounce bottle of Christina Aguilera’s new perfume called “Inspire” to try. The perfume is in a small square glass bottle with a pump-spray dispenser and a gold-colored pull-off cap. The perfume itself is a soft, light pink color.

I was hesitant to try this because from just the look of the perfume I thought that the scent would be too floral sweet smelling for my taste. I sprayed a little onto my wrist and the scent was pleasantly welcoming. I did not spray any more on another part of my body yet so I waited a few minutes and the longer the perfume is on the better and softer seductive the scent becomes.

I was so impressed with the scent of this perfume on my wrist that I sprayed some onto my neck. The scent lasted all throughout the day and the longer you wear it the better it smells on your body. The lusty and sensual scent of Jasmine catches your senses and you feel like you are wrapped up in soft silk and then hugs your body with a touch of citrus fruits followed by the awakening scent of fresh gardenias, luscious orange blossoms and romantic hints of sandalwood and musks. All of these aromas blended together make you feel as if you are an exotic cocktail of the tropics and you are waiting to be sipped by the man of your dreams while you are lying on a sandy moon drenched beach.

The seductive scent of the Jasmine will make any woman feel as beautiful and sexy just like Marilyn Monroe looked as she stood on top of the subway grate when she was wearing that sexy halter white dress and the air blew her dress up.

Christina Aguilera’s Inspire Perfume makes you feel Naughty, but Nice.

The scent is light and full of fruitiness that makes your mouth water and little shivers of ecstasy run up your spine. There is also a subtle hint of blackberry currant. This scent blended in with Jasmine and Freesia gives this perfume a beautiful soft side to it. and will make every woman feel as if she was on the front cover of Vogue Magazine. This perfume is sexy and sassy without coming on too strong. It is fun, feminine, and flirty all in one tiny bottle. Fun. Flowers Femininity: What a girl wants. What a girl needs.

Christina Aguilera Inspire Perfume receives 5 gold sensuous stars for a classy product just like the star herself.


Is it Really Possible to Make Money on the Internet

It is impossible to spend more than five minutes on the internet without being subjected to some sort of money-making venture. “Send $6 to this PayPal account and get thousands of $6 payments into yours,” “You are an international lottery winner, cash this check and then send us a processing fee to collect your millions,” and “We’ll pay you to mystery shop” headlines have littered my desktop. So much so, I grew to ignore them and any other claims of people making money on the internet. I believe that the majority of internet users are still at this stage. Any talk of making money online is quickly dismissed as a scam. Of course, in a majority of cases, they are correct, the advertised money making method is indeed a farce.

Being an extreme skeptic, I shared the above viewpoint. This all changed after a conversation with my brother, who had recently been laid off. While collecting his severance package, he had found some websites that allowed him to enter a large number of contests and sweepstakes simultaneously. Although he did not win any grand prizes, he won a couple of 2nd prizes with his best prize being a $600 watch. As a result, I was intrigued. Could I do the same thing? While searching, I came across Evergreen Wealth Formula by James Scholes and a forum in which people discussed their favorite contest sites to visit. One veteran user’s post really caught my eye. His post indicated that even though he had enjoyed some success entering online contests, his real source of income came from a website called CashCrate.com. Reading on, this site pays its users to complete research surveys, complete free offers, and refer others. Despite my scam radar going off at full blast, I decided to look into it. What did I really have to lose except for a little of my time?

Thankfully, I was in a curious mood that day and spent some quality time at CashCrate.com. In just a few hours, I had made my first $20. However, at this point, I stopped–I would need to actually see a check in my hand before I invest any more time completing offers and surveys. About a month’s letter, I received a real check in the mail that I was actually able to deposit. CashCrate was not a scam! I had really made money on the internet. I was instantly hooked and thirsty for more money-making ideas.

Fast forward ten months to the present, and I still playing the money-making game on the internet. Am I rich and living on an island? Unfortunately, that answer is no. Still, I have made a little over $3000 online and learn something new each day. Best of all, its been fun. I view making money online as a hobby, something I can even do while watching television.

Investment Opportunities in the East African Community

The emergence of economic alliances has benefited many countries such as the European countries. This is the reason why politicians wanted to set up the East African community. The road is all clear for the establishment of the East African community in the very near future. The investment opportunities that will arise due to this alliance are many and varied.

The major investment opportunity will be in the cross listing of more companies into stock exchange markets. The stock market has the advantage of being able to get money right from the ordinary citizen’s pocket and put it to work in companies profitably. The investor’s money is in the good hands of professionals with years of experience in running companies. There are no duties that the investor is obligated to and it’s very relaxing.

Some companies are expressing their interest in selling shares through initial public offerings. This year, there have been four IPO’s in Kenya which have been met enthusiastically leading to over subscriptions and rise in the price of shares. The stock exchange has increased its market capitalization significantly over the past couple of years.

All investment opportunities are viable due to the market population that will emerge. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania who are the regional heavyweights will greatly benefit from this. The market population will surpass the 100 million mark. This is a huge advantage especially for the telecommunication and energy sectors

There will be opportunities in the transport sector which needs a major revamp. Uganda and the interior countries rely on Kenya and Tanzania for transport to and fro the Indian Ocean. The harbors will need to be improved to cater for the increase in ocean vessels. The railway to the interior has to be improved. About a month ago, the Kenya Uganda railway was privatized which will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of trains that ferry goods in the region.

Investment opportunities in the East African community will largely depend on road infrastructure. The most used means of travel is by road and predictably, they are being improved to meet the number and expectations of the users. Chinese and German contractors are filling in this void at an unprecedented rate. The road to Uganda from Kenya is currently being improved.

Tourism will be an enormous opportunity for investors from all parts of the world. The climate and wild animals in the region attract both the local and international investors. With the inclusion of migrating wildebeests from Kenya to Tanzania in the list of world wonders, tourists are being attracted in hundreds of thousands. Where else can you see thousands of wildebeests crossing the crocodile infested Mara River for greener pastures in Tanzania and vice versa on an annual basis?

Real estate such as immobilien is also a good option. However, make sure to educate yourself first before getting into this platform.

The national parks are world class. Think about it, where else can you see lions, leopards and cheaters in the thrill of the chase for live food not the slaughtered and preserved meat that they are fed in captivity in the middle of a city. A lion in New York Zoo is not the same as the one gracefully roaming its Maasai Mara kingdom.

Investment opportunities that result from the East African community are managed by some of the best professionals from the region. You can get employees from any of the countries which will lead to better qualified employees. The education standards in East Africa are world renowned. The cost of doing business will reduce as a result of this alliance. The investment opportunity in East Africa due to this is already being felt as the numbers of licenses are already on the decline. Investors will be able to move freely in any of the member countries as Visas will no longer be needed to enter or leave any of these countries.